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new features release (pcb file format change)

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Bert Timmerman
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8 Bert Timmerman
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Release notes for pcb-4.1.0

Dear Users,

This release introduces a file format change.

This is required by the added Blind and Buried Via capabilities of pcb.

Kind regards,

The pcb development team

The following authors contributed to the 4.1.0 release:
- Charles Parker
- Mike Crowe
- Andrew Armenia
- Bdale Garbee
- Keith Packard
- DJ Delorie
- Jan Damborsky
- Ahmed El-Mahmoudy
- Bert Timmerman

Please note that names are in no particular order and all e-mail
addresses have been removed for privacy.

User experience improvements
- the blind and buried via feature is introduced.
- removed the deprecated mimelnk files.
- added a releases section to the appdata.
- corrections in the User Manual.
- reordered the exporter options in the User manual.
- better front matter and copyrights for the User Manual.
- splitted the Installation and Troubleshooting appendix in the User
- correction in desktop integration name and comment.
- when writing a pcb file, write arc angles with decimal places.
- added the "Development" category in the desktop integration.

- none

- gsvit exporter added.

Footprints library
- several Nichicon radial capacitor footprints were added to the pcblib.

Developer experience improvements
- some more doxygenation of source code files.
- added regression tests for the Nelma exporter.

Notes for early adapters
- none

Changed dependencies
- none


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1 blueprint and 8 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Blind and buried Vias Blind and buried Vias 2 Low   11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1270886 #1270886 when saving file, angles are rounded to nearest degree 4 Medium Bert Timmerman  10 Fix Released
1695534 #1695534 patch to enchance features of NELMA 4 Medium Bert Timmerman  10 Fix Released
1529233 #1529233 Building from source fails on Solaris due to missing locale.h 5 Low Bert Timmerman  10 Fix Released
1665992 #1665992 Lesstif needs blind and buried via support 5 Low Bert Timmerman  10 Fix Released
1717254 #1717254 Remove deprecated mimelnk files 5 Low Bert Timmerman  10 Fix Released
1720629 #1720629 Spelling errors in pcb 5 Low Bert Timmerman  10 Fix Released
1545170 #1545170 arcs don't honor Rubber band mode 6 Wishlist Bert Timmerman  10 Fix Released
1656661 #1656661 Blind/Buried vias - new feature 6 Wishlist Bert Timmerman  10 Fix Released
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