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6.0.4 release from the 6.0 series released 2012-03-22

File Description Downloads
download icon openerp-web-6.0.4.tar.gz (md5) 1,833
last downloaded 7 weeks ago
Total downloads: 1,833

6.0.3 release from the 6.0 series released 2011-08-18

File Description Downloads
download icon openerp-web-6.0.3.tar.gz (md5) 1,227
last downloaded 37 weeks ago
Total downloads: 1,227

6.0.0 release from the 6.0 series released 2011-06-18

File Description Downloads
download icon openerp-web-6.0.0.tar.gz (md5) 182
last downloaded 41 weeks ago
Total downloads: 182

6.0.2 release from the 6.0 series released 2011-04-01

Release information


* Not linked to a bug report:

 * text_html widget implementation
 * trigger onchange event on fields receiving value from previous onchange
 * Fixed attrs change, not evaluated after on_change events.
 * handling of attrs handling in form view
 * on_close_popup for forms would not update the parent
 * Fixed close_popup for actions. On button clicked form is saved but not updated _terp_id, then need to passed terp_id so after perform action form is updated.
 * breakage of Firefox due to severe headers abuse
 * OPW 4489: correctly handle date and datetime formats in custom filters
 * Fixed custom-filters for wrong date format.
 * correctly validate integers in preferences (opw 4396)
 * Fixed reviewed code.
 * Fixed regular expression for integer when change preferences.
 * form view actions invocation on an unsaved form
 * revert 4456
 * CherryPy requirement to 3.1.2 as there are apparently issues with 3.2 that we have to resolve
 * CherryPy 3.2 officially supports as_dict but moves it to cherrypy.lib.reprconf, try both the new and the old paths
 * search view breakage when switching from/to other views than list view
 * there can be cases in some addons using third-party libs where ajaxComplete is triggered without an xhr on hand (which is pretty weird but...). Don't do anything if that happens
 * Backport, Unexpected closing of popup without performing wizard actions (Ref: Maintenance case 4031).
 * Fixed nested notebook behavior for default page (Ref: Maintenance case 3994).
 * autocomplete or display search popup when clicking outside an edited m2o (as when tabbing out)
 * correctly delay ManyToOne.get_matched calls
 * add the action_id in the Screen environment so it's available for the Share wizard (view_id is not reliable, esp. on ir_act_window)
 * error when validating editable list line via [Return] when field return'ed has onchange (the openerp kind) on it: onchange was called after save()
 * in sortable editable lists, ensure it's not possible do drag&drop a line being *created*
 * revert MonthCalendar click to the MouseUp event: using click(), IE8 would not report the mouse button involved and I don't feel like changing that code much more
 * month calendar: split between mouseUp and mouseDown on day click resulted in the ability to invoke the new event popup without having the correct data set by pressing the mouse button outside the
calendar, dragging the mouse inside the calendar and releasing it
 * actually fix previous commit for real instead of crappy workaround
 * bail out early from List.dragRow if id is missing
 * If the value of a selection field is 'False' (or not found in the selection), set the record value to graph to 'False' instead of not setting it at all
 * perform active_id replacement in context when that context is a dict as well (replace string dict value)
 * Fixed small potential problem in odoo.
 * remove nofilter filter on Mako value output, breaks down trying to decode utf-8-encoded values inserted into the templates
 * display of validation errors on search forms
 * bug 14: error 'list' object has no attribute 'update'
 * Fixed stack with M2O.
 * be tolerant to invalid value from js
 * Fixed problem with odoo and searchs.
 * Fixed potential problem in widgets/
 * ValueError: list.index(x): x not in list in dragRow
 * reintroduce [clone] helper for jquery.ui.sortable: if not clone()ing, 'click' event handler executes on helper, resulting in edit/view being called from time to time, and the line getting edited
(in editable list) or the object being opened (in readonly view, in non-editable lists) after the sort has executed
 * JS error when reordering list elements via d&d
 * name_get do not crash if invalid id
 * Fix of small potential bug found in odoo.
 * Correction of small problem in odoo.
 * csv.reader only accepts single-character strings, if two characters are provided in import format it blows up
 * revision <email address hidden> broke accounting reports
 * correctly use path.addons() to find the addons's directory, don't expect it to be a subdir of cwd
 * Modified Record sum Fields for ListView.
 * Problem with exported data as csv when too few data in list.
 * Fixed m2o issue when create new by press F1.
 * Activate Action of parent tree.
 * Minor changes.
 * Fixed Open Resource for reference widget.
 * Fixed visible,invisible columns as per context.
 * revert revisions 4361 and 4460: 4460 tried to fix 4361 which broke display of readonly forms
 * following 4463, also found in log: sum_fields=','
 * don't make count_sum request when no field is selected
 * 'set as default' on incorrect field ? log with a set as default call on project.project[progress]
 * ID for progressbar displays
 * ensure value of char and text widget are not False values
 * possible search cases where group_by clause in eval_domain_and_context is False rather than an empty list or string.
 * tr not initialized in case of UnknownLocaleError during translation loading
 * Problem with export data as csv when too few data in list.
 * export : oblige to put quote around all data
 * mutable and mutated default argument to accumulating domain pieces on every m2o search and breaking all m2o popups + urls
 * binary image use 'rb' flags when opening the placeholder on windows

