Percona Server moved to 5.5.53-38.4

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Hrvoje Matijakovic
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7 Laurynas Biveinis, 1 Nickolay Ihalainen
2 Implemented
6 Fix Released

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Removed Features
Metrics for scalability measurement feature has been removed. WARNING: if you have scalability_metrics_control variable in your my.cnf configuration file you’ll need to remove it, otherwise server won’t be able to start.
Bugs Fixed
When a stored routine would call an “administrative” command such as OPTIMIZE TABLE, ANALYZE TABLE, ALTER TABLE, CREATE/DROP INDEX, etc. the effective value of log_slow_sp_statements was overwritten by the value of log_slow_admin_statements. Bug fixed #719368.

Thread Pool thread limit reached and failed to create thread messages are now printed on the first occurrence as well. Bug fixed #1636500.
Other bugs fixed: #1612076, #1633061, #1633430, and #1635184.

2 blueprints and 6 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Merge MySQL 5.5.53 Merge MySQL 5.5.53 5 Essential Laurynas Biveinis  11 Implemented
Do not build scalability metrics by default Do not build scalability metrics by default 2 Low Laurynas Biveinis  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
719368 #719368 log_slow_sp_statements interferes with log_slow_admin_statements 4 Medium Nickolay Ihalainen  10 Fix Released
1636500 #1636500 Threadpool "thread limit reached" / "failed to create thread" should be printed on the 1st occurrence too 4 Medium Laurynas Biveinis  10 Fix Released
1612076 #1612076 Test rpl.rpl_cant_read_event_incident is unstable 5 Low Laurynas Biveinis  10 Fix Released
1633061 #1633061 Test main.mysqltest is unstable 5 Low Laurynas Biveinis  10 Fix Released
1633430 #1633430 Test main.variables-notembedded is unstable 5 Low Laurynas Biveinis  10 Fix Released
1635184 #1635184 Spurious warnings on main.pool_of_threads 5 Low Laurynas Biveinis  10 Fix Released
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