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relex-1.5.1 now available

Written for RelEx by linas on 2014-04-03

Provides assorted fixes and enhancements:

 * Extensive fixes for comparatives, from Rodas Solomon.
 * New adds more unit test cases.
 * Bugfix multi-language support.
 * OpenCog server can now return multiple parses.
 * Rename Inflection-TAG to Subscript-TAG.
 * Update Wikipedia processing scripts, including sentence splitter.
 * Add new rules for extraposition processing, from Rodas.
 * Add Vagrant support, for containerized build, install, run.

relex-1.5.0 now available

Written for RelEx by linas on 2013-11-22

Removal 5 KLOC of obsolete code. Revive some decrepit shell scripts. Add a demo server (for the web demo). Add a new rule engine. For use with link-grammar-4.8.1 or newer.

relex-1.4.2 now available

Written for RelEx by linas on 2013-10-25

A few minor bug-fixes, and removal of obsolete code. Compatible with link-grammar-4.8.0.

Updated on 2013-10-25.

Source repository moved to github

Written for OpenCog by linas on 2012-10-25

The OpenCog source code repository has moved to github. See for more

RelEx-1.4.1 released

Written for RelEx by linas on 2012-10-15

Assorted minor fixes to the frame relation code and rules.

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