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1.2.8-par release from the 1.2. series released 2010-02-09

Release information
Release notes:

         pdnsd version 1.2.8-par by Paul Rombouts

This file describes the version of pdnsd that I maintain personally and am
making available so other people can enjoy the latest features and fixes. Thomas
Moestl no longer maintains pdnsd himself, so I am effectively the new
maintainer. This README describes the new features in version 1.2. This version
has a rather large number of internal changes and also some new features, which
I am rather pleased with, even if I say so myself. I think the changes are
significant enough to warrant increasing the minor version number from 1.1 to
1.2. The differences between my previous "official" release 1.1.11 and Thomas'
last release 1.1.7a are described in my previous README, which I have r...


2009-12-25 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/status.c,src/status.h,src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c
 Add a magic number to pdnsd-ctl command codes to guard against
 possible incompatibility between the pdnsd-ctl utility and the
 pdnsd server.

2009-10-18 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c
 Make root-server discovery a little more fault tolerant, i.e. if some
 of the root-server names don't resolve don't necessarily reject the
 whole result.

2009-10-17 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/servers.c,src/dns_query.c,src/dns_query.h
 Implemented automatic root-server discovery, which can now be configured
 by setting "root_server=discover".

2009-06-14 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c,src/consts.c,src/consts.h,src/conf-parser.c
 Changed the default behaviour of the "neg_rrs_pol" option. The default
 used to be to only cache records negatively in case the AA (authoritive
 answer) bit in the reply was set. The new default is to also allow
 negative caching in case the reply has the RA (recursion available) bit
 set and the query had the RD (recursion desired) bit set.
 This gives the behaviour that is usually wanted in case "proxy_only=on"
 is set without having to set "neg_rrs_pol=on", which can be more
 problematic. The new default can be explicitly set using
 "neg_rrs_pol=default". The values "on","off" and "auth" are also
 still available.

2009-06-13 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/conff.c,src/conff.h,src/dns_answer.c,src/conf-parser.c,src/conf-keywords.h
 Included a patch contributed by Andreas Steinmetz that implements a new
 global configuration option "ignore_cd". pdnsd used to check that the CD
 bit in the DNS header of queries is zero and return the error code
 "format error" if it is not. However, considering the meaning of this
 bit today it appears to be harmless to ignore it, so the new "ignore_cd"
 is on by default. Setting "ignore_cd=off" gives the earlier strict
 Also renamed the the Z1, AU, Z2 bits to correspond with their modern names
 CD, AD, Z.

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1.2.7-par release from the 1.2. series released 2008-08-31

Release information

2008-09-01 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c
 In p_dns_resolve(), try to reduce the burden on root servers further for
 names ending in "arpa".

2008-08-31 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c
 In p_exec_query(), if the reply from a remote name server is negative
 (either because the rcode is NXDOMAIN or because the answer section
 contains no records for the queried name), ignore the remaining records
 in the answer section (in particular do not add them to the cache).

2008-07-29 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/conff.c,src/dns_query.c
 Made the default of the configuration option query_port_start equal to
 1024. Also improved the algorithm used by pdnsd to select random source
 ports to ensure that each (free) port gets an equal chance of being
 selected. This should guarantee random source ports in the range
 1024-65535, making pdnsd less vulnerable to some of the issues described
 in CERT VU#800113.
 The old situation, where pdnsd lets the kernel select the source ports,
 is still available by specifying query_port_start=none.

2008-07-25 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c
 Fixed a dangling pointer bug in p_exec_query(), which could cause pdnsd
 to crash when processing a long reply with many entries in the answer

2008-05-12 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/conf-parser.c,src/conff.c
 Added a recursive-depth counter to the read_config_file() and
 confparse() functions to prevent the possibility of infinite
 recursion when processing include files.
 In confparse(), warn when in a server section the root_server option is
 set in combination with policy=simple_only or policy=fqdn_only.

2008-05-10 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/ipvers.h
 Included a patch contributed by Georg Schwarz which selectively undoes
 a Debian patch contributed by Juliusz Chroboczek on platforms for which
 the IPV6_RECVPKTINFO macro is not defined (e.g. MacOS X).

2008-05-08 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/status.c,src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c
 The pdnsd-ctl add command can now also be used to define NS records.
 A wildcard record defined with this command now behaves the same way as
 one defined in the config file.

2008-05-07 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/conf-parser.c,src/conf-keywords.h,src/conff.c
 Added the ability to process "include" sections in the configuration
 file. This makes it possible to place local definitions in separate
 files and include them from the main configuration file.

2008-05-05 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/conff.c,src/conf-parser.c,src/status.c,src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c
 Implemented two new pdnsd-ctl commands, which make it easier to add
 definitions to the pdnsd cache at run time. "pdnsd-ctl include" is
 similar to "pdnsd-ctl config" but only processes configuration sections
 that effect the cache and disallows global and server sections.
 "pdnsd-ctl eval" directly parses its string arguments as if they were
 part of a configuration (include) file.

2007-09-15 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns.h,src/dns_answer.c,src/dns_query.c
 Changed the declarations of various packed structs, by moving the
 __attribute__((packed)) specifiers from the field level to the struct level.
 This was necessary to get the correct value for sizeof(rr_hdr_t) when
 compiling with gcc for the ARM architecture.
 Thanks to Dirk Armbrust for reporting the problem and supplying the solution.

2007-08-10 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c
 Applied a Debian patch contributed by Juliusz Chroboczek which
 reportedly fixes a problem with pdnsd running in IPv6 mode

2007-08-04 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c
 When resolving a name recursively, pdnsd would stop querying further
 name servers as soon as it received a reply with the authority (aa) flag
 set. Unfortunately, it appears this flag is sometimes raised erroneously
 in replies. I have implemented a work-around that ignores the aa flag
 when there appears to be a clear delegation to a sub-domain.
 Thanks to Nico Erfurth for reporting this problem.

 It appears that pdnsd would also fail to consult servers in the authority
 section when configured with neg_rrs_pol=on. This has been fixed.

2007-08-01 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c
 Made the matching of pdnsd-ctl command names and most of the arguments

2007-07-22 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c
 Instead of sharing the responsibility for freeing the answer buffer in
 case of an error amongst different functions, only free it in

 *, src/, src/test/
 Merged patch contributed by Pierre Habouzit to deal with CFLAGS the
 automake way (allowing packagers to override CFLAGS properly).

2007-07-21 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c
 For each target name in a SRV record in the answer section, add
 addresses to the additional section of the response, as is recommended
 by the RFCs.

2007-07-14 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/list.c,src/list.h
 Made modifications to the implementation of dynamic arrays, which
 should ensure proper alignment on all supported architectures.

2007-07-10 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * Upgraded pdnsd's license to GPL version 3.

2007-07-08 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.h,src/dns_query.c
 The data field of the rr_bucket_t struct is now aligned such that
 it possible to use straightforward assignment to copy IP addresses,
 making memcpy unnecessary for this purpose.

2007-07-07 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c
 If pdnsd fails to connect to a name server using a IPv6 address, it will
 now retry the connection using a IPv4 address, if available. This allows
 pdnsd to recover from situations where IPv6 connectivity is temporarily
 unavailable, but IPv4 connectivity still functions.
 Thanks to Andreas Ferber for reporting this problem.

2007-07-04 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c
 I have reordered the arguments of the add_rr() and related
 functions to make them more consistent with each other.

2007-07-03 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c,src/hash.c
 pdnsd will no longer immediately abort in add_dns_hash() if it fails
 to allocate memory for a new hash entry.

2007-07-01 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/conff.c,src/conff.h,src/consts.c,src/consts.h,
 Implemented the new "reject", "reject_policy" and "reject_recursively"
 options for the server section of the configuration file.

 * src/ipvers.h,src/conf-parser.c,src/dns.c,src/status.c,
 Allow local AAAA records to be defined even if pdnsd is compiled
 without --enable-ipv6, provided there is sufficient support in the
 C libraries and --disable-new-rrs was not used.

2007-06-30 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c
 Previously, when the answer buffer was realloced in add_rr(), an
 extra 2 bytes used to be reserved, which are unnecessary, as far
 as I can tell. I have decided to do without these extra 2 bytes,
 which originate from Thomas Moestl's code. As compensation, I have
 added extra PDNSD_ASSERT() statements to check that the answer
 buffer does not overflow.

2007-06-27 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/status.c, src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c
 Extended the pdnsd-ctl 'add a' and 'add aaaa' commands to allow
 multiple IP addresses to be specified.

2007-06-25 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/conff.c,src/conff.h,src/conf-parser.c,src/conf-keywords.h,
 Implemented a new option for the server section of the configuration
 file: randomize_servers.

 * src/servers.c
 Improved the debug messages in uptest().

2007-01-30 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/icmp.c
 Fixed up the code implementing the ping test in icmp.c,
 which was broken for 64-bit systems.
 Thanks to Michael Uleysky for reporting this bug.

2007-01-09 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c
 auth_ok() now returns 1 if the cache entry has the DF_NEGATIVE flag set,
 without providing a list of authoritative servers to continue querying.
 Otherwise if we receive a non-authoritative NXDOMAIN reply and pdnsd
 is configured with neg_domain_pol=on, pdnsd will continue to try to
 get an authoritative answer. The intention is that pdnsd
 stops querying as soon as it gets an "unknown domain" answer.

2006-04-29 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/main.c
 pdnsd would segfault if it tried to call log_message() (via the
 log_warn() and log_error() macros) before the FILE pointer to the debug
 output stream was properly initialized.
 Thanks to Thomas Cort for discovering this problem and suggesting a fix.

2006-04-09 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/conf-parser.c,src/helpers.c,src/conff.h,src/conff.c
 I have included a patch contributed by Jan-Marek Glogowski, that
 implements the configuration option "use_nss". With use_nss=off pdnsd
 will avoid system functions that may use NSS (i.e. initgroups()), which
 may need DNS for LDAP lookups, which can lead to long timeouts and
 stalls if pdnsd itself is used for the DNS lookup.

2006-03-26 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c
 Negative caching of RR sets is now also supported with lean_query=off.

2006-03-25 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c,src/conf-parser.c,src/main.c
 I have implemented a new query method: udp_tcp. With this method a UDP
 query is tried first and, if the UDP answer is truncated, the query is
 repeated using TCP. This is the behaviour that seems to be recommended
 by the DNS standards. However, pdnsd wil not discard the truncated
 answer if the TCP requery fails.

2006-03-24 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c
 Previously, pdnsd would add at most one additional A (and AAA) record
 for each record in the answer and authority sections. At the request of
 Angel Marin, pdnsd will now add all A and AAA records it can find in the
 cache for each name that produces additional records.

2006-01-02 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c
 compose_answer() would leak memory if the query contained
 an unsupported QTYPE or QCLASS. This has now been fixed.

2005-12-27 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 TCP-query support is now compiled in by default.
 It can still be disabled using the configure option

2005-12-23 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c
 Queries received from clients with non-empty answer, authority or
 additional sections are now treated as malformed and rejected with
 rcode 1 (format error).

2005-11-06 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/conf-parser.c
 Time intervals in the configuration files can now be expressed in
 seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks, using the suffixes
 s,m,h,d,and w.

2005-10-14 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/consts.c
 In the pdnsd configuration file, true/false and yes/no are now accepted
 as synonyms for the constants on/off.

2005-08-24 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/helpers.c
 I have fixed a potential buffer overflow problem that could occur with
 the 'pdnsd-ctl dump' command.
 In case of the root domain, the function rhn2str() would write 2 bytes
 to the output buffer even if size==1. Theoretically (under pathological
 circumstances) this could have allowed the dbuf buffer in the function
 dump_cent() to overflow by one byte.

2005-08-21 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * acconfig.h,src/cache.c,src/conff.c,src/conf-parser.c,src/dns.c,

 It appears the newer versions of gcc won't convert a pointer to char
 into a pointer to unsigned char and vice versa without complaining.
 The changes I have made should get rid of these distracting warning
 messages. Unfortunately I had to introduce casts in some cases,
 which reduces type safety :-(.

2005-08-16 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns.h
 Some changes were made to the endianess detection code to
 address problems on Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger.

2005-08-15 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 Some changes where made to address the reported problems with the
 configure script on Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger.

2005-08-05 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/status.c,src/dns_answer.c
 The output of the 'pdnsd-ctl status' command now includes some
 statistics on the number of query threads.

2005-07-29 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/main.c
 It appears that sigwait() can return EINTR under certain conditions.
 This explains the problems reported by Sanjoy Mahajan with strace
 and ACPI S3 sleep, which both caused pdnsd to exit prematurely.
 The return value of sigwait() is now checked and sigwait() is retried
 if the return value is EINTR.

2005-07-04 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c
 It appears that some servers that do not support recursive queries
 answer with "query refused" instead of "not supported". The
 p_exec_query() function now takes that possibility into account.

2005-07-01 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c
 In the processing of queries, I will make a distinction between
 recoverable errors and non-recoverable ones (typically caused by out of
 memory conditions). In the case of non-recoverable errors, no attempt to
 query alternative name servers is made.

2005-06-26 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c
 In p_recursive_query(), as soon as one of the servers in the q list
 replied "no error" or "name error", only this reply was examined and
 the other servers in the q list were ignored. Joshua Coombs has brought
 to my attention that this strategy sometimes fails when this reply is not
 authoritative and doesn't contain any usable references to name servers
 in the authority section.
 I have modified p_recursive_query() to allow pdnsd to continue querying
 the remaining servers in the q list as long as we haven't received an
 authoritative answer or usable authority information. This will allow
 pdnsd to arrive at the correct answer in some cases where it would
 formerly fail.

