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orchestra (2.8-0ubuntu1) oneiric; urgency=low

  [ Dustin Kirkland ]
  * debian/control: LP: #825406
    - recommend ntp on both clients and server; arguably, we could point
      orchestra clients at the orchestra server, but if we go that route,
      we'd need to ensure we satisfy #104525
  * === added directory client/etc, === added directory
    client/etc/sudoers.d, client/etc/sudoers.d/orchestra, debian/ubuntu-
    - add the orchestra user to the client, give sudo access to power
      management administrative utilities

  [ Andres Rodriguez ]
  * debian/ubuntu-orchestra-logging-server.postinst: Fix $home path;
    Fix path to certtool cfg file. change ownership of ssl files to
    syslog. (LP: #832335)
  * debian/ubuntu-orchestra-provisioning-server.postinst:
    - Do not comment at end of changed modules settings in
      cobbler. (LP: #828288)
    - Only create ensemble-dav.conf symlink when necessary.
    - Use apache2ctl to restart otherwise it never returns from
      configure. (LP: #832331)
  * debian/ubuntu-orchestra-provisioning-server.postrm:
    - Use apache2ctl to restart otherwise it never returns from purge
      step. (LP: #832337)
  * Change logging server to use TLS instead (LP: #832341):
    - logging-server/etc/rsyslog.d/99-orchestra.conf: Update config file
      to use TLS instead.
    - logging-server/usr/share/orchestra/rsyslog/orchestra-server.conf:
      Update with sample config for TLS.
    - debian/control: Depends/Recommends on rsyslog-gnutls.
  * debian/ubuntu-orchestra-client.postinst: Correctly set server for
    rsyslog and add missing 'fi'.
  * client/etc/rsyslog.d/99-orchestra.conf: Add based on file installed in
    usr/share. This way it will not "cat" a file on postinst. (LP: #832344)
  * orchestra/utils/keys.py: Add util to handle zip and encode key to be
    used by rsyslog's cobbler snippet to install keys on client
    machine. (LP: #832347)
    - debian/{control,rules}: Use dh_python2.
    - debian/ubuntu-orchestra-common.install: Add and Install files.
    - provisioning-server/var/lib/cobbler/snippets:
      + orchestra_rsyslog_client_config: Import orchestra python module.
  * Fix some lintian warnings

 -- Andres Rodriguez <email address hidden> Tue, 23 Aug 2011 17:03:54 -0400

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