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The objective of this project is to implement Bills of Exchange in OpenERP.

This project aims to introduce Bills of Exchange in OpenERP.

The project is proposed to be divided in the following phases:

Phase 1. Functional design
1.1.- Define the key business concepts of the bill of exchange
1.2.- Describe real world examples of usage of the bill of exchange
1.3.- Describe the expected to-be features in OpenERP
1.4.- Describe use cases in OpenERP

Phase 2. System design
1.1.- Describe at high-level data model for the object, and dependencies with other objects
1.2.- Describe at high-level the methods to be implemented
1.3 - Describe at high-level the views, wizards, forms required

Phase 3. System build and test
Phase 4. Release

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OpenERP Project Group
Jordi Ballester (
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GNU Affero GPL v3

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