2005-06-25 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/status.c
 The "pdnsd dump" command may now also be given an argument
 consisting of a name beginning with a dot. This will dump information
 about all names in the cache ending in the given name. An argument
 consisting of a name without a leading dot will only give information
 about the exact name, as it did before.

2005-06-24 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/servers.c,src/status.c
 All uptests are now conducted by the server status thread. If a retest
 is requested via a "pdnsd-ctl server", an existing server status thread
 is signaled or a new server status thread is spawned if the old one has
 exited. This has the effect that a "pdnsd-ctl server label retest"
 command will now return immediately without waiting for the tests to

2005-06-20 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/conf-parser.c,src/servers.c,src/servers.h
 At the request of Al-Junaid Walker I have added a new configuration
 option for the uptest interval. With "interval=ontimeout" the server is
 not tested at startup/reconfig, or at regular intervals, but only after
 a DNS query to a server times out. However, once a server is declared
 dead it is never considered again unless it is revived using a
 "pdnsd-ctl config" or "pdnsd-ctl server" command.

2005-06-19 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/servers.c,src/dns_query.c,src/icmp.c
 During an uptest the server configuration data is locked. Especially
 with ping or query uptests of unresponsive servers this means that the
 execution of "pdnsd-ctl config" or "pdnsd-ctl server" commands can be
 delayed for a long time (or even time out). I have made modifications
 that allow a "pdnsd-ctl config" or "pdnsd-ctl server" commands to
 interrupt pending uptests to allow these commands to proceed without
 delay in most cases.

 * src/thread.h
 Use the POSIX sigaction() instead of signal() to install signal handlers.

2005-06-08 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c,src/dns_query.c
 I have defined a struct dns_msg_t that includes a message length field.
 In the case of sending a DNS message over TCP, we no longer need a
 separate write() call to send the message length. This prevents possible
 packet fragmentation.

2005-06-07 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c
 The query_method=tcp_udp option only used to work with cooperative name
 servers, i.e. servers that either send back a TCP reply or explicitly
 refuse the TCP connection request. This wasn't sufficiently satisfactory
 in practice, because some name servers are completely unresponsive to TCP
 connection requests. I have made modifications to allow pdnsd to try UDP
 queries in case TCP connections time out. When a short server timeout is
 combined with a global timeout that is at least twice as long, this may
 allow a query to a name server that only responds to UDP queries to
 succeed with query_method=tcp_udp.

2005-04-20 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c,src/hash.c,src/conff.c,src/status.c,src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c
 The "pdnsd-ctl empty-cache" command now accepts additional arguments;
 these are interpreted as include/exclude names. During execution of the
 command the name of each cache entry is matched against the names in the
 include/exclude list. If the name ends in a name to be included, the
 cache entry is deleted, otherwise not.
 This feature was added at the request of Joshua Coombs.

2005-04-19 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c, src/hash.c
 pdnsd will now (temporarily) unlock the cache between emptying hash
 buckets, this should allow pdnsd to remain responsive while executing
 the "pdnsd-ctl empty-cache" command. However, this only applies to DNS
 queries; pdnsd will not accept any new pdnsd-ctl commands while a
 pdnsd-ctl command is still running.

2005-03-29 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 *, src/hash.h
 I have added a new configure option --with-hash-buckets=...
 This makes it possible to specify a different number of
 hash buckets without editing the source files.

2005-03-17 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/error.c
 When running in both daemon and debug mode, print warning and
 error messages to debug file as well as the syslog.

2005-03-15 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c
 Only call pthread_setspecific() in debug mode, because
 pthread_getspecific() is also only used in debug mode.
 If pthread_setspecific() fails, treat this as a non-fatal error.

2005-03-10 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 On Linux systems the configure script will now try to detect automatically
 whether the system implements the Native POSIX Thread Library, but
 the method is not necessarily foolproof.

 * src/dns.c
 Local PTR records generated for resolving numeric IPv6 addresses back into
 names, are now based on instead of, because the latter domain
 will be phased out eventually.

2005-03-06 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 Create an empty cache-file at install time and don't complain about empty
 cache files at start up.

2005-02-20 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * acconfig.h,,src/conf-parser.c,src/conff.h,src/dns.h,

 I have applied some changes to the code proposed by Rodney Brown to improve
 portability. In particular, pdnsd should now compile on the Darwin platform
 (Apple Mac OS X).
 To support some of these changes, the source package is now built with a
 slightly more modern version of autoconf (2.57) and automake (1.6.3).

2005-01-29 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns.c,src/dns_answer.c,src/dns_query.c

 I have added some extra debug code to make it easier to discover the
 reason that pdnsd considers a query or reply malformed (format error).

2005-01-12 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns.c,src/dns_answer.c,src/dns_query.c

 I have extended some debug code contributed by Kiyo Kelvin Lee to dump
 the data received by pdnsd in debug mode (queries from clients, replies
 from name servers). Because this will give very verbose debug output,
 I've arranged it so that this data dump only occurs if pdnsd has been
 configured and compiled with --with-debug=9 and pdnsd has been called
 with -v9.

 Additionally, in the case that pdnsd rejects a reply from a name server
 because it is not well formed, I have refined the debug messages to
 distinguish between format errors due to unexpected truncation and
 others kinds of format errors.

2004-10-30 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/rr_types.c
 I have included some changes proposed by Joseph Pecquet to address
 the compilation problems reported by FreeBSD users.

2004-10-18 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * acconfig.h,,src/helpers.c,src/helpers.h,src/dns.h
 I have merged a patch for CYGWIN support by Kiyo Kelvin Lee into
 my version of the code.

2004-10-15 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c
 Invalidating local records with the pdnsd-ctl did not work the way the
 documentation described. An invalidated local record would be always be
 purged at the next lookup, thus invalidation would practically have the
 same effect as deletion. An invalidated local record is of no use at all and
 would occupy space until it is purged during a lookup (but not by purge_cache).
 The function invalidate_record() now behaves as the documentation describes, i.e.
 invalidation of local records has no effect.

2004-09-27 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * doc/
 A new man page describing the format of the pdnsd config file has been
 added to the pdnsd package. I've used a customized Perl script to generate
 one automatically from the html documentation.

2004-09-14 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/hash.c
 The cache entries in a hash chain are now stored in order of increasing long hash
 value. The advantage is that if an name is looked up that is not present in the
 cache, this can be done by comparing with only half (on average) of the number
 of entries in the hash chain. Not a huge speed up, but still worth while, I think.
 Additionally, the number of hash computations for each add_cache() call has
 been halved.

2004-09-11 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c
 insert_rrl() will no longer add local records to the rr_l list, because
 purge_cache() ignores them anyway.

2004-09-08 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns.h,src/cache.c,src/dns_query.c,src/dns_answer.c,src/conf-parser.c
 I've started using GETINT16,GETINT32,PUTINT16,PUTINT32 macros, which are based
 on the NS_GET/NS_PUT macros that can be found in the BIND source, instead of memcpy
 for fetching and storing non-aligned integer data.

2004-09-08 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c,src/status.c,src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c
 New pdnsd-ctl command: "pdnsd-ctl dump" will print information about all the
 entries contained in the cache.
 "pdnsd-ctl dump <name>" will only print entries belonging to <name>.
 The data fields of the more common rr-types will be printed in human readable
 form, the remaining ones in a hexadecimal representation.
 With thanks to Dan Jacobson for suggesting this feature.

2004-08-31 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/conf-parser.c
 At the suggestion of Dan Tihelka, I have expanded to the server_ip= option
 to allow the name of an interface to be specified instead of an IP address.
 pdnsd will not bind to the interface name, but will lookup the address the
 interface has at start up, and listen on that address. If the address
 of the interface changes while pdnsd is running, pdnsd will not notice that.

2004-08-30 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.h,src/cache.c
 I've reversed the meaning of the CF_NOAUTH and renamed it CF_AUTH.
 I've also added a domain level flag DF_AUTH, which is used to
 mark cache entries obtained from authoritave replies in response to
 a query of type * (all)..

2004-08-30 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c
 I've changed the format of the cache file. A typical cache entry has empty
 sets for most RR types (even more if DNS_NEW_RRS is defined). In the old
 format, each empty RR set was represented by a zero byte.
 In the new format only non-empty sets are respresented, leading
 to a (modest) reduction is size.

2004-08-28 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/conf-parser.c
 New option for "rr" sections in the config file: reverse=on/off.
 If you want a locally defined name to resolve to a numeric address and vice
 versa, you can now achieve this by setting reverse=on before defining the
 A record, making it unnecessary to define a seperate PTR record for the reverse

2004-08-20 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.h,src/cache.c,src/conf-parser.c,src/dns_query.c
 At the request of Daniel Black, I have added support for defining local wildcard records
 in pdnsd. The only type supported presently is records beginning with '*.'.

2004-08-10 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/hash.c,src/cache.c,src/dns_query.c,src/dns_answer.c
 Sampo Lehtinen has remarked that pdnsd sometimes failed to resolve classless
 reversed-delegated IP addresses, and that this has something to do with the fact
 that pdnsd did not accept '/' characters in domain names. After reading Sampo's
 and Thomas' remarks, and also rfc2317 and some of the rfc's referenced in rfc2317,
 I decided pdnsd should place no restrictions at all on the types of characters it
 allows in domain names, only on the lengths of the byte sequences.
 This led me to make some quite extensive internal changes to pdnsd. Among other
 things domain names are now stored in transport format (sequences of bytes preceded
 by length bytes) instead of C strings. This is also more efficient because there
 is no need any more to convert from one representation to the other, except when
 reading the config file, interacting with pdnsd-ctl or running in debug mode.
 Conversion between the two representations isn't always possible, though.
 For example, domain names in transport format might contain non-printable characters.
 These are now printed as escape sequences (three octal digits preceded by a back slash).
 Presently there are still restrictions on the characters in the domain names that can
 be defined in local records. I doubt this will ever be considered a problem.

2004-08-02 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c
 The code for handling NXT records was flawed. A response from a remote server
 containing NXT records (even well-formed ones) could cause pdnsd to crash.
 The code for handling NAPTR records contained incorrect PDNSD_ASSERT statements,
 which could cause pdnsd to abort unnecessarily.

2004-07-25 Paul A. Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/list.h,src/list.c,src/dns.c,src/dns_query,src/dns_answer.c
 I've noticed that some of the (dynamic) arrays that pdnsd uses are quite sparse.
 Instead of using an array structure with elements that are large enough to contain
 the largest possible domain name, I've implemented a "list" data structure that
 is more compact. The elements of a list can only be accessed sequentially from
 beginning to end, but it allows more efficient memory use in case the names are
 significantly shorter that the maximum.

2004-07-22 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/conf-parser.c
 I've expanded pdnsd's configuration options by adding support in pdnsd for reading
 /etc/resolv.conf style files. Instead of specifying IP addresses in a server section,
 the option "file=<filename>" can be used.
 The IP addresses in the lines beginning with "nameserver" will be added to
 the list of address for that section, the remaining lines will be ignored.
 To avoid the possibility that pdnsd will query itself, local addresses are skipped
 (unless pdnsd is configured to listen on a different port number).

2004-07-21 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.h,src/cache.c,src/dns_query.c,src/conf-parser.c
 New option for "server" sections in the config file: root_server=on/off.
 In case a server section contains only addresses of root servers, which
 usually only give the nameservers of top level domains in their reply,
 setting root_server=on will enable certain optimizations. This involves using
 cached information to reduce queries to the root servers, thus speeding up
 the resolving of new names. This option is also necessary to make the
 delegation_only option work in combination with root servers.

2004-07-16 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c,src/status.c,src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c
 New pdnsd-ctl command: "pdnsd-ctl empty-cache" will make pdnsd delete its entire
 cache, freeing all entries. This is useful for debugging purposes, or in situations
 where you suspect that stale cache entries are causing you problems, but you are not
 sure which ones.

2004-07-11 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c,src/dns_query.c
 I've removed the use of the function add_cache_rr_add(), which was used to
 add additional RR records to the cache one at a time. I've changed the code
 in dns_query.c such that additional (or off-topic) records are first collected
 in arrays of dns_cent_t structures, and then added to the cache using add_cache().
 With this approach only one function, viz. add_cache(), is used for adding
 new entries to the cache, which I believe leads to a cleaner programming
 interface. Added benefit is that query serial numbers are no longer

2004-07-10 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.h,src/cache.c,src/dns_query.c,src/dns_answer.c
 I've added two new field to the dns_cent_t struct, namely c_ns and c_soa.
 These will be used to remember references to NS and SOA records in the authority
 sections of replies from remote name servers.
 This information can be used by pdnsd to fill in the authority section of its
 own reply.

2004-06-25 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c,src/servers.c,src/consts.c
 I've added an new server availability test which can be selected with "uptest=query".
 This can be useful as an alternative to "uptest=ping" in case the remote server does not
 respond to ICMP_ECHO requests at all, which unfortunately is quite common these days.
 "uptest=query" causes pdnsd to send an empty query to remote nameservers. Any well-formed
 response (apart from SERVFAIL) within the timeout period will be interpreted as a sign that the
 server is "up".
 In a sense this new availability test can actually be considered more reliable than the
 other ones that pdnsd supports.
 With thanks to Juliusz Chroboczek for suggesting this feature.

2004-06-24 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/helpers.c
 Don't use getpwnam() while we are multi-threaded, because it returns a pointer to
 a statically allocated structure. I will use getpwnam_r() instead, which is thread
 safe. Unfortunately there seem to be some portability problems with getpwnam_r().
 For those platforms that lack getpwnam_r(), I will keep the old code with getpwnam()
 as an alternative.

2004-06-23 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/servers.c
 Check that the number of IP addresses in a server section is nonzero before
 testing servers for availability. Otherwise pdnsd could crash in debug mode.

