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WebKit report is a new Report engine based on Webkit, that allows to to powerful HTML2PDF reports.

WebKit report is a Report engine based on Webkit, it allows to do powerful HTML2PDF reports.

Project was merged into the core of OpenERP and will not be maintained as a separated project.

For a Quick introduction look at :

The module allows:
    -HTML report definition
    -Multi header support
    -Multi logo
    -Multi company support
    -HTML and CSS-3 support (In the limit of the actual WebKIT version)
    -JavaScript support
    -Raw HTML debugger
    -Book printing capabilities
    -Margins definition
    -Paper size definition
and munch more

Many header are defined per company
Many logo are defined per company
CSS style, header and footer are defined in the company

A sample invoice report is defined in the report. You have to create the print button by calling a wizard. For more details :


    -JavaScript support activation - deactivation
    -Collated and book format support
    -Zip return for separated PDF
    -Web client WYSIWYG editor

Technical notes :

    -The module structure and some is inspired of the report_openoffice module
    -The mapper library can be found here :


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