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This is a bugfix release intended to fix several issues in 1.10.0.



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This is a bugfix release intended to fix several issues in 1.10.0.

* Fix crashes when gamepad is plugged in on 32-bit Windows
* Fix deploy-ng error regarding 'exist_ok' on Python 2
* Fix Linux install from pip not working with some mesa drivers
* Fix compatibility issues with upcoming Python 3.8
* Fix regression with Audio3DManager.setSoundVelocityAuto()
* Fix issues when awaiting loader.loadModel in Python 3.7
* Audio3DManager accepts tuple in setSoundVelocity/setListenerVelocity
* Fix lighting being disabled when only an AmbientLight is active
* Fix an error saving from Particle Panel in Python 3
* Depth buffer now defaults to 24-bit on macOS (fixes flickering)
* Fix no devices being detected on Windows with threading-model
* Implement collision tests from Capsule and Box into InvSphere
* Fix odd behavior and occasional crash in QuatInterval
* Fix SpriteAnim error in particle system
* Fix ShaderGenerator error when using too many shadowing lights
* Fix interrogate crash in Python 3 with optional wstring args
* Fix compilation errors for x86 Android platform
* Fix permissions of directories created by installpanda
* Improvements to API reference documentation
* Fix incorrect features printed out when printing an InputDevice
* Support cross-compiling for Android platforms in makepanda
* Work around various bugs when compiling with OS X 10.7's libc++
* Fix wrong error sometimes being reported when loading plug-in
* Allow getting NodePath from CullTraverserData object
* Add config options to Assimp loader for generating normals
* Fix multisampling in floating-point framebuffers on OpenGL
* Parse egg files with 4-component tangents (must be 1 or -1)
* StencilAttrib.make() write_mask argument is now optional

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