2004-06-21 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/conff.c,src/conf-parser.c,src/status.c,src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c
 New pdnsd-ctl command: "pdnsd-ctl config" will make pdnsd re-load its configuration file.
 In most cases (but there are still some exceptions) this is preferable
 to restarting pdnsd after making changes to the configuration file.
 An important advantage is that there should be no perceptible interruption in the dns service
 when using the reload command.
 An alternative config file can be specified with "pdnsd-ctl config <filename>".

2004-05-31 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c,src/dns_query.c,src/dns_query.h
 I've made an adjustment to p_recursive_query() and related functions, so that
 when pdnsd chases name servers in pursuit of authoritative records, it avoids
 all the name servers already queried for the same name in the recursive calling
 chain, not just the servers most recently used.
 Although the hops counter will already break any possible cycles, this will
 allow pdnsd to detect pathological cycles earlier and waste less resources.

 * src/cache.c
 In add_cache(), don't add empty entries to the cache. Empty cache entries
 waste memory and are more persistent than non-empty ones, because purge_cache()
 cannot get rid of them.

2004-05-30 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c,src/dns_query.c,src/icmp.c,src/netdev.c
 I've removed the calls to getprotobyname() and used the constants IPPROTO_TCP
 and IPPROTO_UDP instead. First of all, it doesn't seem very efficient to call
 a function repeatedly to look up the same well-known protocol numbers.
 More importantly, getprotobyname() stores its results in a statically-allocated
 structure and thus cannot be considered thread safe. (getprotobyname_r()
 is thread safe, but is not portable.)

2004-05-27 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c
 I've noticed that when pdnsd is restarted shortly after it has answered a TCP
 query, it is often not able to bind to the TCP socket again, resulting in a
 disabled TCP server thread. The solution appears to be to set the SO_REUSEADDR
 socket option before binding the socket. This allows you to use the same port even
 if it is busy (in the TIME_WAIT state).
 I found the code for this in a patch file from an old Debian package.

2004-05-20 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c
 Joseph Pecquet has reported that version 1.1.11 does not compile under FreeBSD v4.x
 because the macro ENONET is undefined. I've bypassed the problem by surrounding
 the case line using this value with conditional preprocessor directives.

2004-05-08 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/rc/Slackware/rc.pdnsd
 I've included a Slackware start-up script contributed by Nikola Kotur.

2004-05-05 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * doc/pdnsd.8
 I'm very grateful to Mahesh T. Pai for contributing a pdnsd man page,
 which was still missing up till now.

2004-04-30 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/servers.c,src/dns_query.c
 After considering some suggestions made by Juliusz Chroboczek I have made the
 following changes:

 - After receiving a reply from a remote server mark the server up and update the
 timestamp so that pdnsd doesn't bother testing this server for availability for a
 - After detecting an error with an send/recv call that indicates a server is
 unavailable, mark a server down so that pdnsd doesn't bother testing this server
 for a while.
 - After server timeouts, uptests are never performed by a query/answer thread,
 because this may delay the sending of an answer to the client. Instead the
 timestamp of a server that needs to be tested for availability is set to zero and
 a condition signal is sent to alert the server status thread, which will carry out
 the test. Unresponsive servers with uptest=ping will not be marked down
 immediately any more, but only after the ping test has definitely failed.

 * src/error.c,src/error.h
 I've moved most of the code previously contained in the DEBUG_MSG macro to a new
 function debug_msg().
 The DEBUG_MSG macro now simply expands to "if(debug_p) debug_msg();".
 This should make the executable a little smaller, and be just as fast when
 debugging is off. The DEBUG_MSG macro still expands to nothing if pdnsd is built
 without debugging support.

2004-04-28 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.h,src/dns_query.c
 I've tried to simplify the finite state machine used for processing parallel
 queries, by merging the "state" and "nstate" variables used by p_exec_query() and
 p_query_sm() resp. into one "state" variable.
 By introducing an extra field "iolen" to keep track of the number of bytes read
 from or written to a socket, I could also reduce the number of states for TCP
 queries. The new code has the additional advantage that it can handle situations
 that require multiple read() calls to receive a response.

2004-04-14 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c
 I've added an extra check comparing the number if poll/select events actually
 handled to the return value of poll/select. This should reduce the chance that
 pdnsd will get caught in a busy spin due to unknown remaining bugs. An error
 message is logged and an error code is returned when this comparison fails.

2004-04-13 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.h,src/dns_query.c
 I got rid of the event field in the query_stat_t struct.
 I think it is redundant, because its value can be quite simply derived from
 the nstate field.

2004-04-12 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c
 I appears there was flaw in the code for handling a "Not Implemented" response
 from a remote server with the RA (recursion available) bit equal to zero. This
 could cause pdnsd to get into a busy spin. I traced the flaw back to Thomas
 Moestl's code, so it must be in all the versions of pdnsd I know of. In previous
 versions of pdnsd the busy spin would eventually time out. Due to some recent
 changes the loop would no longer time out, making the bug more noticeable.
 With thanks to Nicolas George for reporting the bug.

 I also discovered a closely related flaw that would cause pdnsd to poll() closed
 file descriptors. It usually works out OK in practice, but it is definitively not
 the correct way to do it.

 Additionally, I discovered some opportunities to save memory, e.g. by replacing
 the nsname buffer in the query_stat_t struct by a pointer to an already existing
 copy of a name.

2004-04-10 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c
 Nicolas George remarked that he thought it was strange that subdomains of domains
 negated with "neg" sections in the config file were not also negated. I thought that
 he had a point, and I've implemented a change so that negating will
 now also negate,, etc.

2004-04-09 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/error.c,src/error.h
 I noticed that the code for the log_warn() and log_error() functions was almost
 identical, even to the point that log_warn() called syslog() with LOG_ERR
 priority. I've merged these two functions into one log_message() function.

2004-04-08 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/main.c,src/conf-parser.c
 The -4 and -6 command-line options should now work as advertised.
 This wasn't entirely trivial. The rule is that options on the command line
 override those in the configuration file. The easiest way to implement this is to
 process the command-line options after reading the configuration file. But this
 doesn't work for the -4 and -6 options, because the run_ipv4 flag determines how
 IP addresses in the config file are parsed. I've inserted some extra tests and
 warning messages that will hopefully make this setting nearly foolproof.

 I've added two new command-line options, "-a" and "-i <prefix>".
 With the -a flag pdnsd will try to detect automatically if IPv6 support is
 available on a system, and fall back to IPv4 if not. The -a flag can be used
 instead of -4 or -6.

 In IPv6 mode, pdnsd will now automatically convert IPv4 addresses to IPv6-mapped
 addresses. The -i option can be used to specify a prefix for this mapping. The
 default is ::ffff.
 There is also a corresponding ipv4_6_prefix= option for the config file.

 In IPv4 mode, if IPv6 support is compiled in, pdnsd will now skip IPv6 addresses
 in the config file (except for the server_ip and ping_ip options) with a warning
 message. This allows you to have mixed sets of IPv4 and IPv6 address in the same
 config file, although in IPv4 mode some server sections may become inactive.

 With thanks to Juliusz Chroboczek for suggesting these changes.

2004-04-07 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c
 I've changed some of the cache-flag definitions to make debugging a little simpler.
 Unfortunately, this makes the cache files of previous pdnsd versions incompatible
 with the new one. I've introduced a cache version identifier to be added at the
 beginning of each cache file. This enables pdnsd to recognize and discard
 incompatible cache files.

2004-04-05 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.h,src/cache.c
 I've changed the way CACHE_LAT (cache latency, normally 120 secs) is used to
 determine whether a cache entry has timed out. Instead of simply adding it to the
 ttl (time to live), I use CACHE_LAT if the ttl is less then CACHE_LAT, else the
 ttl itself, making CACHE_LAT the minimum ammount of time a cache entry stays in
 the cache.

2004-04-02 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c
 I've introduced a global timeout parameter. This is the minimum period of time
 pdnsd will wait after sending the first query to a remote server before giving
 up without having received a reply.
 The timeout options in the configuration file are now only minimum timeout intervals.
 Setting the global timeout option makes it possible to specify quite short timeout
 intervals in the server sections. This will have the effect that pdnsd will start
 querying additional servers fairly quickly if the first servers are slow to respond
 (but will still continue to listen for responses from the first ones).
 This may allow pdnsd to get an answer more quickly in certain situations.

 * src/dns_query.c
 When receiving a NXDOMAIN (unknown domain) response from a remote name server,
 I think it is still useful to process the authority and additional sections,
 so that pdnsd can possibly add a SOA record to its own response.

2004-04-01 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c
 In p_recursive_query(), I've slightly changed the way pdnsd does parallel
 queries. Active queries or not canceled until we have received a useful response
 from a remote name server, or all the queries have failed or timed out.
 Thus the par_queries parameter is no longer the maximum number of parallel
 queries, but rather the increment with which the number of parallel queries is
 increased when the previous set has timed out.
 In the worst case all the servers in the list of available servers will be queried
 simultaneously. We may be wasting more system resources this way, but the advantage
 is that we have a greater chance of catching a reply.
 After all, if we wait longer anyway, why not for more servers.

2004-03-31 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c
 I've noticed that in compose_answer() that while adding the name in the query
 section it was not passed through compress_name(). While it is true that the
 first name occurrence cannot be compressed, it is still sensible to process the
 query name with compress_name() so that the offset can be stored and provide
 additional opportunities for future compressions.
 I've tested this with dig and the responses of pdnsd are now usually a little
 smaller in size or can hold more information within the 512 byte limit.

2004-03-30 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c
 I've noticed that pdnsd stored rr records (of the same type) in reverse order
 in the cache.
 Although I don't see anything inherently wrong with that, I think it's neater to
 store them in the order they are processed.

2004-03-29 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c
 I've rearranged the order of the arguments of some of the functions in cache.c
 to obtain a more consistent calling interface.

 * src/dns_answer.c
 I've noticed that pdnsd would only add NS records to an authority section if it could
 find such records matching the queried name (or the last CNAME in the answer) exactly.
 However, I understand that a server should try to give NS records as close as possible
 to the target name in the naming hierarchy.
 I also understand that if a domain name is reported as nonexisting, or no record of
 the requested type exists, it is customary to provide a SOA record, searching up the
 name hierarchy if necessary.
 I've tried to implement this in compose_answer(), although with some limitations.
 I only look in the cache, I don't search more then three levels up, and stop before
 the top level.

2004-03-28 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c,src/dns_answer.c
 There were some issues with add_cache_rr_add().

 First of all, the way it was used in rr_to_cache() (or rather not used) meant
 that if an "off topic" record was added for a name that lacked an entry in the
 cache, the rr set would be created with an incorrect serial number (namely zero).
 I've rewritten add_cache_rr_add so that it can create new cache entries if necessary.
 This simplifies the code in rr_to_cache() and ensures correct serial numbers.

 Secondly, in add_cache_rr_add() the ttl was compared with that of an existing rrset
 without adjusting for the min_ttl and max_ttl options. This could lead to all the
 previous records being deleted, retaining only the last one.

2004-03-27 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c
 In compose_answer(), if the rd (recursion desired) bit is set in the query
 and the response contains a CNAME record (while a different type of record was
 requested), always do a recursive query on the CNAME, even if we have already
 added a record of the requested type to the response.
 Failing to honor the rd bit will cause some resolver libraries to complain,
 even if the answer contains a record of the requested type.

 I've slightly changed the calling interfaces of add_to_response() and add_rrset()
 to make them more consistent and efficient.

 In add_rrset() I've fixed a memory leak on one of the error paths.

 In add_additional_rr(), the return value of add_rr() was not checked.
 If add_rr() fails, it will free *ans, and functions higher up the calling
 chain could be referencing freed memory.

 I've fixed a potential referencing of freed memory or double freeing in add_additional_a().
 If a call of add_additional_rr() fails, it will free *ans.
 Previously, add_additional_rr() could be called a second time, in which case
 the second call would be referencing freed memory or freeing it a second time..

2004-03-23 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 *, src/,src/pdnsd-ctl/,src/test/
 Frédéric L. W. Meunier has reported that configure --srcdir option (for building
 in directory separate from the source directory) was broken.
 Should be fixed now.

2004-03-20 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c,src/dns_query.c,src/helpers.c,src/icmp.c,src/main.c,src/netdev.c,src/ipvers.h,src/test/if_up.c,src/test/is_local_addr.c,src/test/tping.c,src/test/random.c,src/conf-parser.c
 I've eliminated the global variable run_ipv6 from the code.
 Enabling both the IPv4 and IPv6 protocols at the same time is not supported
 in pdnsd, so the value of run_ipv6 (if it is defined) is simply !run_ipv4.

 * src/dns.c,src/test/is_local_addr.c,src/test/tping.c
 It appears the option to compile pdnsd without IPv4 support (i.e. only IPv6
 support) was broken. Should be fixed now.

2004-03-19 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c
 I've discovered an incorrect use of cache locks in lookup_cache().
 We only read locks in place, it is possible for purge_cent() to delete a cache
 entry while another thread is trying to read it at the same time, which could
 lead to trouble. I've rewritten purge_cent() so that it can be used to test
 whether something needs to be purged without actually deleting anything.
 If something needs to be deleted, purge_cent() will be called again with
 the proper read/write locks in place, excluding access to the cache for all
 other threads.

