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OOPMH! is a OAI-PMH 2.0 data provider written in PHP and designed to be easily adaptable to any database schema.

OOPMH! is based on phpoai2 by Heinrich Stamerjohanns but majority of the code is rewritten to be easier to adapt when the Dublin Core fields aren't all together in a single database table and updated to work with at least PHP 5. It is available under the GPL. The database code is abstracted away from the OAI-PMH methods and while the current queries are only tested on Firebird, they should only require very little modification to work on other SQL RDBMSs. The code has been tested on three different, but fairly simple & small databases so far. This has so far been a single-man project (except for building upon the original phpoai2 codebase), but contact me by e-mail if you have something you wish to contribute.

If you have a simple table of Dublin Core data in your database, the original phpoai2 release is probably a bit less work to adapt to it. That's not to say that OOPMH! will be hard to set up but it doesn't provide any simple & easy defaults for that.

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