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People is a contact management framework which takes advantage of modern contact sources (instant messaging, social networks, mobile devices) as well as legacy ones (address books, corporate directories) to gather information that matters in a world where contacts, not applications, are the entry point of activities. One of the goals is to provide consistency of contact information in the applications, which means each contact you get from People binds directly to a real person.

IRC: #people-project on

∘ Supported contact sources for now are: Google Contacts, Twitter, Friendfeed and Some examples of contact sources supported in the future are: Facebook, OpenSocial, Telepathy, Launchpad, Ohloh, Gravatar...
∘ In the future, the People project aims to extend its APIs to events and activities (supporting the lifestream model).
∘ People sits on top of a backend system fed by information coming from different contact sources and exposes merged contact information to applications through a D-Bus API. It comes with client libraries for GLib, Vala, Python and C#.

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