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This is a major release, with several big new features. As such,
it is likely to contain bugs.

* True threading support now enabled in the default build
* Pipelined rendering: app, cull, and draw can run in parallel, each
  in their own thread
* Web plugin is more robust, and better supports Safari and Chrome
* Plugin runs properly when the username contains non-ASCII characters on Windows
* Added appRunner.p3dFilename and appRunner.p3dUrl to provide p3d
* Multifiles (and p3d files) now make a distinction between binary and
  text files
* OccluderNode added for explicit occlusion culling
* Ambient occlusion generation for terrain
* Fixed bug where Windows installer wipes %PATH% when it's too long
* Added fog support to the shader generator
* Added normal_gloss texture mode
* Added a custom color option to the cartoon filter
* Support for texture arrays in shaders
* Better shader support in pandadx9
* Fix some issues with cube map buffers
* Can be compiled to use double-precision floats throughout, instead
  of the default of single-precision floats. (Graphics drivers still
  use single-precision floats, of course.)
* Can be compiled with the optional Eigen library to provide SSE2 support
* Can be compiled with SpeedTree support
* Can be compiled on MSVS2010, and/or Win64. (These builds not
  provided by default.)
* Support for the Bullet physics engine
* Support for the libRocket GUI library
* Support for stereo/multiview textures
* Substantial performance improvements to movie textures
* TGA files with alpha channel now load correctly
* New "Ramdisk" mount type available for the VFS
* The VFS is now writable for ramdisk files and true on-disk files
* pdeploy -i generates a custom icon for the installed game
* wx and tk work better on OSX
* Panda windows can be embedded within wxPython windows on all
  platforms (including OSX) with the new WxPandaWindow class
* Added base.pixel2d for pixel-based 2-D coordinates
* Python-based swizzling of Panda vectors, e.g. vec2.xyxy
* Python programmers can now optionally use the original unmangled C++
  name for methods and classes, e.g. model.set_pos(LPoint3f(1, 2, 3)).
* Command-line filename globbing now supported on Win32, e.g. egg-texture-cards *.png
* DirectGui works with nonstandard coordinate-system in effect
* Egg loader handles double-sided polygons a little differently by
  default now, for better render performance but more memory usage
  (use "egg-emulate-bface 0" to restore the old behavior if needed).


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2 blueprints and 10 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Native Collada Support Native Collada Support 4 High rdb  7 Good progress
Rewrite p3dcert using FLTK Rewrite p3dcert using FLTK 3 Medium rdb  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
726736 #726736 Panda3D includes GPL code on Windows 2 Critical David Rose  10 Fix Released
668255 #668255 Windows installer overwrites PATH environment variable 3 High rdb  10 Fix Released
727887 #727887 ppython[394] <Error>: kCGErrorIllegalArgument: CGSCopyRegion : Null pointer 3 High David Rose  10 Fix Released
736608 #736608 Fedora package breaks system 3 High rdb  10 Fix Released
784925 #784925 dx9 erroroneously reports no power of 2 texture support 4 Medium   10 Fix Released
794886 #794886 flt models missing from 'models' runtime package 4 Medium rdb  10 Fix Released
732448 #732448 UserDataAudio doc missing soundformatinfo 6 Wishlist rdb  10 Fix Released
879920 #879920 pdeploy option for a custom icon 6 Wishlist rdb  10 Fix Released
931042 #931042 environment-type NORMAL_GLOSS 6 Wishlist rdb  10 Fix Released
924650 #924650 model-cache doesn't update files loaded via ptloader 1 Undecided David Rose  10 Fix Released
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