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All modules ported to the new API

Written for Philemon by Alexis de Lattre on 2014-12-24

All the modules of the philemon project have been ported to the new API. Enjoy !

Moved to github.

Written for Vauxoo Addons by Nhomar - Vauxoo on 2014-11-30

We moved this project to github.

Everything since this date will be there.

Thanks for your support.

Move to Github, integration in OCA and a new name!

Written for OpenERP-Asterisk connector by Alexis de Lattre on 2014-11-05

I announce today severval big changes in the project :
1) the project is now part of OCA, the Odoo Community Association which is a non-profit organisation that support and organise community developments on Odoo
2) the project has been moved from Launchpad to Github: you will now find it here:
3) we took advantage of this move to Github to change the name of the project: the new name is "connector-telephony". So, as I suggested in the previous news, the new name doesn't include the word "Asterisk", because the project contains many modules independant from Asterisk and it could welcome in the future some modules for other IPBXes.

Dear users, I hope that you will be happy with these 3 changes and that you will now get the code from its new home on Github, report bugs there and propose patches and new modules.

More asterisk-independent code than asterisk-specific code

Written for OpenERP-Asterisk connector by Alexis de Lattre on 2014-08-25

With the recent changes in the OpenERP-Asterisk connector projet, there is now more code in asterisk-independent modules than in asterisk-specific modules :
- 7 asterisk-independent modules (base_phone, base_phone_popup, crm_phone, crm_claim_phone, event_phone, hr_phone, hr_recruitment_phone) have 1236 lines of code (56 %)
- 2 asterisk-specific modules (asterisk_click2dial and asterisk_click2dial_crm) have 960 lines of code (44 %)

These statistics have been obtained with the following command: cloc --exclude-dir=lib --match-f=".*\.py$|.*\.xml$|.*\.js$" --not-match-f="$" <module_name>

These statistics show that the efforts I made to move the asterisk-independent code in asterisk-independent modules are a success. Maybe one day we should rename the project to "OpenERP-telephony connector" ? Maybe one day we will have modules for IPBXes other than Asterisk ?

Updated on 2014-08-25.

Big bang continues...

Written for OpenERP-Asterisk connector by Alexis de Lattre on 2014-08-25

I have pushed again today some very large changes in the OpenERP-Asterisk connector, which follow the 2 other large changes I made in July and August. The most visible part of these changes is the wizard "Open Calling Partner" that has been dropped and replaced by a new feature "Open Callee". Now, if you have the module asterisk_click2dial and you click on the phone icon in the top right :
- if the phone number of the callee is present on a partner, you are directly taken to the form view of that partner. Same for leads, candidates, event registration, etc...
- if the phone number is not present on any partner/lead/candidate/..., a new wizard "Number not found" starts, from which you can create/update a partner or a lead.

Why this change ? First, the new JS code recently introduced for the "Open Calling Partner" allows such a behavior, which was not possible before. Second, as the "Open Callee" button is clicked by the user, we can assume that the user will click on it when he is ready to switch to the form view of the callee, so it's better to take him directly to the callee, and not go through a wizard. Third, in OpenERP version 8, there are some very nice-looking buttons on the form view of the Partner that take you directly to the invoices/quotations/..., so there is no need to have a wizard for that: if the callee is a partner, the user will use the buttons of the partner form view to go to the related invoices/quotations/etc...

I hope that you will agree with this big change. It should be the end of the big bang in the Asterisk-OpenERP connector, because I have made all the big changes I wanted.

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