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Dustin Kirkland 
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Release notes 

[ Dustin Kirkland ]
  * === added directory debian, === added directory debian/source,
    COPYING, debian/compat, debian/control, debian/copyright,
    debian/rules, debian/source/format: initial packaging
  * debian/control:
    - have client recommend squid-deb-proxy-client
  * debian/control:
    - updated packaging to include the sitoolchain work
  * debian/control, debian/ubuntu-orchestra-common.dirs, debian/ubuntu-
    - add orchestra user, create ssh-keys, depend on tools needed
  * debian/control, debian/ubuntu-orchestra-common.postinst:
    - make sure user's homedir is there
  * debian/control, debian/ubuntu-orchestra-common.links, debian/ubuntu-
    - generate ssl certs, link them into /etc, make the ssh public key
      visible by other users (such as cobbler)
  * debian/control:
    - comment out mcollective plugins that don't yet build in this ppa
  * debian/ubuntu-orchestra-common.postinst => debian/ubuntu-orchestra-
    - move the user generation from common to provisioning
  * debian/ubuntu-orchestra-provisioning-server.install, debian/ubuntu-
    orchestra-provisioning-server.postinst, debian/ubuntu-orchestra-
    - install provisioning server files
    - enable site, and rewrite module
  * debian/ubuntu-orchestra-management-server.install, debian/ubuntu-
    - install management server files
  * provisioning-server/usr/bin/orchestra-cobbler-profiles =>
    provisioning-server/usr/sbin/orchestra-import-isos, === renamed
    directory provisioning-server/usr/bin => provisioning-
    - update Marc's iso importer, move to sbin, rework a bit
  * provisioning-server/usr/sbin/orchestra-import-isos:
    - get this working with cobbler
  * debian/ubuntu-orchestra-common.links, debian/ubuntu-orchestra-
    - hard link the public key
    - fix ownerships of the SSL private key
  * debian/copyright:
    - added Juan + Marc to copyright file
  * debian/control:
    - adjust control for
      a) config management mode, and
      b) service orchestration mode
    - fix lintian warnings about articles in description
  * debian/ubuntu-orchestra-monitoring-server.install:
    - drop for now; nagios coming soon!
  * debian/control, debian/ubuntu-orchestra-client.preinst,
    debian/ubuntu-orchestra-management-server.preinst, debian/ubuntu-
    - fix lintian errors, add debhelper tokens and misc depends
  * === added directory debian/po, debian/control,
    debian/po/POTFILES.in, debian/po/templates.pot, debian/rules,
    - make the debconf stuff translatable, fix lintian errors
  * debian/ubuntu-orchestra-client.postinst, debian/ubuntu-orchestra-
    - drop full paths to common utilities
  * debian/ubuntu-orchestra-client.templates:
    - fix linitian issues with the debconf text
  * debian/control, debian/ubuntu-orchestra-monitoring-server.postinst:
    - clean up some of the empty package lintian warnings
  * debian/ubuntu-orchestra-client.postinst, debian/ubuntu-orchestra-
    client.preinst, debian/ubuntu-orchestra-client.templates,
    debian/ubuntu-orchestra-logging-server.postinst, debian/ubuntu-
    orchestra-management-server.preinst, debian/ubuntu-orchestra-
    - don't ignore pre/post inst errors, fix verbiage
  * debian/control, debian/ubuntu-orchestra-client.postinst:
    - fix lintian error about python depends, fix bashism
  * === added directory provisioning-server/usr/share/man, === added
    directory provisioning-server/usr/share/man/man8, provisioning-
    - add manpage documentation for provisioning utilities
  * debian/control: note the empty meta pacakges

  [ Juan L. Negron ]
  * Updating version and rebuilding packages
  * debian/ubuntu-orchestra-management-server.upstart:
    - fix RegEx for default puppetmaster configuration
  * debian/ubuntu-orchestra-management-server.upstart:
    - restart puppetmaster after reconfiguring
  * debian/ubuntu-orchestra-management-server.upstart:
    - puppetmaster is not an upstart job
  * debian/ubuntu-orchestra-management-server.upstart:
    - change permissions on puppetmaster configuration
  * debian/ubuntu-orchestra-management-server.upstart:
    - modified puppetmaster to usr the config file and
      not a link.
  * debian/ubuntu-orchestra-provisioning-server.postinst:
    - Create the provisioner role
  * management-server/etc/orchestra/puppet/puppet.conf.d/02_certname:
    - Adding default certname
  * Added ubuntu-orchestra-client postinst
  * Modified control to reflect more dependencies on ubuntu-orchestra-common
  * Created postinst for ubuntu-orchestra-client
  * Modified user-data template to reflect changes
  * debian/control:
   - Fixed syntax error in control file
  * Rebuilding package
  * debian/control:
   - Modifying monitoring server to recommend collectd.
  * Rebuilding package
  * Modified preinst scripts
  * Modified postinst for orchestra-client and provisioning-server
  * Fixed install scripts for orchestra-client and monitoring-server
  * Rebuilding packages
  * Updating version and rebuilding

  [ Marc Cluet ]
  * Created new ubuntu-orchestra-logging server package
   - Moved rsyslog dependencies from monitoring to logging
  * Added debconf preseed on provisioning server preinst
  * Modified postinst for orchestra-client and provisioning-server
  * Fixed install scripts for orchestra-client and monitoring-server
  * Added rsyslog integration (client and server)
  * Added ubuntu-orchestra-monitoring-server
  * Modified preinst templates for hostname discovery
  * Added monitoring.ipaddress parameter on provisioning.conf
  * Added preinst host sanity check to handle hostname resolvableness issues in
   - ubuntu-orchestra-client
   - ubuntu-orchestra-management-server
   - ubuntu-orchestra-provisioning-server
  * Fixed problem with just commenting collectd, removed lines
  * Changed restart order on provisioner server postinst for
   - Added ubuntu-orchestra-provisioning-server.postinst
    - This deals with squid-deb-proxy server configuration
   - Removed dependency on collectd on client
    - Filled bug LP: #773420 to readd once properly configured
   - Modified ubuntu-orchestra-client dependencies
    - Added dependency for mcollective-plugins-provisioner
  * Added ubuntu-orchestra-client postinst
  * Modified control to reflect more dependencies on ubuntu-orchestra-common
  * Created postinst for ubuntu-orchestra-client
  * Modified user-data template to reflect changes
  * Fixing cloud-init templates
   * Removed puppetca mcollective plugins from client template
   * Added runcmd in puppetdata to force certname on client
   * cloud-init user-data.tpl
    * Added runcmd commands to add initial facts
  * Fixed /var/lib/orchestra/cloud-init/user-data.tpl
   - Now it won't try to install mcollective-middleware
  * Added new script orchestra-generate-cloud-init
  * Renamed cloud-init templates in /usr/share/orchestra/cloud-init
  * Created default cloud-init template in /var/lib/orchestra/cloud-init
  * Fixed apache config for cloud-init service
  * Added user-data binary
  * Moved /etc/orchestra.conf.d to /etc/orchestra/conf.d
   - Modified meta-data.py to reflect change
  * Created /etc/orchestra/import_isos
   - Modified /usr/sbin/orchestra-import-isos to reflect change
  * Added apache2 meta-data configuration
  * Added meta-data.py for meta-data generation
   - Added provisioning.conf for provisioning-server
   - debian/control
    - Added mcollective-server-provisioner and mcollective-client as
      dependencies for provisioner
   - provisioning-server/usr/share/orchestra/cloud-init/orchestra-management-server.txt
    - Removed dependency from management server


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