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P6P is decentralized public virtual network designed for traversing NAT. It's usefull mainly for peer-to-peer applications that doesn't implement NAT-traversal themselves. It uses unrouted segment of IPv6 (Unique-local), so it doesn't collide with other networks. It does not implement any additional security.

Currently there is state-of-art implementation for Unix/Linux using Python.
There is planned portable (*nix, mac, windows) implementation in C++ when the protocol stabilizes and features are decided on.

Current server (supernode) implementation requires:
 * python 2.5 or higher
 * twisted

and client:
 * python 2.5 or higher
 * twisted
 * eunuchs
 * iproute

Patches, bugs, comments welcome.

By the way this has nothing to do with same-named academic paper by L. Zhou, altough it's goal is similar.

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Jan Pobrislo
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trunk series 

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Python, C++

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Latest version is 0.0.1
released on 2009-03-04

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