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Hrvoje Matijakovic
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New Features

Percona XtraBackup has now been rebased on MySQL 5.6.17.

Percona XtraBackup package is now available for Ubuntu 14.04.

Bugs Fixed

Percona XtraBackup couldn’t be built with Bison 3.0. Bug fixed #1262439.

The xtrabackup binaries now recognize a new my.cnf option, open_files_limit. The effect is the same as for the server: it changes the maximum number of file descriptors available to the xtrabackup process. The actual limit depends on the platform and ulimit settings. Bug fixed #1183793.

If a remote InnoDB tablespace got CREATEd or ALTERed during the backup, an attempt to prepare such a backup later would lead to Percona XtraBackup crash. Bug fixed #1291299.

Code in both innobackupex and xtrabackup, that was supposed to make sure no child processes are left running in case innobackupex got killed or failed with an error, relied on the fact the SIGTERM and SIGINT signals were not blocked by the xtrabackup process. However, both SIGTERM and SIGINT might be blocked by the process that had invoked innobackupex, for example, by the Percona XtraDB Cluster server processes doing an SST, in which case they were also blocked by the xtrabackup process, since the signal mask is inherited by child processes. Fixed by replacing SIGTERM in innobackupex and SIGINT in xtrabackup auto-termination with SIGKILL. Bug fixed #1294782.

A new table flag in the InnoDB data dictionary, introduced in MySQL 5.6.16, wasn’t recognized by Percona XtraBackup which lead to InnoDB: in InnoDB data dictionary has unknown flags 50. warnings. Fixed by rebasing Percona XtraBackup on MySQL 5.6.17. Bug fixed #1302882.

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Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Rebase XtraBackup 2.1 on MySQL 5.6.17 Rebase XtraBackup 2.1 on MySQL 5.6.17 5 Essential Alexey Kopytov  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1262439 #1262439 Compiling using Bison 3.0 does not work 2 Critical Alexey Kopytov  10 Fix Released
1183793 #1183793 XtraBackup should raise the open files limit if possible 3 High Alexey Kopytov  10 Fix Released
1291299 #1291299 xtrabackup_56 crashes with segfault during --prepare 3 High Alexey Kopytov  10 Fix Released
1294782 #1294782 Innobackupex hangs on fatal error in some cases 3 High Alexey Kopytov  10 Fix Released
1302882 #1302882 InnoDB: Warning: table 'mysql/innodb_index_stats' in InnoDB data dictionary has unknown flags 50. 5 Low Alexey Kopytov  10 Fix Released
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