OpenShot Video Editor 2.0.7 "Beta 4"

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OpenShot Video Editor
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Beta 4
Jonathan Thomas
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Release notes 

* Bumping version to 2.0.7, New Release
* Updating translations from launchpad. I also tested the top 50 languages, and fixed a few things in both these PO files, and launchpad (so it won't break on the next update).
* Adding a git fetch --tags to the build-server, to correctly sync all remote tags (for file naming reasons)
* Delete old builds if they fail for any reason (due to key signing issues, etc...). We don't want to accidentaly upload a failed build.
* Fixed windows line ending in log file for, and added key signing errors to build log.
* Fixed PATH on mac build script, so it works on cron, and fixed python3 PATH for mac on
* Fixing slack log file uploads to set the correct file type, and tweaking a few more things. The build server is in pretty good shape now, and it's running on all my dev machines (Windows, Mac, and Linux)
* Fixed git pull bug in, and added log file support with slack (auto uploading the build logs / error logs) from the
* More improvements to the, made git-bzr sync conditional for linux, tweaked the file name again, and catch key signing errors from OS X.
* Integrated Bzr syncing into
* Improved build server: better file naming (combing libopenshot, libopenshot-audio, and openshot-qt GIT meta data). Only build when needed. Only upload when needed. Don't re-upload a file if it's been uploaded successfully already.
* Improving to retry multiple times to upload new installers
* Fixed issue where zoom was not being initialized correctly when a new project (or existing project) was opened.
* Integrated Windows into, and fixed bug with "git pull" syntax.
* Integrated Mac builds into the
* Fixed cx_Freeze script to correctly freeze OpenShot on Linux (tested on Arch, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, openSUSE, and Ubuntu). * Also adding the initial version of a build server, to create daily builds of OpenShot for each platform. The build server integrates with github, slack, and amazon S3.
* Fixed some issues with Fullscreen toggle on Mac, which was causing the Quit option to become invisible in some languages (very strange issue). Fixes #74
* Removing ImageMagick support from Mac build scripts, and added a new utility which fixes Qt5 rpaths on Mac (when you install the official downloaded version of Qt5).
* Improved error handling on makedirs (where we create all the needed .openshot_qt folders. Fixes #107.
* Adding 'cancel' prompt when quitting OpenShot (also ESC button now cancels). This prevents OpenShot from quitting.
* Initial support for opening legacy 1.x OpenShot project files. It currently supports: Files, Tracks, Clips, and Transitions, with some properties being imported (such as animated fade in/out support, volume support, volume fade in/out support, transition up/down support). Works well for most basic 1.x projects.
* Added File Properties dialog, which display all known video/audio details about a file. It also allows the name, tags, and frame start/end to be modified for a file. And, for files without an audio track, it allows the frame rate to be adjusted (useful for animations).
* Updating translations from, and manually fixing a few issues (such as missing %s placeholders in some languages). Tested the 25 most popular languages. Also added some new translations (there were just a few).
* Basic support for image sequences. Just drop a single file from the sequence into the project files, and it will now prompt users if this is a image sequence or not.
* Updating angular from v1.2.16 to v1.2.29. I'm seeing much faster performance with animation and dragging / dropping on the timeline.
* Improved error handling and logging around loading QFont into QApplication.
* Added more error logging around saving projects, and added some additional try/catch blocks around making paths relative, making paths absolute, and moving temp files. Basically, it can error on those methods, and log the errors, but the project will still be saved successfully.
* Fixed bug with transition credits not displays the correct URL
* Fixing regression missing thumbnail view action
* Fixed windows path bug for Animated Titles


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