OpenTeacher 3.0 released!

Written for OpenTeacher by Marten de Vries on 2012-10-23

Today, we're releasing OpenTeacher 3.0, of which the development started almost from scratch back in January, 2011. And of course, it brings some new features, the most important being:

- A topography lesson mode
- A media lesson mode (like images, sounds, videos or websites)
- Improved presentation of the results of tests
- An improved way to input words, directly into a table
- Text to speech, which pronounces the words or places you're learning
- A tabbed interface, which allows you to have multiple files open at the same time

Downloads for a variety of platforms are available. We hope you enjoy this new version!

- The OpenTeacher Maintainers

- Windows (.msi):
- Windows portable (.zip):
- Ubuntu (.deb):
- Fedora (.rpm):
- OpenSuse (.rpm):
- Arch (.pkg.tar.gz):
- Linux (general, .tar.gz):
- Source (.zip):

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