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A Rack Scale controller service for lifecycle management of Pooled bare-metal hardware infrastructure like Rack Scale architecture which uses Redfish as one of the management protocols.

Rack Scale Design (RSD) is a Open architecture for management of disaggregated server hardware resources.
It exposes REST APIs for discovery and management of components in a RSD rack and capability to "compose" hardware nodes and release recources as needed by the overcloud. Many of these APIs have been standardized in Redfish. The concept of pooled storage (SSDs or nvmE) disaggregated from compute nodes and network disaggregated from compute and storage provides the flexibility to compose and uses as and when the cloud requires more server resources.
This project proposes to create a management service utilizing Rack Scale and Redfish APIs in a form that can be used by Ironic, Nova, Neutron or any other service/controller within Openstack. A comprehensive lifecycle management of pooled resources.

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