Onboard 1.1.2

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Francesco Fumanti
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download icon onboard-1.1.2.tar.gz (md5, sig) Code release tarball of version 1.1.2. 3,616
last downloaded 8 days ago
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Release notes 

The following changes went into Onboard 1.1.2 compared to Onboard 1.1.1:

  * Import wily translations from rosetta for Onboard 1.1 as of 18/08/2015
  * Attempt to auto-show and keep Onboard visible in unity dash
  * Correctly position the language menu also in wily
  * Have rounded corners and transparency of the icon palette also in wily
  * Return transparency effects of the keyboard in wily
  * Don't invert the case of auto-typed suggestions when CAPS is enabled
  * Improve auto-show logic in the presence of text popups
  * Automatically insert a slash after the top level domain co
  * Fix touch input with event source GTK and multi-touch mode, thanks J Wiegman
  * Fix touch events not being received in Kwin (LP:1470825)
  * Fix spurious backtrace on suggestions when accessible becomes invalid
  * Fix status icon size with lxpanel-indicator-applet-plugin (LP: #1467723)
  * Improve window movement with enabled decoration when dragging the titlebar
  * Keep the keyboard active while moving by title bar (LP: #1461823)
  * Fix re.split() FutureWarning for python 3.5


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