 * remove default limit (100) on name_search (otherwise clamps total number of listed records in m2o research dialogs to 100)


 * count incorrect in pager when deleting objects in form view

 * Fixed no need to replace id for o2m form view untill parent is not found.

 * do not mangle context with current m2o value for non-editable view (no text field in the m2o)

 * o2m fields in editable lists

 * Security status bar is now shown in IE8 so user is aware of file download blocked by Internet Explorer

 * get view_id for a search view from context['search_view'] when it is not provided through the request arguments

 * Fixed action for formview when record is not saved.

 * disable (readonly) O2Ms nested in unsaved O2M forms

 * wrap document title.

 * Fixed delete button for listview.

 * Fixed handling of global context values correctly in the case of specified home actions

 * Contextual help : Corrected the redirection of documentation

 * Fixed text widget.

 * domain evaluation when field kind is char but actual field type is selection: selections require strict equality comparisons

 * form view should not go into edition mode (and - / 1) when deleting the last object of a page

 * Fixed ListView concurrencyInfo for firefox header problem. When records limit 500/ unlimited.

 * m2o: context values can contain 'self' which is a reference to the current field value, we need to evaluate 'self' (to the current m2o field value) before sending the context to the server

 * Fixed one2many when values is in tuple.


 * Passed context in params for listview button action.

 * Fixed search on many2many fields from search view: were validated via form m2m validator which validates id not name

 * rename groups in grouped list views to avoid conflict with naming rules of wiki addon (which uses 'group_id')

 * context propagation during form action was incorrect and would lead to missing values at evaluation


 * Fixed many2one when editable listview.

 * m2o missing record: don't leave incorrect values in the m2o text field when not creating unknown related object

 * handling of selection field with unicode *values* (not labels)

 * active_id in domains can be within a list (as a value of a domain section), not just directly at the top level of the section
 * Backport, Fix group_by option if not group_by.

 * Fixed context problem when any action perform (not passed context manually with action).

 * context propagation during form action was incorrect and would lead to missing values at evaluation

 * Fixed type convesion problem.

 * context.search_view propagated from parent to m2o search window, leading to trying to find the corresponding search view for the m2o model which is nonsensical. Prevent propagation of search_view


* Improvement in ck_editor.
* Original field type should be kept as it is (if required or readonly), so we can use it when states or attrs applied.
* orderable types list: a time is as orderable as a date
* Improved active_id for domain evaluation.
* clear out the autocompletion list when matching m2o results
* call m2o-value matching (behavior when tabbing out of a field) when clicking outside of the field after having set some kind of value
* move exceptions to openobject.errors, add ability to not trace exceptions to the cgitb traceback tool
* log error tracebacks with cgitb to have more information
* move enabling of nestedvars conversion out of config file, disabling it would probably break the web client
* add cgitb traceback tool and enable it by default
* catch and return message if the parsing of the CSV file fails during import
* jquerify DOM manipulations of MonthCalendar.onClick
* simplify date and time manipulation of MonthCalendar.onClick to make logic more understandable. Also, fix namings
* if no ids in listview, send empty list string
* cleanup TinyForm._convert to better understand what happens in that thing
* Added null-checking for calendar get_defaults.
* Improved _make_dict method.
* Added recursion detection in _make_dict.
* fix indentations (remove tabs), jQ duplicate variable declarations
* Improved Custom filter.

File Description Downloads
download icon openerp-web-setup-6.0.2.exe (md5) Windows installer 596
last downloaded 37 weeks ago
download icon openerp-web-6.0.2.tar.gz (md5) OpenERP Web tarball 408
last downloaded 42 weeks ago
Total downloads: 1,004

6.0.1 release from the 6.0 series released 2011-01-21

File Description Downloads
download icon openerp-web-6.0.1.tar.gz (md5) 79
last downloaded 20 weeks ago
Total downloads: 79

5.0.16 release from the 5.0 series released 2011-03-16

File Description Downloads
download icon openerp-web-5.0.16.tar.gz (md5) tarball of the web client 219
last downloaded 38 weeks ago
Total downloads: 219