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556634 #556634 [HIGH] Cannot create new database rev. 2029, the last OpenERP Server OpenERP Server 2 Critical Stephane Wirtel (OpenERP)  10 Fix Released
539408 #539408 audittrail_models_proxy IS NOT DEFINED - SERVER DOES NOT START ANY MORE !!!! Odoo Addons Odoo Addons 4 Medium gpa(OpenERP)  10 Fix Released
550742 #550742 A refund should not have the same date as the invoice Odoo Addons Odoo Addons 4 Medium   10 Fix Released
552447 #552447 Purchase Order: TypeError: exec: arg 1 must be a string, file, or code object Odoo Addons Odoo Addons 5 Low JMA(Open ERP)  10 Fix Released
552519 #552519 [account_invoice_layout] localization missing in invoice items Odoo Addons Odoo Addons 5 Low   10 Fix Released
553881 #553881 patch - navigation from invoice to Receivables & Payables Odoo Addons Odoo Addons 6 Wishlist   10 Fix Released

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