openstack-ansible 11.2.7

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Jesse Pretorius
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1 Bjoern, 7 Jesse Pretorius, 1 Kevin Carter, 2 Tom Cameron
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3208b2a Ensure that a stable, known pip version is used
67f9364 Make sources-branch-updater checkout the SHA properly
4a40112 Resolve MariaDB/Galera cluster startup/logging issues
2d30143 Implement a callback plugin for human readable ansible logs
6a6b66f Convert AIO bootstrap from bash to Ansible
61690ab networking-plumgrid package version fix
ff00d6f Added extra variable for upgrade
74cdb34 Resolve recently exposed lint violations
e0aa94f Enable multipath usage on all OpenStack hosts
4ebcee9 Set --serial as default in
6e813ec Skip Keystone task when not using swift w keystone
e24b836 Include extra conf file updates when updating SHA's
9d90691 Remove unused script
9a710c4 Add PLUMgrid L2 gateway support to conf
00eaa1c remove repeat var define in nova/defaults/main.yml
73b041a Cap django_compressor below 2.0
a50667e Remove duplicate weight paragraph
893f7b9 Add missing file extension
fcd5bd5 Old references of infra_hosts in the documentation
a9fc5f5 Adding docs for affinity
91c55c5 FIX: provider_networks module for multiple vlans
e41dcae Update for PLUMgrid config - appending identity version to auth uri
5e1b4c6 Fix typos in doc/source/developer-docs
123f243 Keystone domain fix
b73c95d Fixes playbook runtime issues with ldap
3d92e29 Docs for skipping user creation w/LDAP
a139371 Update Kilo SHA's - 7 Dec 2015
19d0052 Fixed haproxy backend config issue
55421ee Updated flat networking docs
e6c53c9 Allow ramdisk_id, kernel_id to be null on schema
7d57e18 Creating nova-secret with safe file permissions
7fc5436 Update requirements to suit the existence of lxc vg

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1519174 #1519174 Set OpenStack service usernames and passwords to reference their own variables and work with LDAP Keystone Identity Backend 3 High Jesse Pretorius  10 Fix Released
1513455 #1513455 haproxy config fails when containers are missing 4 Medium Tom Cameron  10 Fix Released
1518351 #1518351 Playbooks stop when enabling keystone ldap backend 4 Medium Jesse Pretorius  10 Fix Released
1519088 #1519088 nova-secret world readable 4 Medium Jesse Pretorius  10 Fix Released
1522149 #1522149 provider_networks module does not iterate over multiple vlan networks 4 Medium Jesse Pretorius  10 Fix Released
1523581 #1523581 When not using keystone swift plays still attempt to setup swift users. 4 Medium   10 Fix Released
1532761 #1532761 Galera cluster initialisation failures 4 Medium Jesse Pretorius  10 Fix Released
1533126 #1533126 mysql restart handler logic is incorrect 4 Medium Jesse Pretorius  10 Fix Released
1516330 #1516330 Glance schema issue on Kilo 5 Low Tom Cameron  10 Fix Released
1522957 #1522957 Update mirror list for new datacenters in OpenStack CI 5 Low Jesse Pretorius  10 Fix Released
1530796 #1530796 Tempest test numbers are unstable 5 Low   10 Fix Released
1524957 #1524957 Add multipath-tools to kvm hosts 6 Wishlist Bjoern  10 Fix Released
1533817 #1533817 missing extra variable during upgrade 6 Wishlist Kevin Carter  10 Fix Released
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