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OpenVista is a cost-effective, open, trusted and complete EHR which enhances patient safety, increases clinical and operational efficiency and provides an opportunity to improve quality of care delivery. OpenVista Server is the database and application components of the system.

OpenVista Server includes the core modules of the over-arching Electronic Health Record system, such as Radiology, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Nutrition, HIMS/PIMS, Barcode Medication Administration, CPOE and many others.

OpenVista Server is derived from the VA Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) VistA server release and includes defect corrections and a selection of commercial enhancements equivalent to what has been released at Medsphere client sites.

The OpenVista Server distribution is released as a snapshot of a running system, so it includes Medsphere's demonstration data. The Medsphere demonstration data set is populated with clinically relevant test data to assist developers and clinical experts in both evaluating the software and testing functionality at a clinical level.

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GNU Affero GPL v3, GNU LGPL v2.1

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