OpenTeacher 3.1 beta 1 available

Written for OpenTeacher by Marten de Vries on 2013-02-14

What's new?
- Typing Tutor
- and import
- import
- load support for OpenTeacher, ABBYY, Anki, CSV, CueCard, Domingo, gnuVocabTrain, Granule, JMemorize, KGeography, KDE Vocabulary Document, Mnemosyne, Overhoor/Drill Assistant, Overhoringsprogramma Talen, Pauker, Teach2000, TeachMaster, Voca, Vocabularium, VokabelTrain, VTrain text and WRTS files. (Please report anything we can't import yet ;))
- new start screen
- last but not least: bug fixes

Downloads (scroll down a bit):

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