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New Modules and Tests, WiMAC refactoring

Written for openWNS by Maciej Muehleisen on 2009-11-10

Today 3 new modules have been published:
The Glue module is a wired data link layer demonstrating the usage of Functional Units (FUs). It uses Copper as PHY layer. Copper provides FIFO data transfer for a bus topology. It can be configured to use an arbitrary bit error distribution.

The TCP layer is still in experimental state. Included UDP module is working. TCP connection establishment works, Flow Control and ARQ still need review, testing and improvement.

New system tests for IP, Constanze traffic generator, TCP and Glue have been published. They can be used as example configurations for own simulations. IP tests include an example on how to setup tunneling. A Glue test shows how Functional Units can be used to model the behavior of a 802.11 MAC. Constanze tests include advanced stochastic traffic models like MMPP.

WiMAC module has been refactored. Work is still ongoing. The goal is to have a fully functional 802.16e/m OFDMA MAC using the new StaticPriority scheduler in openwns-library.

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openWNS Wrowser supports multiple seeds

Written for openWNS by Maciej Muehleisen on 2009-07-30

With revision 43 openWNS Wrowser supports averaging over a parameter, for example the random number seed.

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openWNS WiMAC will be refactored

Written for openWNS by Maciej Muehleisen on 2009-07-14

The openWNS WiMAX module "WiMAC" is undergoing heavy refactoring at the moment. Goal is to strip all additional features and functionalities to obtain a baseline version. The current openwns-wimac branch will become deprecated and the new WiMAC module will become the head version.

openWNS was presented at European Wireless 2009

Written for openWNS by Daniel Bültmann on 2009-06-16

Last month the Eurpean Wireless 2009 took place in Aalborg. There we had the opportunity to present openWNS to the research community. The paper I presented gives an overview of all the features currently available. I have attached the paper to the original post on (use Reade More link below). The feedback was encouraging and people showed interest to try it out. We distributed LiveDVDs to let listeners quickly check out the tool. Aalborg itself was fun. We arrived there just before the childrens carnival celebration started but unfortunately had to leave just before the main festivities began.

So check out the paper. I think it gives a good overview of the simulation platform and simulation models and helps to get started with the simulator.

The paper can be dowloaded here


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openWNS source code statistics now on

Written for openWNS by Daniel Bültmann on 2009-03-17 is a great site that monitors open source projects to extract information on the activity of open source projects. It does so by reading the source code repositories and mangling that data to derive statistics on contributors, used programming languages, source code to comment ratios, etc.

Since mid of February the guys at finally support the bazaar version control system and as of today openWNS source code is monitored on See the statistics for yourself here:

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