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OpenVista<tm> is a cost-effective, open, trusted and complete EHR which enhances patient safety, increases clinical and operational efficiency and provides an opportunity to improve quality of care delivery. See the related/sub projects listed below.

Preventable medical errors are estimated to kill 98,000 people annually. They cost hospitals $29 billion annually. Lack of automation is a critical factor in these errors.

Less than ten percent of private sector hospitals use an electronic health record. Many healthcare organizations are forced to use manual systems. That means higher costs and limited interoperability.

In 1979, a group of underground developers (the hardhats) worked to build a software solution for the VA on the "underground railroad". Three years later, the VA officially sanctioned the project and the resulting VistA EHR set the stage for a revolution.

In 2002, the open source community introduced the world to OpenVista. The intent is to give power to the people, to enhance patient safety, to improve clinical efficiency resulting in better quality healthcare. What was once the exclusive domain of the few is now accessible to all.

OpenVista. Cost effective. Trusted. Revolutionary. Healthcare for the masses.

Are you ready to join the revolution? Help change healthcare for the good of all.

Medsphere is focused on developing an open source community centered on Medsphere OpenVista. We welcome your participation in OpenVista projects.