Percona Toolkit moved to 2.2.11

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Percona Toolkit moved to
Hrvoje Matijakovic
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7 Frank Cizmich
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Bugs Fixed:
Fixed bug #1262456: pt-query-digest didn’t report host details when host was using skip-name-resolve option. Fixed by using the IP of the host instead of its name, when the hostname is missing.
Fixed bug #1264580: pt-mysql-summary was incorrectly parsing key/value pairs in the wsrep_provider_options option, which resulted in incomplete my.cnf information.
Fixed bug #1318985: pt-stalk is now using SQL_NO_CACHE when executing queries for locks and transactions. Previously this could lead to situations where most of the queries that were waiting on query cache mutex were the pt-stalk queries (INNODB_TRX).
Fixed bug #1348679: When using -- -p option to enter the password for pt-stalk it would ask user to re-enter the password every time tool connects to the server to retrieve the information. New option --ask-pass has been introduced that can be used to specify the password only once.
Fixed bug #1368379: A parsing error caused pt-summary ( specifically the report_system_info module) to choke on the “Memory Device” parameter named “Configured Clock Speed” when using dmidecode to report memory slot information.


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1262456 #1262456 pt-query-digest doesn't report host details 4 Medium Frank Cizmich  10 Fix Released
1264580 #1264580 pt-mysql-summary incorrectly tries to parse key/value pairs in wsrep_provider_options resulting in incomplete my.cnf information 4 Medium Frank Cizmich  10 Fix Released
1318985 #1318985 pt-stalk should use SQL_NO_CACHE 4 Medium Frank Cizmich  10 Fix Released
1348679 #1348679 pt-stalk handles mysql user password in awkward way 4 Medium Frank Cizmich  10 Fix Released
1365085 #1365085 Various issues with tests 4 Medium Frank Cizmich  10 Fix Released
1368379 #1368379 pt-summary problem parsing dmidecode output on some machines 4 Medium Frank Cizmich  10 Fix Released
1303388 #1303388 Typo in pt-variable-advisor 5 Low Frank Cizmich  10 Fix Released
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