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Deprecation of compatibility mode for ERS/BVR payment slip

Written for OpenERP Swiss Localization by Nicolas Bessi - Camptocamp on 2014-04-02

Dear community,

In order to allows a proper evolution of Swiss localization, the compatibility mode of ESR/BVR payment slip report will be removed from "l10n_ch_payment_slip" module.

Presently there is two models that allow to print ESR/BVR:
- The invoice model that uses bvr.mako and is the compatibility mode.
- The move line model that uses multi_bvr.mako and allows support of multi-payment terms .

The support of the report on invoice model and the use of bvr.mako is deprecated and will be removed till the end of may 2014.

This will not remove any functionality and the end user will still be able to print ERS/BVR from the invoice.

Nevertheless customization of bvr.mako should be ported into multi_bvr.mako.
You may also adapt any other piece of code that called or refer to the invoice ESR/BVR report.

We apologies for the inconvenience this evolution may cause, but it is a mandatory step for a better integration of the localization.


The OpenERP Swiss localization team

New module base_phone

Written for OpenERP-Asterisk connector by Alexis de Lattre on 2014-03-13

You can now benefit from the validation of phone numbers and the phone widget without installing the Asterisk-OpenERP connector ! This is now possible with the new module "base_phone".

Automatic Pop-up on Incoming Call

Written for OpenERP-Asterisk connector by Alexis de Lattre on 2014-02-01

In the branch for OpenERP 7.0, I have introduced a new module asterisk_popup, which adds an automatic pop-up of the Partner on incoming calls. We wanted the feature since the beginning of this project in 2010: it is now a reality ! This is possible thanks to the module web_action_request and its dependancies, developped by Jean-Sébastien Suzanne (Anybox) for OpenERP 7.0.

Presentación de OpenERP ajustado a la legalidad venezolana V7

Written for Openerp Venezuela by Nhomar - Vauxoo on 2013-11-19

Este 23 de Noviembre en el Py Day Maracay estaremos presentando la Versión 7 de la localización.


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RFC 2806 compliant

Written for OpenERP-Asterisk connector by Alexis de Lattre on 2013-10-12

The Asterisk connector for OpenERP 7 now conforms to RFC 2806 :
- on phone numbers, we use a tel: URL (we don't use callto: URL anymore)
- on fax numbers, we use a fax: URL

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