OpenShot Video Editor 2.4.0

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OpenShot Video Editor
Jonathan Thomas
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Release notes 

Improved stability, improved undo/redo system, new freeze preset menu, new export settings (video only, audio only, image sequences)


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 - Bumping version to 2.4.0 (min libopenshot version 0.1.8)
 - Protect file menu from invalid file_id
 - Protect timeline dropEvent from empty item_id
 - Cloaking timeline body until Angular loads fully (so we don't see the occasional pop-in debug layout)
 - Updating translations and supporters
 - Improving undo/redo support. Now the last X number of undo/redo actions are stored in the project file. The number can be adjusted in the prefences, under the auto-save tab. This also vastly improves the usefulness of the auto-save system, since it saves your undo/redo history as well.
 - Fixed Image Sequence exporting. Supports PNG, JPG, PPM, BMP and a few others. Also added 'Audio Only' and 'Video Only' export options.
 - Adding new Freeze and Freeze & Zoom presets, to quickly insert freezes into clips. Removing 'show waveform' from separate audio menu, to increase speed of separating audio. Bumping version to 2.3.4-dev3. Adding new translation templates.

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