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Francesco Fumanti
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Release notes 

This release ships the following changes compared to Onboard 1.1.0:

  * Word suggestions and auto-correction:
    - Add arrows to page through more suggestions and option to turn them off
    - Show capitalized suggestions even when SHIFT is off
    - Don't place the remove suggestion dialog behind Onboard
    - Improve behaviour of auto-punctuation
    - Begin preparations for lazy word separator insertion
    - Disable punctuation assistance when entering commands in the terminal
    - Disable spelling suggestions for URLs and file names
    - Disable auto-capitalization of URLs and file names
    - Add Bulgarian system language model
  * Layouts:
    - Improve Phone layout for cyrillic languages
    - Improve Small layout for cyrillic languages (LP: #1534210)
    - Shorten key label "horiz\nconn" to Gdk provided "ho"
    - If the layout contains a keysym error, show full hexcode of keysym
  * License and copyright information: (LP: #1412647)
    - Clarify the information
    - Update the information
    - Make it all available in the COPYING file
  * Unit tests:
    - Add test for modifier unlatching
    - Fix regression when importing Gtk without first specifying the version
    - Adapt to the removal of onboard-defaults.conf.nexus7
  * Preferences dialog:
    - Make Preferences->Keyboard->Advanced scrollable
    - Add status-icon-provider setting to Preferences (LP: #1454405)
    - Show sticky-key-release-on-hide-delay setting in Preferences
    - Rename "User layouts" to "My layouts"
  * Add initial GNOME Shell extension for Onboard
  * Replace old documentation with initial documentation in mallard format
  * Add man pages (thanks Mike Gabriel)
  * Detect default prompt of fish interactive shell in DomainTerminal
  * Add support for flake8
  * Type SHIFT+key on right click for uppercase letters, etc.
  * Add new auto-show repositioning method for reduced pointer travel
  * Add command to the licensing tool for writing licensing headers to files
  * Update tools/licensing list-committers to skip binary and unversioned files
  * Disable click sound in space feature, but keep gsettings key (LP: #1529140)
  * Remove copyright sign from service file to appease pbuilder
  * Allow the letter_frequencies tool to take a filename of a language model
  * Make builds on debian reproducible, thanks Mike Gabriel (LP: #1530519)
  * Update and improve the description of a number of gsettings keys
  * Don't auto-save language models while keys are being pressed
  * Remove unnecessary special treatment of ALT in override redirect mode
  * Remove fall-back to old virtkey API. Virtkey is part of Onboard now
  * Improve PEP8 compliance of various python files
  * Attempt to auto-show and keep Onboard visible in unity dash
  * Correctly position the language menu also in wily
  * Show rounded corners and transparency of the icon palette also in wily
  * Return transparency effects of the keyboard in wily
  * Don't invert the case of auto-typed suggestions when CAPS is enabled
  * Improve auto-show logic in the presence of text popups
  * Automatically insert a slash after the top level domain co
  * Improve window movement with enabled decoration when dragging the titlebar
  * Keep the keyboard active while moving by title bar (LP: #1461823)
  * Stop synchronisation of modifiers when Alt is active
  * Recognize a touch device with reception of a touch event
  * Enhance cleaning command of source tree
  * Trap the occasional X error BadDrawable causing Onboard to exit
  * Fix LibreOffice Writer losing text color on suggestions before a space
  * Fix Compiz wall plugin's viewport not always closing (LP: #1532254)
  * Fix some labels not being displayed in uppercase on Caps-Lock (LP: #1513773)
  * Fix extra space being inserted when replacing selection with suggestion
  * Fix auto-hide not extending delay while typing on physical keyboard
  * Fix D-Bus getting tripped up by zero bytes in hex label string
  * Fix Onboard stretching across width of unity-greeter in xenial
  * Fix start failure on xenial when D-Bus session is not available
  * Fix warnings about missing gi.require_version with python3-gi 3.18
  * Fix several depreciation warnings
  * Fix touch input with event source GTK and multi-touch mode, thanks J Wiegman
  * Fix touch events not being received in Kwin (LP:1470825)
  * Fix spurious backtrace on suggestions when accessible becomes invalid
  * Fix status icon size with lxpanel-indicator-applet-plugin (LP: #1467723)
  * Fix re.split() FutureWarning for python 3.5
  * Fix internat. character selection offset on high-dpi screen (LP: #1421840)
  * Fix left click on GtkStatusIcon fallback not working (LP: #1421972)
  * Fix stuck keys in keyboard popups with event source GTK
  * Fix auto-inserting separator Ĩ instead of space when NumLock is enabled
  * Fix initial Py_None not being dereferenced when copying OskDeviceEvents
  * Fix traceback when showing keyboard popups in Precise
  * Fix display of key popups for compiz and metacity in Precise
  * Fix segfault in the osk extension for Precise
  * Fix transparency effects on Precise
  * Fix stack smashing error with GCC 4.6.3 on Precise
  * Remove outdated files
  * Update HACKING file


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