2004-03-18 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c
 I've added a new function sort_rrl() for sorting the rr_l list using a merge-sort
 algorithm. Usually the insertion sort used by insert_rrl() is good enough, because
 new entries belong near the end most of the time. Reading entries from disk forms
 an exception, though, because the rrsets in the file are completely out of order
 w.r.t. timestamps, leading to quadratic time complexity of the insertion sort method.
 In that case it should be faster to simply append items at the end of the rr_l list
 and sort using a more efficient algorithm afterwords.
 pdnsd now seems to start up noticeably faster when reading large cache files.
 I've also considered using a more sophisticated data structure than a doubly linked
 list, but this will add considerable complexity to the code and use more memory.

2004-03-13 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c
 Changed a declaration in udp_answer_thread() so that the buffer used for passing
 control messages on to sendmsg() is exactly the right size, instead of an arbitrary
 512 bytes.
 Also initialized the msg_flags of the struct msghdr passed on to sendmsg() to zero,
 to keep Valgrind from complaining about uninitialized bytes.

2004-03-12 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/icmp.c
 Fixed an incorrect call to select() in ping4(). A file descriptor set for detecting
 exceptions was initialized but not passed on to select(). This would lead subsequent
 code always to behave as if an IO exception had occurred.
 Valgrind seems to indicate that when a poll() call times out and returns 0,
 the revents field of the struct pollfd is not necessarily set.
 I've changed the code to check that the return value is > 0 before examining the
 revents field.

2004-02-06 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/conf-parser.c,src/conf-parser.h,src/conf-keywords.h
 I've rewritten the parser for the configuration file in C from scratch.
 (f)lex and yacc/bison are no longer needed to build pdnsd.

2004-01-16 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/main.c
 Load the cache from disk without locking cache access because pdnsd
 is still single-threaded at that point.

2004-01-15 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c,src/hash.c
 Moved the responsibility for freeing the cache entries referred by
 the hash buckets from destroy_cache() to free_dns_hash() (which is called
 by destroy_cache()). Previously, the cache and hash tables were already
 completely destroyed by the time free_dns_hash() was called, and there was
 nothing left for free_dns_hash() to free.

2004-01-14 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/hash.c,src/make_hashconvtable.c
 The hash conversion table is now generated at build time instead
 of at run time when pdnsd is started up.

2004-01-13 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns.c
 In add_host() fixed incorrect generation of IPV6 type of name for PTR record
 due to use of && instead of & as masking operator.

2004-01-13 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/icmp.c, src/dns_answer.c
 Use unsigned long instead of int error counters to reduce the danger
 of wraparound.

2004-01-06 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/main.c,src/thread.c,src/thread.h,src/server.c,src/status.c,src/dns_answer.c
 Initialize a global thread attribute object in main.c and use it to create all the detached
 threads, instead of initializing a separate attribute object for each new thread.

2004-01-06 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c
 Check the return value of pthread_create() in udp_server_thread()
 and tcp_server_thread() to ensure that a new answer thread has actually
 been created and free resources if not.

2004-01-04 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/helpers.c,src/cache.c,src/conff.c,src/status.c
 Stop writing to control socket after an error has been detected.

2004-01-03 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c
 Tried to make the error messages of pdnsd-ctl more helpful.
 The complete usage description is now only printed if the 'help' command
 is used. For problems with other commands a much shorter message is generated
 specific for that command.

2004-01-02 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/helpers.h
 Changed the definition of rhnlen(). For valid data this will make no difference,
 but it may change the behaviour of pdnsd in certain error situations.

2004-01-02 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns.c
 Optimized compress_name() some more.

2004-01-02 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c
 Additional code cleanup in compose_answer().

2004-01-01 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * doc/pdnsd-ctl.8
 Updated the pdnsd-ctl man page.

2003-12-31 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c
 Cleaned up some code.

2003-12-31 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/status.c,src/conff.h,src/conff.c
 Some further code cleanup in status.c.
 Labels for server sections are no longer limited to 32 chars,
 but can have arbitrary length. The string that is used to specify
 new DNS-addresses with the "pdnsd-ctl server" command can now also
 have arbitrary length.

2003-12-30 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * doc/html/doc.html
 Added information about CNAME and MX resource records, that were
 previously undocumented.

2003-12-26 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c
 Removed the function p_dns_resolve_from(). This function was essentially
 a call to p_recursive_query() with a dummy nocache argument.
 p_recursive_query() can now be called with nocache=NULL instead.

2003-12-26 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c
 Using a variable length array instead of an malloced buffer to hold the struct pollfd array
 in p_recursive_query(). This has the potential for causing portability problems, but I
 think that's unlikely because almost all the major C compilers I work with support variable
 length arrays nowadays.

2003-10-18 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/helpers.h,src/helpers.c
 Fixed a mistake that caused a compile error when using the --with-random-device
 configuration option.
 Thanks to Daniel Black for reporting this bug.

2003-10-02 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 Made the "delegation_only" feature configurable.

2003-09-25 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/helpers.c,src/helpers.h
 Added alternative implementations of strdup, strndup, stpcpy, getline and asprintf
 in an effort to make the code more portable.

2003-09-22 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/helpers.c,src/conf-parse.y
 Made some changes to the parser of the configuration file so that domain names
 missing a dot at the end will be tolerated.

2003-09-21 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c
 Implemented a first version of the "delegation-only" feature.
 It has been "hard-coded" to work for "com" and "net" zones,
 and is not yet configurable.

2003-09-21 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns.c
 Rewrote domain_match(). Also changed the way it is used.
 I believe it has a cleaner semantics now.

2003-09-21 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c
 Changed the order of the arguments of p_exec_query() and p_recursive_query()
 to make it more consistent with the other functions.

2003-09-18 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c
 Reordered the code in process_query() so that a buffer for an error response is
 allocated only when it is actually needed.

2003-09-17 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c
 Added parentheses to correct mistaken operator precedence assumption in cache.c.
 !cent->flags&DF_NEGATIVE is parsed as (!(cent->flags))&DF_NEGATIVE but I think
 what Thomas Moestl must have intended was !((cent->flags)&DF_NEGATIVE).

2003-09-12 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c
 Fixed a mistake which caused the effect of the proxy_only option to be reversed.
 Thanks to Andrew M. Bishop <email address hidden> for reporting this bug.

2003-09-11 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/helpers.c
 Rewrote str2rhn() and rhn2str().

2003-09-10 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns.c
 Rewrote read_hosts(), the function that reads /etc/hosts-style input.
 I believe the parsing algorithm is more robust now.

2003-09-09 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/status.c,src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c
 Fixed a bug (my fault) that caused improper passing on of flags for the
 pdnsd-ctl source command.
 Also reordered some of the code, so that data is validated after all of it
 has been read from the control socket. This should prevent a "broken pipe"
 error message if data validation fails.
 Also fixed the reporting of success or failure of the pdnsd-ctl "neg" command.

2003-09-08 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/list.c
 Rewrote da_grow1() and da_resize() so that they automatically allocate an array
 if given a NULL argument. This makes the use of da_create() redundant in most cases.

2003-09-08 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/conf-parse.y,src/servers.c
 At the suggestion of Greg Norris, I changed the code to allow server sections in the
 configuration file that don't specify any IP addresses. Such a section will remain
 inactive until one or more IP addresses are assigned with the control utility pdnsd-ctl.

2003-09-04 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c,src/dns_query.c
 Oops: in my zeal to declare variables in the smallest possible scope, I ended up
 using a pointer to a struct that was out of scope. My understanding of compilers tells me
 it should work out OK in practice, but it is definitely a no-no.
 Used a union declared in a larger scope instead (which is ugly in another way,
 but equally efficient).
 Also removed a section of redundant code in udp_server_thread().

2003-09-01 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c
 Corrected the iteration range of a for loop in p_dns_cached_resolve(), which would
 otherwise cause an array to be indexed out of bounds in the function set_flags_ttl().

2003-08-31 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c
 Added cleanup handlers for freeing the resources passed on to udp_answer_thread() and
 tcp_answer_thread(). This should ensure the resources are freed even if the threads get

2003-08-30 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c
 Revised large portions of code in src/cache.c, used for adding and deleting entries in
 the cache. In particular, I rewrote purge_cache(), which I believe was incorrect.
 I wouldn't be surprised if this was the cause of the crashed (defunct) threads that some
 people were reporting.
 Also fixed some memory leaks.

2003-08-28 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c
 Eliminated the overhead of allocation debugging in the case that ALLOC_DEBUG is not defined.

2003-08-24 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/conf-parse.y
 No longer allow certain settings of the query_method option in the configuration file
 if pdnsd is not compiled with the necessary support.
 Thanks to Nikolaus Rath <email address hidden> for reporting the bug.

2003-08-23 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/netdev.c
 Fixed a bug in is_local_addr() where the result of fgetc(f) is restricted to type char
 before being compared to EOF, which can result in the comparison always being false.
 Thanks to Gerhard Tonn <email address hidden> for reporting the bug.

2003-07-28 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * doc/html/index.html,doc/html/doc.html,doc/html/dl.html,doc/pdnsd-ctl.8,contrib/README
 Revised the documentation.

2003-07-21 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/main.c,src/status.c,src/icmp.c
 Setting stat_pipe=0 after opening or binding the control socket fails.
 This should prevent further use of the control socket if a problem with
 it has been detected previously.
 Also properly initialized the global variable int ping_isocket in src/icmp.c

2003-07-13 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/main.c
 Polished the code in main().

2003-07-04 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/helpers.c,src/dns_answer.c,src/dns_query.c
 Eliminated the use of inet_ntoa() in favor of the more modern inet_ntop().
 inet_ntop() makes more sense in threaded code and is also recommended in
 the glibc info pages.

2003-07-03 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c
 Fixed an allocation size error (not mine) in p_exec_query().
 The erroneous size is almost always larger than necessary, so in practice this bug
 just wastes memory. But there is also a possibility that the allocated buffer is too
 small, which would mean trouble.
 Also fixed two memory leaks on some of the error paths in p_exec_query().

2003-06-28 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * acconfig.h,,src/thread.h
 Extended the configuration option --with-thread-lib.
 Configuring with --with-thread-lib=linuxthreads2 will cause the alternative
 definition of THREAD_SIGINIT suggested by Thomas Moestl to be used.

2003-06-27 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/consts.h,src/consts.c,src/conff.c,src/conf-parse.y,src/dns_answer.c
 Added two new configuration options for policies of inclusion/exclusion lists.
 The new policies options are "simple_only" and "fqdn_only".
 This allows me to control to which name servers pdnsd will direct queries for
 simple host names.
 I also polished the code a bit in report_conf_stat(), used for reporting the current configuration.

2003-06-20 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * acconfig.h,,src/thread.h,src/thread.c
 Added a configuration option --with-thread-lib=nptl.
 This causes the macro THREAD_SIGINIT to be defined as empty in src/thread.h,
 and thread_sig() in src/thread.c is never used.

2003-06-11 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/thread.h
 Undid the change to the definition of THREAD_SIGINIT suggested to me by
 Thomas Moestl, after receiving a report of a problem with this change
 from someone running SuSE 7.0.

2003-06-06 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c:
 Discovered that I failed to preserve the semantics of Thomas Moestl's code
 when I rewrote a section of code in use_server(). Fixed.

2003-05-19 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c,src/,src/conf-parse.y,src/conff.h,src/dns_answer.c,src/dns_query.c,src/servers.c:
 Merged fixes contained in patch file sent to me by Thomas Moestl with my own version.
 Changing the version to 1.1.8b1 as suggested by the patch file.

2003-02-26 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * pdnsd-1.1.7a-par.diff:
 Made one big patch file from all the changes I made up till now.
 Wrote a description of the changes in a file README.par
 Posted patch file on the web so others can use it.

2003-02-24 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c
 Changed the code that writes the cache to disk.
 Data is now written strictly sequentially, eliminating the need for fseek().
 This seems to have successfully solved the problem I had with corrupt cache files.

2002-05-27 Paul Rombouts <email address hidden>

 * ChangeLog:
 Started experimenting with the source code.
 Made many changes between 2002-05-27 and 2002-07-13.
 Too lazy to maintain the ChangeLog.

2002-01-06 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * version: Call it 1.1.7.

2002-01-04 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c, src/dns_query.c:
 Comment and debug message fixes, more assertions.

2002-01-03 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/dns.c, src/dns_answer.c, src/dns_query.c:
 More harmless fixes, correct some comments and debug messages, add more

 * NEWS, version: 1.1.7p2, correct NEWS entry.

 * src/helpers.c:
 Make sure the calling thread of pdnsd_exit() terminates immediately.

2002-01-02 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c, src/helpers.c, src/icmp.c:
 Fix a few more harmless bugs, more paranoia.

 * src/status.c: Fix yet more, probably harmless, problems.

2002-01-01 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/dns.h, src/dns_answer.c, src/dns_query.c:
 Fix a few more possible buffer size problems, and add a bunch of
 assertions as last lines of defence.

2001-12-30 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/dns.c: Build fix (include error.h).

 * NEWS, version: Call it 1.1.7p1, and add a NEWS entry.

 * TODO: Reduce TODO to what actually is still needed.

 * src/dns.c, src/error.h, src/helpers.c:
 Add a bunch of robustness PDNSD_ASSERT()'s.

 * src/dns_query.c:
 Fix a bug which may possibly be remotely exploitable to gain access as
 the user pdnsd runs as.
 This was caused by a dumb single-character mistake :(

 * doc/,
 Avoid confusing automake 1.5 by not putting a comment into a make rule.
 Fix CONFDIR passing.

 Submitted by: GoTaR <email address hidden>

 * src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c:
 Avoid crashing when the buffer contents received using the status command
 are not terminated.

2001-10-14 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/rc/SuSE/, THANKS:
 Fix the stop case for the SuSE rc script: killproc requires the full
 path of the binary as argument (reported by Bernhard Pelz).

