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PaperMaze is a nifty utility that creates four mazes in a page. Two are small and easy, one is bigger and a little more challenging and the last one is nearly insane, especially when you rotate the page upside down and try solving it from the exit to the intended starting point.
PaperMaze should run on any Java Virtual Machine 1.5 or later (which means it should run also on Windows, MacOS X and other crappy systems out there), but it has been tested only on OpenJDK 6 on Ubuntu.

* Maze preview on screen before printing (only the first page)
* Unlimited number of pages with four different mazes each, all in a single "Print" command
* Targeted at my daughter who likes solving mazes on paper more than with the mouse on the PC
* Perfect for reusing the other side of single-side-printed sheets of paper
* Adapts the mazes to the space available on your page format (A4, letter, others) though the layout is fixed and designed for a potrait page format, more ore less of A4 aspect ratio and size
* It does not need any external libraries, so the jar file is portable and self contained
* It does not need many resources, it's expected to run on any J2SE supported PC
* It has a command line shortcut for the print command (command line option -p)

* It's a 119 minutes project coded by night, so please be tolerant if you happen to take a look at the source code...
* What documentation are you talking about?
* The GUI preview is mandatory, as is the print setup dialog (no pure command line execution possible, you need a graphical environment)
* you can't reasonably solve a maze on the screen (it exceeds typical screen sizes and it has scrollbars). This is by design, because xlaby is good enough at that

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