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0.9.2 release

Written for OpenVista/GT.M Integration by Derek_ on 2012-06-07

Features of this release:
 - support for GT.M V5.5-000 and supplementary instances
 - support in all utilities for custom database regions
 - two new commands: ovregions, ovglobals
 - additional ovbackup command-line options
 - improved Munin plugins, including tracking of the largest database globals

0.9.1 release with support for Ubuntu 11.10

Written for OpenVista/GT.M Integration by Derek_ on 2011-12-18

This release adds support for Ubuntu 11.10 "Oneiric Ocelot" (64-bit only) and adds two Munin plugins for monitoring the size of the imaging repository.

0.9.0 release with replication support and support for Ubuntu 11.04

Written for OpenVista/GT.M Integration by Derek_ on 2011-10-11

The release provides utilities to support replication between two OpenVista instances, typically on two different servers. Several new commands are added: ovreplicate, ovinstancerepl, ovmysqlrepl, ovaddrepl, ovgenconfig, and ovsshkey. And existing utilities have been upgraded to support the replication features. The database replication is performed by native replication features of GT.M and MySQL. Non-database file replication is provided by Lsyncd. The new utilities are for configuring and managing these underlying systems.

0.8.10 stable release with support for Maverick, bufixes, and minor new features

Written for OpenVista/GT.M Integration by Jon Tai on 2010-09-24

This is the first "stable" (non-beta) release and should be the final release before replication support is merged. The 0.8.10 release includes a number of MUMPS fixes and %SS enhancements, a fix for the processes munin plugin, and a new feature in ovinstanceadd that allows specifying an older version of GT.M.

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0.8.9 released, includes HL7 fixes

Written for OpenVista/GT.M Integration by Jon Tai on 2010-05-27

The 0.8.9 release addresses a number of HL7-related issues, adds better integration with the munin plugins package, and fixes some other minor bugs. The KIDS build is available now on Launchpad, but it will also be included in the upcoming OpenVista Server 1.5 Service Pack 4 release. As with previous releases, grab the new packages from the yum or apt repository.

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