Great Initial Progress!

Written for OpenPIX by Duncan McGreggor on 2008-10-12

OpenPIX is off and running! It's just a little bit for now, but it's looking really nice. I've got a very basic but functional shell that I can run from the command line or log into via ssh (when the user's shell is set to it). The Pyparsing grammar is in place and working well: I've made some good progress on the unprivileged user mode, mostly with the show subcommands. Next I'll be tackling the help subcommands. Also, the grammars and commands are falling into place, providing a good starting API.

I should have my pf firewall up and running sometime in the next week, at which point I'll be wiping the dust off of my old Cisco PIX book, learning pf, and translating between the two in OpenPIX...

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