2001-09-23 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 Revamp the OS autodetect test. OpenBSD and (hopefully) NetBSD are no longer

 * src/helpers.c, THANKS:
 Do not try to use arc4random when compiling for NetBSD (submitted by
 Thomas Stromberg).

2001-09-10 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * COPYING.BSD: s/REGENTS/AUTHOR/ in one place.

 * src/cache.c:
 It is possible no record of the requested type is present after calling
 cr_add_cent_rr_int() (when the record was marked as being local), so
 check before dereferencing the pointer to the respective rrset.
 Leave the record unmodified when cr_check_add() returns 0.x

2001-07-26 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/rc/RedHat/
 Add a workaround for @sysconfdir@ substitutions containing ${prefix}.
 Spotted by Robert Linden.

2001-07-04 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/rc/RedHat/
 Add a condrestart handler to the Red Hat rc script, and do some general
 cleanup. Contributed by Christian Engstler.

2001-07-02 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/error.h:
 Attempt to detect a gcc that cannot yet handle ANSI variadic macros,
 and work around this by using the old GCC-style variant.

 * src/conff.c:
 Remove a + at the start of a line that got in when merging a diff by

 * src/servers.c: waitpid() returns a pid_t.

 * src/dns.c:
 It's sizeof, not sizof. This should unbreak the IPv6 build. Also silence
 some warnings with appropriate casts.

 * NEWS, version: Call it 1.1.6, and add a NEWS entry.

2001-07-01 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/, src/conf-parse.y, src/conff.c, src/conff.h, src/dns_query.c, THANKS, version, AUTHORS:
 Added a modified version of Andreas Steinmetz's code for
 query_port_start and query_port_range, and added him to AUTHORS and

2001-06-23 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c:
 Fix a bogon: deleted would not be reset correctly in the first
 purge_cache loop, which could cause pdnsd to loop forever when a
 negative record was after a deleted rr.

2001-06-21 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/list.h:
 Add (currently unused) list macros that are going to be used in future

 * src/cache.c:
 Fix a bogon in the rw lock code: we need to wake up a writer if there
 are no readers. The old code was a leftover from a time when
 SUSP_THRESH was just r_pend * x.
 Fix a typo.

2001-06-13 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * AUTHORS: Add mention of FreeBSD code to AUTHORS.

 * src/netdev.c:
 Add SIZEOF_ADDR_IFREQ (taken from FreeBSD: _SIZEOF_ADDR_IFREQ, net/if.h
 rev. and add an appropriate copyright notice.
 The reason for this is that other BSDs don't have it, and we are not
 supposed to use underscored macros in portable software.

2001-06-12 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/icmp.c: Fix double #inclusion of <netinet/ip.h>.
 Noticed by Sebastian Stark.

2001-06-08 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c, THANKS:
 Allow underscores in the query names reported back, as the comment next
 to the decompress_name call already indicated (but the call gave NULL
 as the uscore parameter, which disables underscores normally).
 Add Michael Ströder, who spotted this, to THANKS.

2001-06-06 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/servers.c, THANKS:
 Fix a bug discovered by Stefan Erhardt (and add him to THANKS): the
 return value of waitpid was misinterpreted.

2001-06-04 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 *,, version:
 Bump version to 1.1.6p1; wire up COPYING.BSD so that it gets included
 in RPM's and tarballs.

 Add the BSD-Style copyright notice so that it can be included in binary

2001-06-03 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/dns.c, src/dns_answer.c, src/dns_query.c, src/helpers.c, src/status.c, NEWS, version:
 Bump version to 1.1.5, and add a NEWS entry for this release.

 Miscellaneous cleanups, mainly in the status.c code; fix a bug that
 could cause heap corruption (rhncpy always clobbered the whole buffer,
 but only the needed space was reserved in add_rr). This should solve
 the crashes some people were seeing (this bug is not an exploitable
 security hole as far as I know; the respective buffer is on the heap,
 as mentioned).

 * src/error.c:
 Paranoia: do not use the argument to crash_msg as a format string
 (crash_msg is only used with constant strings, though).

2001-06-02 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/dns.c, src/dns.h, src/dns_answer.c, src/dns_query.c, src/error.h, src/hash.c, src/helpers.c:
 Correct underscore handling for SRV records, and a few comment fixes.

 * src/cache.c, src/conff.c, src/dns_query.c, src/error.h, src/helpers.h, src/status.c:
 Numerous non-critical argument fixes for printf-like functions.

 * src/dns.c: Remove superfluous \n's.

 * src/conf-parse.y, src/dns_answer.c, src/status.c:
 Correct some DEBUG_MSG nits, and fix two format string bugs. One of
 them could allow users that are allowed to use pdnsd-ctl with the
 server (when the status socket is enabled) to gain the privileges of
 the user that runs (the run_as user or the user that started pdnsd on
 Linux when strict_setuid is set to off) pdnsd. The status socket is
 disabled by default, and if it is enabled, it's default permissions
 are quite restrictive, so this isn't a problem for most.

2001-05-30 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/status.c:
 Make the status permissions actually work (missed last time).

 * src/dns_answer.c, src/main.c, src/status.c, src/status.h:
 Move the status socket initialization to a place where it gets executed
 before any threads are started; this way, we can use umask to set the
 permissions, and avoid a (in this case harmless, but anyway) race
 While being there, remove obsoleted comments and places referring to
 the now-socket as fifo.

2001-05-29 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c:
 Replace a misuse of CF_LOCAL with DF_LOCAL. This had no effect, because
 the values are the same.

2001-05-22 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/hash.c, src/helpers.c, THANKS, acconfig.h,
 Add an option for allowing underscores (_) in domain names. This
 violates the RFC's if enabled (which it isn't by default).
 Thanks to Eelco Vriezekolk for an initial patch.

 While being there, clean up and acconfig.c a bit.

 * src/helpers.c, src/status.c:
 Add a few comments about security implications.

 * src/cache.c, src/dns_answer.c, src/dns_query.c, src/helpers.c:
 Change some occurences of strcpy to strncpy. Again, no risk here, the
 buffer lentgh was carefully chosen, and while the data was partially of
 remote origin, it was carefully validated before entering the cache (and
 thus having a chance of being used by us).
 3 occurences remain: 2 in cache.c, where we allocate a sufficient amount
 of memory before (mimicking the non-portable strdup) and one where
 we copy a constant and which is obviously correct.

 * src/dns.c:
 Change two occurences of strcat to strncat. Again, no risk here, the
 buffer lentgh was carefully chosen, the data was validated and supplied
 by the starting user.

 * src/dns.c:
 Change a sprintf to a snprintf and enlarge a buffer a bit. This is pure
 paranoia (alrhough makes code review easier for others), because a.) the
 lengths were carefully chosen so that no overrun could occur and
 b.) this was locally supplied data.

2001-05-21 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/rc/RedHat/
 Add a missing semicolon in the RedHat rc (discovered by
 Christian Engstler).

2001-05-19 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * HACKING: Remove the mostly outdated HACKING file.

 * src/debug.c:
 Catch a corner case in the allocation debug helpers: realloc() with a
 size of 0 is effectively a free operation. To my knowledge, this is
 not done in the pdnsd sources, however.

 * src/test/
 Use the correct error function, forgotten in last commit.

 * src/test/, src/test/, src/test/
 Misc small improvements in the regression test scripts, mostly
 adding configuration variables and common error handlers.
 Comment a little on the tests that are done in

 * src/rr_types.c: Fix a typo in a comment.

 * src/cache.c, src/debug.c, src/dns_answer.c, src/dns_query.c, src/error.h, src/hash.c, src/list.c, src/main.c, src/status.c, src/thread.c, src/thread.h:
 New ANSI variadic debug macros (finally), which print a timestamp and
 a thread ID now for easier debugging with many parallel queries.
 It should be considered to make those inline functions instead. However,
 we have the advantage that we use printf in place here and benefit
 from parameter checking without specifying obscure function attributes.

 * src/rc/SuSE/.cvsignore, src/test/.cvsignore, src/rc/.cvsignore, src/rc/Debian/.cvsignore, src/rc/RedHat/.cvsignore, contrib/.cvsignore, doc/.cvsignore, src/.cvsignore, src/pdnsd-ctl/.cvsignore, .cvsignore:
 Brush up the rotten (pre-autoconf!) .cvsignore files and add some where

2001-05-17 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/rc/RedHat/, src/rc/RedHat/,,
 Red Hat rc script and RPM improvements by Christian Engstler.

2001-05-12 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c:
 Fix a place missed when converting rr_info.

 * version: It's 1.1.4, finally.

 * src/rr_types.c, version:
 Change some class values in the rr type structure to better values.
 Bump beta version.

2001-05-10 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c, src/dns_answer.c, src/dns_query.c:
 Fix a signedness bug that could cause erraneous 0 ttls to be returned.
 Add some debug messages, and do some minor fixups.

2001-05-09 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c, src/rr_types.c:
 Fix some bugs in the new conflict resolution code and make it more

 * src/cache.c, version:
 Add conflict resolution code. This needs a bit more checking, and
 the tables might still need to be tweaked.
 Bump version.

 * src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c, src/, src/cache.c, src/cache.h, src/, src/conf-parse.y, src/conff.c, src/conff.h, src/consts.c, src/consts.h, src/debug.c, src/dns.c, src/dns_answer.c, src/dns_answer.h, src/dns_query.c, src/dns_query.h, src/error.c, src/error.h, src/hash.c, src/hash.h, src/helpers.c, src/helpers.h, src/icmp.c, src/icmp.h, src/list.c, src/main.c, src/netdev.c, src/netdev.h, src/rr_types.c, src/rr_types.h, src/servers.c, src/servers.h, src/status.c, src/status.h, src/thread.c, src/thread.h,, version:
 Remove the old infrastructure that theoretically could have allowed for
 multiple cache subsystems. This ability was never used, and if it should,
 the caching should probably be split into two layers, a higher level
 common one and the actual caching backends.
 src/cacheing/cache.c and src/cacheing/native/*.[ch] were repo-copied to
 Substitute "conf.h" with <conf.h> for includes.
 Purge records a little more often (when adding records, and when
 retrieving from the cache). Handle cache_size properly when using
 Introduce some infrastructure in rr_types.[ch] for a record conflict
 checker which is to be introduced shortly to enforce cache consistency
 even in the purge_cache=off case.

2001-05-04 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/rc/RedHat/, src/rc/SuSE/, src/rc/Debian/
 Revert the last commit. It breaks the rc scripts by spamming them with
 make style variable expansions.

 * src/rc/SuSE/, src/rc/RedHat/, src/rc/Debian/, AUTHORS, THANKS:
 Fix a rc script bug spotted by Frank Elsner, and add him to AUTHORS and

2001-05-01 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * version: Bump version to 1.1.4p2.

 * src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c, src/status.c:
 Fix some bogons and remove some unneeded code in the pdnsd-ctl
 Fix spelling and line length bugs.

2001-04-30 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c, src/conf-parse.y, src/status.c:
 Some corrections for the authrec config file and the pdnsd-ctl noauth

 * src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c:
 Fix wrong argv index (using getopt changed the indices).

 * src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c, src/, src/conf-parse.y, src/conff.c, src/conff.h, src/dns.c, src/dns.h, src/dns_query.c, src/status.c, THANKS, version, AUTHORS:
 Accumulated changes that should go in before 1.1.4:
 - merge Andrew M. Bishop's patch that adds a server label option
 - make local records authoritative for the domain by default, and add
   the authrec option to change this
 - add the auth keyword to the pdnsd-ctl source option to support that
 - fix a bug in the conf-parse.y grammar causing a shift/reduce conflict
 - sync up AUTHORS and THANKS: add Andrew M. Bishop, Kevin A. Burton and
   Michael Steinl
 - bump version to 1.1.4p1

 * src/conff.c, src/main.c:
 Fix two small bugs: the wrong element of argv was used for the pidfile
 option, which could cause pdnsd to segfault, and C_INCLUDED was always
 used in slist_add, regardless of the tp parameter.

 * src/helpers.c:
 Fix a bogon discovered by Michael Steiner: the fread() return value
 was tested against bytes, not the number of items.

 * src/hash.c, src/hash.h, src/cache.c:
 purge_cache used to walk over the cache quite inefficiently when it was
 called from add_cache. Add a lazy mode for purge_cache which uses the
 rrset_l to be efficient in this special case.
 Add some #ifdef'ed-out-by-default code to debug the hash function.

2001-04-12 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * NEWS: Add NEWS entry for 1.1.3.

 * src/dns.c, src/helpers.c, src/icmp.c, contrib/, contrib/README, version:
 IPv6, ICMP and build fixes. It's 1.1.3 now!

 * src/debug.c, src/debug.h: Add the new debug support files.

 * src/test/, src/cache.c, src/cache.h, src/error.h, src/list.c, src/list.h, src/main.c, src/status.c, src/status.h, src/, src/conf-parse.y, src/conff.h, src/dns.c, src/dns_answer.c, src/dns_query.c:
 Add allocation debug support. Some small cleanups before the upcoming
 1.1.3 release.

 * src/dns_query.h, src/helpers.c, src/list.c, src/conff.c, src/dns.c, src/dns_answer.c, src/dns_query.c:
 Lots of small bugfixes, cleanups, style and spelling fixes.

 * src/test/ Fix nc arguments.

 * src/test/, src/test/, src/test/
 Add regression test scripts.

2001-04-11 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c, src/cache.c, src/servers.c, src/dns_answer.c, src/helpers.c, src/helpers.h, src/icmp.c, src/main.c:
 Further cleanups and bug, style and spelling fixes.

 * Use -g again in the CFLAGS for a while.

 * version: Beta version bump.

 * src/rc/SuSE/
 killproc does not seem to take the full path, but only the process name
 (which is what one would expect).

