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OneSwarm is a P2P file transfer scheme that protects the privacy of the nodes and their owners. Read more at

This is an unofficial branch of OneSwarm. When this project was registered with Launchpad, upstream didn't have any public source code repository. This project is meant to remedy that.

The code in the repository comes from a source code drop downloaded from download.html early January 2010. It also contains Maven build scripts for everything. I have successfully replaced OneSwarmAzMods.jar, osf2f_plugin.jar and oneswarm_gwt_ui.jar from the binary distribution with jars built from this source code, and I can run OneSwarm with that.

Patches are welcome and will be accepted, but since I have no connection to the official OneSwarm project I can't guarantee that anything will be accepted upstream. The preferred patch format is the one generated by "bzr send -o name.diff".

The source code can be browsed here:

Install Maven (, bzr 2.0 or later ( and Eclipse (

Get the code by doing: "bzr branch lp:oneswarm". There are binary blobs in the branch, which makes this take about one minute to complete.

Build all jars by doing:
$ mvn package

Note that the GWT compilation step is both time consuming (about 10 minutes) and memory hungry (about 1GB).

To run with your newly built jars, download the OneSwarm binary distribution ( download.html) and unzip it. Then, cd into the OneSwarm installation and unzip the newly built oneswarm_install/deploy/ in there. Answer "yes" to all questions about over-writes.

If you want to edit the source code, do "mvn eclipse:eclipse" and import the generated Eclipse projects into Eclipse. In Eclipse, do File->Import->Existing Projects into Workspace, select oneswarm as root directory and check all projects.

You may want to look into installing the bzr plugin for Eclipse:

To add new files to your branch, do "bzr add".

To submit changes in your branch, do "bzr ci". Please make sure your unit tests pass before you do this.

If you want your code merged here, do "bzr send -o /tmp/whatever.diff" and send me the diff.

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