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To gather modules that extend the standard project management modules

Modules description :

=== project_risk ===
This module extends the task object to add risk management (list of risks and detail for each risk : type, state, source,description, impact, seriousness, probability, response)

=== project_load_planning ===
This module extends the task object with a load management tab to manually set loads by periods.
A task load view give a quick and clear view of user loads (gather by user/periods)

=== project_specs ===
This module extends the task object with a specification tab. It is mainly dedicated to development tasks. You can then add a list of specs to do for each task, store specs information and keep track of evolutions

=== project_quotation ===
This module allow to manage quotation independently from the sale order form. It is particularly useful in services when you have to estimate time for task that are not directly products but using a product of service type to quote (exp: consultant day/hour). From the quote, you can generate a project with one task for pre sale management, a project with all its tasks from the quotation requirements or a sale order with sale order lines form the requirements.

=== project_work_er ===
ER for easy recording. This module provides an editable tree view of project work to easily record time spent on project's tasks. It allows to record time spent on task by clicking a start and a stop button (same principle as attendances). The dedicated view make it easy to switch from one task work to another.

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