 * src/hash.c, src/netdev.c, src/rr_types.c, src/status.c, src/conf-parse.y, src/conff.c, src/helpers.c:
 Misc. smaller fixes, and fixes on the new features. Also clean up style
 and spelling in some places.

 * src/dns_answer.c:
 Bring the glibc pthread_cleanup_push/pthread_cleanup_pop return bug
 workaround into the main tree.
 Without this, a return between those two macros would cause pdnsd
 to crash on system using a glibc between 2.1.2 and 2.2.2 (and possibly
 others). This could e.g. be cause by a TCP connect() port scan.

2001-04-10 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c:
 Minor fixes, direct error messages to stderr.

 * src/list.c, src/list.h: Add the new list implementations.

 * src/cache.c, src/cache.h, src/conf-parse.y, src/dns.c, src/dns_answer.c, src/dns_query.c, src/helpers.c, src/helpers.h, src/
 Introduce rhnlen and rhncpy and make use of it instead of kluged-up
 strcpy/strlen in the appropriate places.
 Check that incoming names contain only legal characters in
 decompress_name, return RC_FORMAT otherwise (this would result in
 wrong handling only, but not in a security hole).
 Reorganzie compose_answer and make it more correct for multiple
 questions. Get rid of the algorithm that tries to add a higher
 level name server; this might be readded in another place somewhen.
 Use some more da_* instead of hand-built lists.
 Some style cleanups.

 * src/rc/RedHat/
 Add K45pdnsd links for rc6.d (reboot) and rc0.d (halt) following a
 suggestion by Stas Sergeev.

2001-04-06 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c, src/cache.h, src/error.h, src/helpers.c, src/helpers.h, src/main.c, src/servers.c, src/status.c, src/conf-parse.y, src/conff.c, src/conff.h, src/dns.c, src/dns.h, src/dns_answer.c, src/dns_query.c, src/, version:
 Bump alpha version; introduce a generic dynamic array type and make use
 of it to ged rid of some ugly casts and redundant code.
 Minor fixes.

 * src/icmp.h, src/ipvers.h, src/conff.h, src/consts.h, src/dns.h, src/dns_answer.h, src/dns_query.h, src/helpers.h:
 Use macros without an underscore as first character to protect the
 headers. Underscores are reserved and should not be used in the
 application name space.

 * src/error.h: Add PDNSD_ASSERT, change style a little.

2001-04-03 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/hash.c, src/netdev.c, src/servers.c, src/helpers.c, src/icmp.c, src/main.c:
 Another slew of small bugfixes, minor updates and small fixes.

 * src/rr_types.c, src/consts.c:
 Update rr_types.c copyright date, consts.c should have a rcsid string.

 * src/rr_types.c: cvs add rr_types.c.

 * src/dns.h, src/helpers.h, src/ipvers.h, src/rr_types.h, src/status.h, src/conf-parse.y, src/conff.h:
 cvs add rr_types.h that got missed before, update copyright dates,
 remove some old config cruft, some minor fixups.

 * src/conff.c, src/consts.c, src/dns_answer.c, src/error.c, src/, src/conf-parse.y:
 Update copyright dates, fix some minor bugs. Update copyright dates.
 cvs add missed consts.c.

2001-03-28 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c, src/hash.c, src/error.c, src/servers.c, src/dns_answer.c, version:
 Bump version to 1.1.3p4
 Fix some non-critical locking issues (none of them could be fatal).
 Adjust copyright dates.

 * src/hash.c: Make the hash compare case insensitive.

2001-03-25 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * contrib/ Add Id tag to

 * src/cache.c, src/dns_answer.c, src/icmp.c:
 Some more type fixes overlooked in last commit.

 * src/conf-parse.y, src/conff.h, src/dns.h, src/dns_answer.c, src/dns_query.c, src/icmp.c:
 More type cleanups. Use time_t for time specifications throughout, and
 make lengths singed longs. Cast cleanup in icmp.c to fix alpha
 unalinged access faults.

 * contrib/dhcp2pdnsd, contrib/, contrib/, contrib/, contrib/README,, version,
 It's 1.1.3p3 now.
 Change the contrib infrastructure: there is a in contrib/
 now. Rename Marko Stolle's to and bring
 it up to date (adding the rc script and

 * src/helpers.c, src/dns.c, src/dns_query.c, AUTHORS, THANKS:
 Bring in Bjoern Fischer's changes to make pdnsd conserve the case of
 cached names, and add him to AUTHORS and THANKS.

 * The gdbm backend is discontinued.

 * src/cache.c, src/hash.c:
 Cleanup and small bugfixes of the cache code (esp. locking).

 SuSE fixes by Christian Engstler.
 Add him to AUTHORS, THANKS.

2001-03-14 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c:
 Fix a bug that could cause servers that were not used in the first
 parallel query not to be used at all (failure would be returned

2001-03-13 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/icmp.c: Add define for ip_p equivalent on Linux.

 * src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c, src/cache.c, src/dns_query.c, src/icmp.c, src/status.c, src/conf-parse.y, src/dns_answer.c, version:
 Bump alpha version, more alignment fixes. All casts should be correct

2001-03-12 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c, src/dns_query.c, AUTHORS, THANKS:
 Add the alpha fixes by P.J. Bostley, and add him to THANKS and AUTHORS.

2001-03-10 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/dns.h, src/helpers.h:
 Remove prototype for removed function strtolower.
 Use unit16_t and uint32_t instead of unsinged short/long for dns
 protocol structures.

2001-02-25 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c, src/status.c, src/, src/conf-parse.y, AUTHORS,, version:
 Add MX and CNAME for rr sections in the config file and MX setting
 for pdnsd-ctl.
 Typo fixes.

 * src/netdev.c: Two more fixes.

 * src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c, src/cache.c, src/dns.c, src/main.c:
 More small robustness fixes.

 * src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c, src/netdev.c, src/status.c, src/status.h, src/conf-parse.y, src/helpers.c, src/main.c,, version,, NEWS:
 A batch of robustness fixes. Move the status socket to the cache
 directory. Various cleanups.
 It's 1.3 now (hopefully to be released soon).

2001-02-21 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/main.c, src/
 Fix breakage of the -mtu option and the query_method option (the parser
 would not recognize constants that contained underscores).

2001-02-20 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * contrib/README, contrib/, AUTHORS,, THANKS,
 Add Marko Stolle's DHCP update script, add him to THANKS,
 and bring a contrib/ directory in place.

2001-02-15 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c,, version:
 Some minor build & misc fixes. Bump version to 1.1.2a and release a
 version with the spec file fixes to get proper Red Hat RPM's.

2001-02-09 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * NEWS: Bring NEWS up to date.

 * src/icmp.c: Do not close the socket on error.

 * Add spec file fixes for man pages by Sourav K. Mandal

2001-02-07 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * version: It is now 1.1.2.

 * src/dns_query.c, src/main.c,, THANKS:
 Fix a too strict length checking that could cause SERVFAIL to be returned
 when the server returned NXDOMAIN. Add Markus Storm to THANKS (he has
 reported this bug and supplied helpful information).
 Minor tweaking in main.c.
 Remove emptying of GZIP_ENV in (this normally contains --best).

2001-01-27 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 Add Michael Wiedmann to AUTHORS and THANKS for his pdnsd-ctl.8 man page.

 * doc/, doc/pdnsd-ctl.8,,
 Add the pdnsd-ctl man page contributed by Michael Wiedmann. For this to
 build in a correct way, add doc/ and move all doc and
 pdnsd.conf.sample related stuff in there.

2001-01-25 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/main.c: Removed unneeded for the non-O_NOFOLLOW case.

2001-01-24 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/main.c:
 Add a fchown and a fchmod to the new non-O_NOFOLLOW case (not yet used).

 * src/conf-parse.y, src/main.c, src/status.c: Misc small fixups.

 * version: It's called 1.1.1 now.

 * src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c, src/status.c, src/main.c:
 Fix command line parsing. Add code to securely create pid files under
 OSs that do not support the O_NOFOLLOW flag (those OSs are not supported
 yet, though).
 Fix a possible race condition in socket creation/chmod. We now create
 a directory in /tmp (or whatever TEMPDIR was set) to hold the socket.

 * src/dns.c, src/dns_answer.c, src/icmp.c, src/main.c, src/status.c:
 Another slew of copyright notice upgrades.

 * version,
 Bump beta revision, fix typo (missing $) in

 * src/dns.c, src/dns_answer.c, src/status.c:
 Silence BSD compile time warnings.

 Cleanup, add autoconf code for building pdnsd on FreeBSD-CURRENT with the
 new additionally-linked libc_r.

2001-01-16 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c, src/icmp.c, version:
 Bump beta revision, fix a comment. Also, generate ping id's using pdnsd's
 random wrappers instead of using rand() for paranoia.

2001-01-15 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/helpers.c, Improve wording.

 * src/helpers.c: Update copyright year (forgotten in last commit).

 * src/dns_answer.c, src/helpers.c, src/main.c, acconfig.h,, version:
 Bump versions. Small fixes (move socket intitializations from
 udp_server_thread to init_udp_sockets to prevent warning when startup
 takes long.
 Make arc4random an option for a query id RNG and make it the default
 on FreeBSD.

2000-12-07 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/conf-parse.y, src/main.c, version:
 We are at 1.1.1p1. Removed the exec-uptest security warning printef if no
 explicit user is given in the strict_setuid case (it is not needed there,
 and confuses users).

2000-11-28 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c, src/helpers.c:
 Converted cache locks to use condition vars and have lock contention
 prevention. Added comments where not converted.

2000-11-25 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 Added spec file patches by Bernd Leibing and added him to AUTHORS and

2000-11-21 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/rc/SuSE/ Fixed a hopefully last SuSE rpm build bug.

 * src/rc/SuSE/
 Another one: allow rc.conf manipulation to fail for a clean
 rpm build (SuSE only).

 Last-minute fix: correct filelist for rpm build to reflect the new name
 for the sample configuration.

 * version: It's 1.1.0 now.

2000-11-18 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c, src/cache.c, src/dns_query.c, version:
 Fixed a condition where the cache code did not give up a lock.
 Made the udp code use connect().
 Some small changes.

2000-11-16 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * version: Calling it 1.1.0b3.

2000-11-15 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/test/, src/pdnsd-ctl/, src/cache.c, src/, src/dns_answer.c, src/error.h, src/icmp.c, src/icmp.h, src/main.c, src/netdev.c, src/servers.c, src/thread.c,,, version:
 Enabled new rr support by default (some resolvers don't seem to like not
 supported answers - not our bug, but well).
 Made some globals volatile to avoid being bitten by optimisations.

2000-11-12 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * TODO, version: Called it the first beta.

2000-11-11 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c, src/, src/conf-parse.y, doc/
 renanmed rrneg to neg in the config file.
 Misc small fixes.
 pdnsd-ctl record xxx inval will now also invalidate local records.

 * src/, src/conf-parse.y, src/dns_answer.c, src/status.c,
 Added --sysconfdir=/etc as argument to configure in the spec file.
 Implemented the new rrneg config file section.

 * src/test/, src/pdnsd-ctl/, src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c, src/cache.c, src/cache.h, src/status.c, src/status.h, TODO:
 Added the neg option to pdnsd-ctl.

 * src/cache.c, src/, src/, src/consts.h, src/dns.c, src/dns.h, src/dns_answer.c, src/dns_query.c, src/helpers.c, src/main.c,
 Assorted fixes. The new features should be stabilized by now, will
 integrate the missing few features now.
 Also actived the tcp server by default.

2000-11-07 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c, src/dns_query.c, src/icmp.c, src/ipvers.h, THANKS, TODO:
 Fixed a possible memory and socket leak reported by Erich Reitz.
 Implemented udp source address discovery for FreeBSD.

 * src/dns_query.c: Part 2 of yesterdays fix.

2000-11-06 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c, version:
 Fixed a bug reported by Erich Reitz: pdnsd could leak fd's and memory if
 queries timed out.

 * src/cache.c, src/cache.h, src/, src/dns_answer.c, src/dns_query.c, TODO,
 Sorted out some bugs for the new neg cacheing.

2000-11-05 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c, src/dns_query.c, TODO:
 Negative cacheing support is now present, but largely untested.

 * src/conff.c, TODO:
 The output of pdnsd-ctl status is now complete with all currently
 supported options.

 * src/conf-parse.y, src/conff.c, src/conff.h, src/consts.h, src/
 Added the config file options for the nefative cacheing support.

2000-11-04 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c, src/cache.h, src/conf-parse.y, src/dns.c, src/dns_query.c, src/status.c, version:
 The new cache infrastructure for negative cacheing is in place.
 Using and testing it remains.

 * src/cache.c, src/cache.h:
 First changes to support negative cacheing. This should not break
 anything, but the cache file format will be incompatible.

 * src/main.c, src/dns_answer.c:
 init_udp_socket() and init_tcp_socket() are now called after
 daemonizing on FreeBSD, as bind wants to lock the fd which
 can cause later calls to fail after an exit.

2000-11-03 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c, src/icmp.c, src/servers.c:
 Minor bugfixes and repository cleanup.

2000-11-02 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/icmp.c, TODO, version:
 Called it 1.0.16p4. Fixed some compatability problems with the new code;
 the ipv4 implementation seems to be fairly stable, the ipv6 one needs
 some testing with dest unreach messages.

 * src/icmp.c, src/main.c:
 Rewrote large parts of the ping implementation to be more portable.

2000-11-01 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * acconfig.h,, version:
 Some config fixes, version to 1.0.16p3. SOCKET_LOCKING should be
 off by default, as sendmsg can block.

