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This project aims to provide community built upgrade scripts for OpenERP. We need your help. Read the documentation here:

Thanks to:

OpenUpgrade is in the first place an attempt to make a migration path available for OpenERP for those who for some reason cannot buy the excellent OPW service from OpenERP SA. So the biggest thanks go to the creators of this excellent open source management software.

Contributors to the various editions of OpenUpgrade itself so far:

- Sylvain Le Gal
- Holger Brunn (Therp BV)
- Stefan Rijnhart (Therp BV)
- Sandy Carter (SavoirFaire Linux)
- Don Kirkby
- Arthur Vuillard (Akretion)
- Antanas Lasys (hacBee)
- Pedro M Baeza (Servicios Baeza)
- Paulius Sladkevičius (hacBee)
- Dmitrijs Ledkovs (Credativ)

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GNU Affero GPL v3

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7.0 series is the current focus of development.

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