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It is a python file (and few extensions) for organize your mobile phone data. It uses GTK environment and uses Gammu as interface to phone. Is is a platform independent code (but I develop it under Ubuntu).


The program can works without installation. You have to give rights to it. (chmod 755
But you can use some extension for better usability. (For example: application icon, localization, etc.)
When I am ready about the standard functionality, I will create a deb package for it. (If anybody help me about it, I will say thanks him or her.)

· Python 2.x
· GTK 2.x
· Gammu 1.x (python-gammu 0.28 or above)


As the first step, you have to setup it. Choice the 4th icon and select your phone parameters in the dialog box.
If the needed device is not in the last list, then you have to type it. If you want to use a bluetooth connection, you can see the port name (MAC address) when you pair the device.
For the sections choice an item in the left side list. For the quick download
If you do not know where you are, use the menu for operations.


The idea is very new. I have writing it few days. So it is very easy now, and beta version.
If you want to help me, you can see the source and search the bugs, you can send me beauty icons and you can help me in localisation.
(And naturaly, you can send me a lot of money :D)
If a phone does not work correctly, run the program from a terminal and send me the output for analysis.
For the POT file, you have to type './ --pot' into the command line.

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Marton S. Viktor
Marton S. Viktor

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released on 2009-06-25

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  • v0.15b-dev on 2009-05-25
    + can you add todos + can you add calendar + can you add contacts + can you a...
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