 * src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c, src/error.h,
 Removed -W* arguments from CFLAGS that were implied by -Wall.

 * src/thread.c,
 Added some more safety tests to, and made it give
 an error on some conditions. Also made configure do poll and usleep

 * src/cache.h, src/test/, src/dns_answer.c, src/error.c, src/error.h, src/helpers.c, src/main.c, src/servers.c, src/status.c, src/thread.c, src/thread.h, src/
 Code cleanup. Beautified some macros, and moved the thread
 specific things from error.[ch] over to the new thread.[ch].
 Also introduced usleep_r which tries to be thread safe for
 different Unices.

2000-10-31 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl, src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl.c:
 The pdnsd-ctl binary got into cvs. Fixed that.

 * src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl, src/cache.c, src/cache.h, src/error.c, src/helpers.c, src/main.c, version:
 Another set of FreeBSD compatability patches. This seems to catch
 most of the problems, and pdnsd should be useable with libc_r now.

2000-10-30 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl, src/conff.c, src/dns_answer.c, src/dns_query.c, src/helpers.c, src/icmp.c, src/main.c, AUTHORS,, THANKS,, version:
 FreeBSD fixes, mostly contributed by Roman Shterenzon.

2000-10-25 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/pdnsd-ctl/, src/pdnsd-ctl/pdnsd-ctl:
 pdnsd-ctl was not in cvs.

 * src/dns_query.c, src/error.h, Some fixups for 1.0.15.

2000-10-23 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c, src/dns_query.c,
 Several fixes for pdnsd to work better when it receives error replys.

 * src/dns.c, src/dns_answer.c:
 Fixed another memory leak on an error path in dns_answer.c and did
 a pointer signedness fixup in dns.c

2000-10-21 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c, AUTHORS:
 Applied a patch by Paul Wagland that fixes some spelling mistakes
 and some memory leaks on error paths.

 * src/dns_query.c, src/, src/conf-parse.y, src/conff.c, src/conff.h, src/dns_answer.c, NEWS, version:
 Bug fixes. Added the randomize_recs option and turned it on
 by default.

2000-10-20 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/helpers.c, src/dns.c, src/dns_query.c:
 Fixes for the paranoid option to work with root servers

 * src/dns_query.c, src/dns.h, src/dns_answer.c, AUTHORS, THANKS:
 Applied a patch by Paul Wagland for bind9-compatability and added
 him to AUTHORS and THANKS.

2000-10-19 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c, NEWS, version:
 Another POLL_* fix. It is now called 1.0.14.

 * src/dns_answer.c, src/dns_query.c, src/icmp.c: BSD build fixes.

 * src/dns_query.c:
 Made p_recurdive_query return immediately if a query returns

 * src/dns_query.c,
 Some bugifixes. It is now called 1.0.13. Releasing.

 * src/cache.c, src/dns_query.c, AUTHORS, NEWS:
 Updated AUTHORS and NEWS. Made destroy_cache() lock the cache so
 that no thread can access the cache afterwards (could lead to

 * src/helpers.c, NEWS, THANKS:
 Integrated a security fix contributed by Olaf Kirch: when
 changing user IDs, pdnsd did not reinitialize the supplementary
 group list, meaning that the process still had the privileges
 of the supplementary groups the original user was member of.

 * src/, src/conf-parse.y,, TODO, version:
 Introduced the par_queries option.

 * src/dns_answer.c, src/dns_query.c, TODO:
 Updated TODO, did some fixups for string handling.

 * HACKING: Added HACKING with some comments about coding style.

2000-10-18 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c, src/dns_query.c, src/error.h, src/main.c, TODO:
 Revieved and fixed the new dns_query.c-poll/select loops.

 * src/test/tping.c, src/dns_query.c, src/icmp.c:
 Fixed the new poll/select ping support.

2000-10-17 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_query.c, src/icmp.c, TODO:
 Got rid of the O_NONBLOCK loop in the icmp.c ping implementation.
 Beta tesing pending.

 * src/rc/Debian/, src/conff.c, src/conff.h, src/dns_query.c, src/dns_query.h, THANKS, TODO, acconfig.h,
 Corrected the Debian rc script (bug reported by Michael Müller).
 Got rid of the nonblocking socket things in dns_query.c, and
 using poll/select now.
 Testing (esp. --no-poll) remains.

 * src/dns_answer.c:
 Got rid of O_NONBLOCK read loops in dns_answer.c, using poll/select
 now instead (after one issue about boundaries was cleared up).

2000-10-16 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/rc/SuSE/, src/rc/RedHat/, src/rc/Debian/
 The generated rc scripts do not need to be in the distribution.

 * src/conff.c, src/main.c:
 Fixed a server structure members in conff.c. Only delete the socket
 if we are in status pipe mode now.

 * src/, src/conf-parse.y, src/conff.c, src/conff.h, src/dns_answer.c, src/dns_query.c, acconfig.h,
 Added the --enable-tcp-subseq and --with-tcp-qtimeout configure
 options, added the tcp_qtimeout conf file option, tested things.
 1.0.12 is ready for release.

2000-10-15 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c, TODO, acconfig.h:
 Added TCP timeouts to the answer code. Still need an option in the
 conf file and documentation for that (besides beta testing).

 * src/, src/conf-parse.y, src/conff.c, src/conff.h, src/consts.h, src/dns_query.c, src/helpers.c, src/helpers.h, NEWS, TODO:
 Introduced domain inclusion/exclusion lists in the server section
 (new options include=, exclude=, policy=).

2000-10-14 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/, src/conf-parse.y, src/conff.c, src/conff.h, src/dns_answer.c, src/main.c, NEWS, TODO, version:
 Upped version, updated NEWS and TODO and implemented a process
 count limit.

2000-10-13 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/rc/Debian/, src/main.c:
 Added the --pdnsd-user option, and made the Debian rc script
 use it rather than trying to parse the config file itself.

2000-10-11 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/rc/SuSE/pdnsd, src/rc/SuSE/, src/rc/RedHat/pdnsd, src/rc/RedHat/, src/rc/Debian/pdnsd, src/rc/Debian/, AUTHORS, THANKS,
 Added the 'configure'-able rc scripts contributed by Carsten Block
 and added him to THANKS and AUTHORS.

 * src/main.c:
 Added O_NOFOLLOW to the pidfile open() call (if it is defined)
 to prevent users creating files as the pdnsd user (using links)
 if the admin put the pidfile in a world-writeable directory
 against all good advice.
 This is not a bug fix! Admins were not, and are still not supposed
 to put the pidfile in a directory that is writeable for untrusted

2000-10-10 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * THANKS: Added Milan P. Stanic to THANKS.

 * src/main.c:
 Fixed a missing O_WRONLY in the open() call for pidfile operation.

2000-10-08 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/, src/dns.c, src/dns_answer.c,, version, acconfig.h:
 Released 1.0.11.
 Two security fixes in dns.c and dns_answer.c, and misc. smaller issues.

 * src/, src/conf-parse.y, src/dns_answer.c, src/dns_query.c, src/icmp.c, src/servers.c, AUTHORS, THANKS, TODO, acconfig.h,, version:
 1.0.10 was released some time ago ;-)
 This had some IPv6 fixes.
 Also fixed minor bug when using SOCKET_LOCKING.

2000-08-28 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/dns_answer.c: Fixed a parameter mismatch in getsockopt()

 Applied Sourav K. Mandal's rpm build patch to the toplevel

2000-08-27 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/, src/conf-parse.y, src/consts.h, src/servers.c, version:
 Added diald support. It's now called 1.0.9.

 * src/conf-parse.y, src/conff.c, src/netdev.c,
 Fixed some ugly typos in conf-parse.y and netdev.c.
 Since I have no further bug reports and these bugs make some
 things inconvenient, I will release 1.0.9 immediately.

2000-08-26 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * small spec fix.

 * NEWS, Last fixups for 1.0.8. Released it.

 * Set mode and owner for cache file.

 * src/conf-parse.y, src/dns_answer.c, src/netdev.c, acconfig.h,, version:
 Misc fixes. Hopefully fixed the UDP socket problems under Linux SMP.

2000-08-20 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c, src/dns_answer.c, AUTHORS, THANKS,,, version:
 Build fixes by Alexandre Nunes, spec fixes (does now set distro for
 configure), first attempt at an "error in udp send"-fix, and fix
 for a problem with having records for the root domain in the disk
 cache file.

2000-08-13 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/netdev.h, src/servers.c, src/status.c, src/, src/conf-parse.y, src/conff.c, src/conff.h, src/consts.h, src/dns.c, src/dns.h, src/main.c, src/netdev.c, AUTHORS, THANKS:
 Some minor fixes. Integrated the ppp device patch by Ron Yorston.

2000-08-12 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * was missing in repository. Also removed debugging
 flag for build.

 * src/main.c: Made the pid file handling safe for directories.

 * src/dns.c: Part II of the last fix.

 * src/dns.c:
 Fixed a nasty bug in decompress_name which would produce errors very
 rarely. That was a off-by-one bug, but on the safe side (no overflow,
 stopping one by too early).

 * src/main.c:
 Fixed several possible problems with strncat(). None of these was
 critical or involved remote data.

2000-08-08 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/main.c: Changed FreeBSD signal latency to 250 ms.

 * src/main.c, acconfig.h:
 A set of last-minute FreeBSD fixes. pdnsd does now NEED linuxthreads on

2000-08-07 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * version: It's now called 1.0.7.

 * src/main.c, doc/, Misc build&BSD fixes.

 * src/conff.c, src/conf-parse.y, version:
 Version set to the hopefully last beta. Fixed the proxy_only option.

2000-08-05 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/rc/SuSE/, src/rc/RedHat/, src/rc/Debian/, src/, src/conf-parse.y, src/conff.c, src/conff.h, src/dns_query.c, src/status.c, doc/,, TODO:
 Added the proxy_only options. Some build fixups.

2000-07-30 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/rc/SuSE/, src/rc/RedHat/, src/rc/Debian/, src/rc/, src/main.c, src/status.h, AUTHORS, INSTALL,, TODO, version:
 Many small fixups for 1.0.7.

2000-07-29 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/rc/SuSE/, src/rc/RedHat/, src/rc/Debian/, src/rc/README, src/status.c, src/servers.c,, TODO, acconfig.h:
 Assorted fixes.

 * src/cache.c, src/hash.c, src/dns.h, src/dns_answer.c, src/dns_query.c, src/icmp.c, src/ipvers.h, src/servers.c, src/servers.h, src/status.c, src/status.h, src/, src/, src/conf-parse.y, src/conff.c, src/conff.h, src/dns.c, AUTHORS,, THANKS:
 Big heap of updates and fixes. Incorporated build changes from Sourav
 K. Mandal and pcmcia SCHEME support by Stephan Boettcher.

2000-07-22 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/rc/Debian/pdnsd:
 Applied a patch by Markus Mohr to his debian rc script, which I had
 broken in some way.

2000-07-21 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * src/cache.c, src/main.c, src/status.c, src/status.h:
 Worked on the new status socket (pdnsd-ctl) option.

 * src/, version: Upped version, fixed

 * src/cache.c, src/hash.c, src/hash.h, src/cache.h, src/, src/, src/conf-parse.y, src/conff.c, src/conff.h, src/dns.c, src/dns.h, src/dns_answer.c, src/dns_query.c, src/dns_query.h, src/helpers.c, src/helpers.h, src/ipvers.h, src/main.c, src/status.c, src/status.h, AUTHORS,, THANKS, acconfig.h:
 Updated AUTHORS and THANKS. Merged in patches by Sourav K. Mandal
 and Lyonel Vincent.

2000-07-20 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * doc/pdnsd.conf: Added pdnsd.conf. Well...

 * src/dns_query.c, src/dns_query.h, doc/pdnsd.conf:
 Added some ommited files.

 * src/test/, src/test/if_up.c, src/test/is_local_addr.c, src/test/random.c, src/test/tping.c, src/rc/SuSE/, src/rc/SuSE/pdnsd, src/rc/RedHat/, src/rc/RedHat/pdnsd, src/rc/Debian/pdnsd, src/rc/, src/rc/README, src/, src/, src/conf-parse.y, src/conff.c, src/conff.h, src/consts.h, src/dns.c, src/dns.h, src/dns_answer.c, src/dns_answer.h, src/error.c, src/error.h, src/helpers.c, src/helpers.h, src/icmp.c, src/icmp.h, src/ipvers.h, src/main.c, src/netdev.c, src/netdev.h, src/servers.c, src/servers.h, src/status.c, src/status.h, doc/,, acconfig.h,,
 Checked in the pdnsd files at their new locations.

 * doc/pdnsd.conf, Makefile,, cache.c, cache.h, conf.l.templ, conf.y, conff.c, conff.h, config.h.templ, consts.h, dns.c, dns.h, dns_answer.c, dns_answer.h, dns_query.c, dns_query.h, error.c, error.h,, hash.c, hash.h, helpers.c, helpers.h, icmp.c, icmp.h, ipvers.h, main.c, netdev.c, netdev.h, pdnsd-redhat.spec.templ, pdnsd-suse.spec.templ, servers.c, servers.h, status.c, status.h, version:
 Removed the moved files. Will add the new ones soon.

2000-07-16 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * TODO: New tasks in TODO.

2000-07-15 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * TODO:
 Updated TODO: Autoconf support was contributed by Sourav K. Mandal

 * conff.h, dns_query.c, ipvers.h, cache.c:
 Fixed some minor bugs and a showstopper in cache.c that caused
 crashes in some situations.

2000-07-12 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * dns_query.c, error.c, error.h, main.c:
 Made pdnsd ignore SIGPIPE, which seemed to be responsible for some
 Accept (grudgingly) SOA rr's where NS ones would be The Right Thing.

