Percona Server moved to 5.5.42-37.1

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Hrvoje Matijakovic
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6 Laurynas Biveinis, 2 Tomislav Plavcic, 1 Vlad Lesin
1 Implemented
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RPM pre-install script assumed that the PID file was always located in the datadir. If it was not, during installation, wrong assumption could be made if the server was running or not. Bug fixed #1201896.

SHOW GRANTS displayed only the privileges granted explicitly to the named account. Other effectively available privileges were not displayed. Fixed by implementing Extended SHOW GRANTS feature. Bug fixed #1354988 (upstream #53645).

InnoDB lock monitor output was printed even if it was not requested. Bug fixed #1418996.

The stored procedure key was made consistent with other keys in the Slow Query Log by replacing space with an underscore. Bug fixed #1419230.

Other bugs fixed: #1408232, #1415843 (upstream #75642), bug fixed #1407941, and bug fixed #1424568 (upstream #75868).

1 blueprint and 8 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Merge MySQL 5.5.42 Merge MySQL 5.5.42 5 Essential Laurynas Biveinis  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1201896 #1201896 RPMs wrongly assumes that .pid file is always located in datadir 3 High Tomislav Plavcic  10 Fix Released
1408232 #1408232 errors in debug builds when maintainer mode is on 3 High Tomislav Plavcic  10 Fix Released
1354988 #1354988 SHOW GRANTS not displaying all the applicable grants 4 Medium Vlad Lesin  10 Fix Released
1415843 #1415843 Extend valid range of dummy certificates ni mysql-test/std_data 4 Medium Laurynas Biveinis  10 Fix Released
1418996 #1418996 InnoDB lock monitor output is printed even if not requested 4 Medium Laurynas Biveinis  10 Fix Released
1419230 #1419230 PS now has option to log statements in stored routine but uses bad log format 4 Medium Laurynas Biveinis  10 Fix Released
1407941 #1407941 Thread id lost on srv/ 5 Low Laurynas Biveinis  10 Fix Released
1424568 #1424568 main.error_simulation fails on Mac OS X since 5.5.42 5 Low Laurynas Biveinis  10 Fix Released
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