OpenShot Video Editor 2.5.1

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OpenShot Video Editor
Jonathan Thomas
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Release notes 

UTF-8 Project Encoding Bug Fix (for non-ASCII characters)
Thumbnail Server UTF-8 Encoding
Auto-Repair UTF-8 Corrupted Projects
Updated Documentation (with Auto-Update)
Updated Translations / Supporters
Misc Bug Fixes


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df8baf0 2020-03-01 FeRD (Frank Dana) Merge branch 'osp-file-repair' into release-20200229 HEAD -> release-20200229, origin/release-20200229
4ed2c2f 2020-03-01 FeRD (Frank Dana) json_data: Correct for lost slashes, pre-repair
f792a4a 2020-02-29 Jonathan Thomas Release branch for 2.5.1 (min libopenshot version 0.2.5)
777cf1f 2020-02-29 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #3261 from OpenShot/update-translations-2-5-1 develop
f044d07 2020-02-29 SuslikV Fix formatting of repaired JSON data (#3262)
d28befd 2020-02-29 SuslikV Add thumbnail to the audio only clip (#3249)
35b65e8 2020-02-28 Jonathan Thomas Updating release date and appdata.xml entry origin/update-translations-2-5-1, update-translations-2-5-1
8201f31 2020-02-28 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #3187 from ferdnyc/pending
ddf89b9 2020-02-28 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #3181 from ferdnyc/filter
fd39dde 2020-02-27 Jonathan Thomas Bumping version to 2.5.1-dev (for upcoming release)
e05f4bc 2020-02-27 Jonathan Thomas Update cache for 2.5.1 release
b434a9a 2020-02-27 Jonathan Thomas Updating contributors/supporters for upcoming 2.5.1 release
03499eb 2020-02-27 Jonathan Thomas Updating translations for upcoming OpenShot release (2.5.1)
4d46dde 2020-02-27 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #3259 from ferdnyc/osp-file-repair
d259a22 2020-02-27 FeRD (Frank Dana) json_data: Autorepair corrupted project files
7f8107a 2020-02-27 FeRD (Frank Dana) main_window: Persist statusBar as a class member
ee43136 2020-02-26 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #3229 from SuslikV/patch-11
770b744 2020-02-19 Frank Dana Retire Windows envvar-deletion code (#3234)
34fab2b 2020-02-18 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #3237 from OpenShot/fix-changelog-listing
5c1bb2c 2020-02-18 Frank Dana Merge pull request #3228 from OpenShot/table-indents
3b3e026 2020-02-18 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #3236 from OpenShot/auto-sphinx-update
8d1c0ad 2020-02-16 SuslikV Fix readonly text fields visibility (#3231)
7deb3f7 2020-02-16 SuslikV Specify encoding for thumbnails path
bac52ca 2020-02-15 SuslikV Get json in raw format
e247a9b 2020-02-14 Frank Dana Package standard .desktop file in AppImage (#3223)
9781b50 2020-02-14 FeRD (Frank Dana) Docs: Remove huge margin under table headings
846e82e 2020-02-14 FeRD (Frank Dana) Docs: Outdent table code a bit
67c2598 2020-02-14 Jonathan Thomas Updating sphinx table syntax on titles
eecd449 2020-02-14 Jonathan Thomas fixing syntax error on gitlab-ci
dd12457 2020-02-14 Jonathan Thomas Auto build sphinx documentation and publish to
a56d8bc 2020-02-12 Frank Dana Modernize .travis.yml, add Python 3.6/Bionic (#3218)
da851d1 2020-02-11 Frank Dana Merge pull request #3214 from ferdnyc/tutorial-cursor
086bcf2 2020-02-11 FeRD (Frank Dana) Tutorial: Eliminate redundant drawPath()
cb91cbe 2020-02-11 FeRD (Frank Dana) Tutorial: Set arrow cursor, streamline painting
41e6b58 2020-02-11 FeRD (Frank Dana) Tutorial: Format code, eliminate one-use variables
9a27269 2020-02-11 FeRD (Frank Dana) Tutorial: Clean up tutorial objects
937c87c 2020-02-11 FeRD (Frank Dana) Tutorial: Don't set Forbidden mouse cursor
3fed6be 2020-02-09 Frank Dana Merge pull request #3211 from ferdnyc/remove-doxyfile
6671684 2020-02-09 FeRD (Frank Dana) Remove outdated
1890126 2020-02-09 Jonathan Thomas Fixing logic when trying to parse changelogs in official releases (on About->Changelog) origin/fix-changelog-listing, fix-changelog-listing
a198f5f 2020-02-08 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #3208 from OpenShot/merge-master-into-develop
b2ad5b3 2020-02-08 Jonathan Thomas Merge branch 'master' into merge-master-into-develop origin/merge-master-into-develop, merge-master-into-develop
eb7ecbb 2020-02-03 Frank Dana Merge pull request #3202 from ferdnyc/verbose-cherry origin/optimized-effects
f46abee 2020-01-05 Jonathan Thomas Removing verbose debug statement when getting properties for property dialog (which happens as the user scrubs the timeline)
1e0ecf3 2020-01-22 Frank Dana Merge branch 'develop' into pending
d039709 2020-01-22 Frank Dana Merge pull request #3193 from SuslikV/patch-8
f79842c 2020-01-22 FeRD (Frank Dana) Tweak export-cancel confirmation
79f3d76 2020-01-22 Frank Dana Merge pull request #3191 from OpenShot/ferdnyc-timetime
52df046 2020-01-22 Frank Dana Merge pull request #3194 from ferdnyc/undo-active
a51640b 2020-01-19 FeRD (Frank Dana) classes/updates: Notify watchers when needed
20080ce 2020-01-22 SuslikV Add confirmation dialog when canceling export
1cfba5f 2020-01-21 Frank Dana Use time.time() more defensively
a8a641c 2020-01-19 Frank Dana Merge pull request #3186 from SuslikV/patch-9
c7d0692 2020-01-19 FeRD (Frank Dana) classes/updates: Add pending_acton tracking
3623382 2020-01-19 FeRD (Frank Dana) classes/updates: Code style, unused imports
059fbd1 2020-01-19 SuslikV Apply the default profile settings
2b4bf65 2020-01-17 FeRD (Frank Dana) Protect filter() against damaged projects
5e90b39 2020-01-13 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #3175 from OpenShot/bumping-version-2-5-0
4aea68e 2020-01-13 Jonathan Thomas Updating min libopenshot version to 0.2.4 origin/bumping-version-2-5-0, bumping-version-2-5-0
d0c8766 2020-01-13 Jonathan Thomas Bumping version to 2.5.0-dev1 (official release will be 2.5.0 now instead of 2.4.5 due to extensive changes)
41d371c 2020-01-10 Frank Dana Merge pull request #3169 from ferdnyc/delay-app-import

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