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Release notes 

------- 1.0.11-6 Pre-GA - 2010-07-08

RN329: Fixed bug #601245: make fails. PBXT did not compile if the partition engine was disabled in the MySQL build.

------- 1.0.11-5 Pre-GA - 2010-06-18

RN328: Fixed bug #595478: Compile fails (1.0.11-4).

------- 1.0.11-4 Pre-GA - 2010-06-15

RN327: Fixed a bug that caused a crash during delete on the index. The crash occurred due to memory overwrite when a long key is promoted after a shorter key is deleted, and the difference causes a node size overflow.

------- 1.0.11-3 Pre-GA - 2010-06-11

RN326: Fixed bug #587740: pbxt-1.0.11-pre2-ga first time create partition table error. This was not a new bug. The problem was the PBXT system table's .frm files are corrupted when the first PBXT table created is a partition table.

RN325: Fixed the "to-sweep" column output in xtstat.

------- 1.0.11-2 Pre-GA - 2010-05-26

RN324: Fixed bug #584070:pbxt-1.0.11-pre-ga does not work with mysql 5.1.47. This bug fix removes a hack which was done to avoid running into the LOCK_plugin lock.

------- 1.0.11-1 Pre-GA - 2010-05-19

RN323: Detect corruption of a key length in an index page. This bug fix avoids a possible crash due to index page corruption.

------- 1.0.11 Pre-GA - 2010-05-11

RN322: Creating a table the references a non-existing table can now only be done if you set: foreign_key_checks = 0. Also fixed a failure when creating tables with recursive foreign key declarations.

RN321: Added "Extended record count" to the CHECK TABLE output. This indicates the number of records that have a data log component.

RN320: All tests now run with MySQL 5.1.46.


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