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The PrimeBase BLOB Management System (PBMS) Client Library provides a 'C' base API that can be used to stream BLOB data to and from the PBMS daemon which runs as a plug-in to MySQL and Drizzle. Communication between the PBMS client library and the PBMS daemon is done over http via the libcurl library.

Related Projects:

lp:pbms The location of the PBMS daemon project which builds a plug-in that can be used by the MySQL database server.

lp:drizzle The location of the Drizzle project which is a Lightweight SQL Database for Cloud and Web. The PBMS daemon is now part of the drizzle project.

lp:pbmsjdbc The "Streaming Enabled MySQL JDBC Driver" project.

lp:pbmsphp The PHP extension for PBMS.

lp:pbmspython The Python extension for PBMS.

Quick Build:
bzr branch lp:pbmslib ; cd pbmslib; ./config/ ; ./configure && make

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Barry Leslie

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