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Extra community addons - Umbrella project for all OpenERP Apps that don't have their own project

A generic project for holding branches of community-managed OpenERP addons/apps (some of them used to live in the deprecated global extra-addons branch). Each branch is meant to hold a set of closely related modules, specific to an OpenERP series (major release).
Branch names should have the format "<series>-<module_or_group_name>" for example "7.0-caldav" for the branch holding the CalDAV-related extra addons for OpenERP 7.0.

If someone is looking for seriously taking over the maintenance of a certain module, they should propose to do so on the OpenERP Community mailing-list, and move the branch to a dedicated project, controlled by a team of their choosing.

Note: if you are looking for the official OpenERP addons, head over to

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7.0 series is the current focus of development.

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