Percona Toolkit moved to 3.0.2 "3.0.2"

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Hrvoje Matijakovic
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6 Carlos Salguero
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New Features

PT-73: Added support for SSL connections to pt-mongodb-summary and pt-mongodb-query-digest
1642751: Enabled gathering of information about locks and transactions by pt-stalk using Performance Schema if it is enabled (Thanks Agustin Gallego)
Bug Fixes

PT-74: Fixed gathering of security settings when running pt-mongodb-summary on a mongod instance that is specified as the host
PT-75: Changed the default sort order in pt-mongodb-query-digest output to descending
PT-76: Added support of & and # symbols in passwords for pt-mysql-summary
PT-77: Updated Makefile to support new MongoDB tools
PT-89: Fixed pt-stalk to run top more than once to collect useful CPU usage
PT-93: Fixed pt-mongodb-query-digest to make query ID match query key (Thanks Kamil Dziedzic)
PT-94: Fixed pt-online-schema-change to not make duplicate rows in _t_new when updating primary key. Also see 1646713.
PT-101: Fixed pt-table-checksum to correctly use the --slave-user and --slave-password options. Also see 1651002.
PT-105: Fixed pt-table-checksum to continue running if a database is dropped in the process

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1646713 #1646713 pt-online-schema-change makes duplicate rows in _t_new for UPDATE t set pk=0 where pk=1 3 High Carlos Salguero  10 Fix Released
1668357 #1668357 Update sandbox data.tar.gz for MySQL 5.7 3 High Carlos Salguero  10 Fix Released
1651002 #1651002 pt-table-checksum ignores slave-user and slave-password 4 Medium Carlos Salguero  10 Fix Released
1658811 #1658811 pt-table-checksum fails if a database is dropped while the tool is running 4 Medium Carlos Salguero  10 Fix Released
1667947 #1667947 pt-mysql-summary password doesn't support '&' and '#' symbols 4 Medium Carlos Salguero  10 Fix Released
1642751 #1642751 Collect information about locks and transactions using P_S 1 Undecided Carlos Salguero  10 Fix Released
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