More asterisk-independent code than asterisk-specific code

Written for OpenERP-Asterisk connector by Alexis de Lattre on 2014-08-25

With the recent changes in the OpenERP-Asterisk connector projet, there is now more code in asterisk-independent modules than in asterisk-specific modules :
- 7 asterisk-independent modules (base_phone, base_phone_popup, crm_phone, crm_claim_phone, event_phone, hr_phone, hr_recruitment_phone) have 1236 lines of code (56 %)
- 2 asterisk-specific modules (asterisk_click2dial and asterisk_click2dial_crm) have 960 lines of code (44 %)

These statistics have been obtained with the following command: cloc --exclude-dir=lib --match-f=".*\.py$|.*\.xml$|.*\.js$" --not-match-f="$" <module_name>

These statistics show that the efforts I made to move the asterisk-independent code in asterisk-independent modules are a success. Maybe one day we should rename the project to "OpenERP-telephony connector" ? Maybe one day we will have modules for IPBXes other than Asterisk ?

Updated on 2014-08-25.

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