2000-07-10 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * AUTHORS, THANKS, conff.c:
 Updated AUTHORS, THANKS, and the fprintfs for the status pipe in

 * TODO, config.h.templ, dns.h, dns_answer.c, dns_query.c, dns_query.h, main.c, version:
 Added UDP queries and gave the user the choice between TCP and UDP
 queries (UDP is the default now). Made the TCP server optional.
 Fixed a authoritative record handling bug. Added pidfile support.

2000-07-07 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * doc/pdnsd.conf:
 Inserted run_as="nobody"; again, it is The Right Thing and people
 should use it.

 * Makefile:
 The pdnsd cache directory is now created as nobody, since the
 default run_as in the example pdnsd.conf is also nobody.

 * doc/pdnsd.conf:
 Commented the run_as option out (people may run into permission

 * version: Upped version to 1.0.5

 * AUTHORS, THANKS, conf.l.templ, conf.y, conff.c, conff.h, dns_answer.c, icmp.c, icmp.h, main.c, version:
 Folded in the server_ip option code as contributed by Wolfgang Ocker
 and extended it to IPv6. Fixed a bug in IPv4 ping in IPv6 mode.

2000-07-06 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * cache.c, dns_query.c:
 Killed a bug which could cause crashes with more than 2 servers.

 * cache.c: Fixed a bug reported by Bert Frederiks that would break the
 serve_aliases option when only one character was between official
 name and alias in the /etc/hosts-style file.

2000-07-04 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * pdnsd-suse.spec.templ: The SuSE spec now uses the new makefile rule.

 * Makefile, THANKS, dns_query.c, helpers.c, version:
 Added people to THANKS, fixed a bug that caused uppercase hosts/
 rr-section entries to be ignored in the cache, fixed the SuSE
 makefile for pdnsd to run_as nobody, and other small fixups.

2000-07-03 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * dns_answer.c:
 First change after release of 1.0.4: The questions received
 are now properly written into the debug file when starting
 with -g -d.

 * config.h.templ, dns_query.c:
 Fixed a possible way to get around paranoid restrictions.

 * version: Set version to 1.0.4

 * doc/pdnsd.conf: Added an entry for the paranoid option.

 * cache.c, config.h.templ, dns_answer.c, dns_query.c, ipvers.h:
 Revisions and fixups. The complete code revision is now complete.

2000-06-29 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * dns_query.c: Overhaul.

 * dns_answer.c, dns_query.c, config.h.templ:
 Code overhault continued. dns_answer.c is finished.

2000-06-27 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * conff.c, dns_answer.c, icmp.c, netdev.c, servers.c, status.c:
 Continued code overhaul. Fixed several bugs, and simplified some

 * conf.l.templ, conf.y, conff.c, ipvers.h, version: Fixups.

2000-06-26 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * hash.c: Revised; fixed a minor bug.

 * cache.c: Overhauled.

 * dns_query.c, error.c, helpers.c, helpers.h, ipvers.h, main.c, version, dns.c:
 Manual code overhaul. Numerous small patches, greatly simplified

2000-06-25 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * config.h.templ:
 Made the C random() RNG the default (using /dev/urandom, we suck up
 too much randomness on high load).

 * error.c, error.h, icmp.c, icmp.h, main.c:
 Small cleanups. Makes the testsuite compilation easier.

 * Makefile, config.h.templ: Preparing for release of 1.0.4.

2000-06-24 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * Makefile, THANKS,, dns_answer.c, dns_query.c, error.c, version:
 Fixed bugs with the paranoid option, connect() timeout handling, and
 a incompatability in response handling that caused the glibc
 resolver to misunderstand error messages pdnsd generated on unknown
 query types. This bug, that was reported by James MacLean, could
 for example cause ssh to hang some time.

 * Makefile, NEWS, conf.l.templ, conf.y, conff.c, conff.h, config.h.templ, dns.c, dns_query.c, dns_query.h, helpers.c, helpers.h, icmp.c, icmp.h, main.c:
 Added the paranoid option, and modified the ping uptest so that it
 works with strict_setuid. Also made strict_setuid=on the default.
 1.0.4 should be out soon.

2000-06-23 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * doc/pdnsd.conf: Added a run_as= line, which is sensible normally.

 * Makefile, conf.l.templ, conf.y, conff.c, conff.h, dns_answer.c, dns_answer.h, helpers.c, helpers.h, main.c, servers.c, status.c, version:
 Some fixups, added the run_as and strict_setuid security options.

 * THANKS: Updated.

 * AUTHORS, ipvers.h, main.c, netdev.c, version:
 Fixed some definitions for glibc2.0-users. Repaced the return at the
 end of main() with _exit(). Should not build and run OK on glibc 2.0
 Fixed a typo in netdev.c

 * ipvers.h:
 Fixed a typo in ipvers.h to fix compile problems on systems without
 an IPv6-supporting C library, and possible IPv6 problems using the
 status pipe.

 * error.c, version:
 Fixed a bug that could cause signals to be delivered to the wrong

2000-06-22 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * version: Set version to 1.0.1.

 * cache.c, dns_answer.c, error.c, error.h, main.c, pdnsd-suse.spec.templ:
 Fixed misc issues reported by Jonathan Hudson and Joachim Dorner, one
 of them a real showstopper in cache.c.

 * Makefile, NEWS, README, cache.h, config.h.templ, version:
 Updated things for 1.0.0 and released it finally.


 * NEWS,, cache.c, conf.l.templ, conf.y, conff.c, conff.h, dns_answer.c, dns_query.c, error.c, error.h, main.c, servers.c, status.c:
 Fixed and cleaned up signal handling as far as it can be
 done ;-). Added the max_ttl option.

2000-06-21 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * dns_answer.c, error.c, error.h, main.c, servers.c, status.c:
 More signal fixes. This is a real pain with LinuxThreads.

 * NEWS, cache.c, dns_answer.c, error.c, error.h, helpers.c, helpers.h, main.c, servers.c, status.c, version:
 Fixups for signal handling. This is more than only a little tricky
 using the linuxthreads library. This hopefully fixes the deadlocks
 we had on signals.

2000-06-13 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * AUTHORS, THANKS: Updated credits.

 A primitive configure-like script intended as drop-in replacement
 until autoconf support finally comes.

 * .cvsignore, Makefile, cache.c, dns_query.c, ipvers.h, servers.c, version:
 Added a primitive configuration script as drop-in. Killed some bugs
 and changed the recently added linkdown_kluge option following
 suggestions from Daniel Smolik.

2000-06-12 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * dns_query.h,, Makefile, cache.c, conf.l.templ, conf.y, conff.c, conff.h, config.h.templ, dns_query.c:
 Numerous cleanups and fixes. Implemented the linkdown_kluge option
 as proposed by Daniel Smolik. Hope to get ready for 1.0.0 know.

2000-06-10 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * Makefile, NEWS, TODO, dns_answer.c:
 Modified some stuff in dns_answer.c (if no nameserver for a knot in
 the dns namespace is found now, its predecessors are tried now in
 order to return accurate authority results). This will be paid with a
 little more beta time, so the Makefile has developer switches again.
 Corrected NEWS and TODO.

 * Makefile, config.h.templ, dns_answer.c, dns_query.c, dns_query.h, hash.h, helpers.c, version:
 Removed some dead code, fixed some really minor bugs. Version is up
 to 1.0.0p7, which is hopefully the last beta.

 * Makefile, config.h.templ:
 Fixed things up for the 1.0.0 distribution version

2000-06-06 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * Makefile, config.h.templ, icmp.c, netdev.c:
 Some minor comment fixes.

 * Makefile, TODO, main.c, version:
 BSD fix in Makefile and help update. It is now called 1.0.0p6. TODO
 was updated to reflect the project status.

 * dns_answer.c:
 BSD & misc fixes. pdnsd runs now nicely on my FreeBSD 4.0 box.

 * dns_answer.c, ipvers.h:
 Fixed IPv6 UDP dest address recovery. Also fixed a real stupid bug in

 * cache.h, dns_query.c, error.h:
 Added DEBUG_MSG6 macros. Cleaned up requery handling.

 * dns.c, dns_answer.c, dns_query.c, dns_query.h:
 Fixed another heap of bugs, introduced some sanity checks, no requery
 on answers that have ra not set now.

2000-06-05 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * cache.c:
 Fixed write_disk_cache.

 * cache.c, cache.h:
 Fixes for rr handling.

2000-06-04 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * cache.c, dns_answer.c, dns_query.c:
 Fixes again: some missing checks for rrset existence added.

 * cache.c, dns_answer.c, helpers.c, icmp.c:
 Fixes for the new/modified code and its side effects on old code ;-)

 * ChangeLog.old, NEWS, cache.c, conf.l.templ, conf.y, conff.c, config.h.templ, dns.c, dns_answer.c, dns_query.c, error.c, hash.c, helpers.c, icmp.c, main.c, netdev.c, servers.c, status.c:
 Folded the ChangeLog and NEWS of the 0.9.x tree back in and added NEWS for the
 upcoming 1.0.0 release. Some compile fixes. Reorganized config.h.templ. Made
 the inclusion of the rcsid strings into the executable optional.

 * cache.c, dns_answer.c:
 Pile of fixes on recently added/modified code.

2000-06-03 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * .cvsignore, Makefile, should not be in CVS (it is automatically generated by It should also be deleted by 'make mclean'.

 * TODO, cache.c, dns_answer.c, dns_query.c,
 rfc2181 conformance should be reached by now. Updated TODO. Bugfixing

 * doc/html/.cvsignore, doc/html/dl.html, doc/html/doc.html, doc/html/faq.html, doc/html/index.html:
 Removed the html documentation from CVS. It is maintained separately.

 * doc/pdnsd.conf:
 Added CVS/RCS $Id$ tag.

 * cache.h, conf.l.templ, conf.y, conff.c, conff.h, config.h.templ, consts.h, dns.c, dns.h, dns_answer.c, dns_answer.h, dns_query.c, dns_query.h, error.c, error.h,, hash.c, hash.h, helpers.c, helpers.h, icmp.c, icmp.h, ipvers.h, main.c, netdev.c, netdev.h, pdnsd-redhat.spec.templ, pdnsd-suse.spec.templ, servers.c, servers.h, status.c, status.h, version, AUTHORS, INSTALL, Makefile, NEWS, README, THANKS, TODO, cache.c:
 Added CVS/RCS $Id$ tags to most files, did some cleanups, introduced
 the new rrset granularity caching. The new code is still much of beta,
 use with care.

2000-06-01 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * Makefile, cache.c, hash.c, helpers.c, icmp.c, netdev.c:
 Yet another set of BSD fixes (test programs do now work for me
 under FreeBSD). Some other minor fixes.

 * Makefile, error.c, error.h, helpers.c, helpers.h:
 Transplanted kill_pdnsd from error.c to helpers.c in order to get the
 tests compiled without the thread library.

2000-05-31 Thomas Moestl <email address hidden>

 * pdnsd:
 Ooops, executable got in.

 * Makefile, pdnsd:
 Added test suite programs.

 * icmp.c, netdev.c:
 All basic BSD patches have been folded in. pdnsd will now compile on
 FreeBSD with (hopefully) all features.

 * dns_answer.c, Makefile:
 Disabled udp targed address discovery for BSD builds (this sadly ist
 OS specific at least for IPv4. Must be rewritten under BSD as it is
 an RFC compatability issue under some circumstances)

 * cache.c, cache.h, conf.y, conff.c, conff.h, config.h.templ, dns_answer.c, helpers.c, icmp.c, ipvers.h, netdev.c, Makefile:
 BSD include & misc build fixes. More to follow...

 * Makefile, cache.h:
 BSD Fixes: Makefile should work with BSD make, sed command line,
 sorted out naming clash in cache.h

 * .cvsignore:
 Added ChangeLog to .cvsignore

 * THANKS, conff.c:
 Fixed a bug reported by Jonathan Hudson and added him to THANKS

 * ChangeLog.old:
 Added the pre-CVS ChangeLog.

 * .cvsignore, AUTHORS, COPYING, INSTALL, Makefile, NEWS, README, THANKS, TODO, cache.c, cache.h, conf.l.templ, conf.y, conff.c, conff.h, config.h.templ, consts.h, dns.c, dns.h, dns_answer.c, dns_answer.h, dns_query.c, dns_query.h, doc/.cvsignore, doc/html/dl.html, doc/html/doc.html, doc/html/faq.html, doc/html/index.html, doc/pdnsd.conf, doc/txt/.cvsignore, error.c, error.h,, hash.c, hash.h, helpers.c, helpers.h, icmp.c, icmp.h, ipvers.h,, main.c, netdev.c, netdev.h, pdnsd-redhat.spec.templ, pdnsd-suse.spec.templ, servers.c, servers.h, status.c, status.h, version:
 Initial import of pdnsd-1.0.0p3 source tree into CVS.

 * .cvsignore, AUTHORS, COPYING, INSTALL, Makefile, NEWS, README, THANKS, TODO, cache.c, cache.h, conf.l.templ, conf.y, conff.c, conff.h, config.h.templ, consts.h, dns.c, dns.h, dns_answer.c, dns_answer.h, dns_query.c, dns_query.h, doc/.cvsignore, doc/html/dl.html, doc/html/doc.html, doc/html/faq.html, doc/html/index.html, doc/pdnsd.conf, doc/txt/.cvsignore, error.c, error.h,, hash.c, hash.h, helpers.c, helpers.h, icmp.c, icmp.h, ipvers.h,, main.c, netdev.c, netdev.h, pdnsd-redhat.spec.templ, pdnsd-suse.spec.templ, servers.c, servers.h, status.c, status.h, version:
 New file.

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