OpenShot Video Editor 2.3.4

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OpenShot Video Editor
Jonathan Thomas
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New stable release (lots of big stability improvements)


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- Bumping version to 2.3.4 (min libopenshot version to 0.1.7)
- Updating supporters file and translations for (de, nl, ru, cs, sv, fr, fr_CA)
- Moving fps detection / mapping updates to a timer, and prevent spamming libopenshot with fps/profile changes on the export dialog. Also, adding some sanity protection from crazy large FPS... possible if a user enters something crazy.
- Prevent really large invalid FPS values from being applied to all clips on export screen, by always setting the denominator before the numerator. For example 1001, and then 60000. This prevents freezes when selecting fractional FPS (such as 59.94)
- Fixing a bug on the add to timeline screen, which protects the up/down/remove buttons when no item is selected. Also fixing a rare bug when certain files cannot be found (probably due to redo/undo)
- Fixing an import error for windows systems using requests module (idna)
- Swapping httplib2 for requests, based on tons of issues with packaging and cx_Freeze
- Fixed bug when dragging a property value slider (if the clip/transition is deleted during the drag)
- Fixed big regression, where SetMaxSize was not being invoked on the export screen, potentially causing downsampling and blurry exports.
- Fixed bug with context menu on Animated title screen

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