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This project aims to develop a decision support system for pre-hospital care, based on the open source version of the openEHR specifications.

The pre-hospital care system has the objective to maximize the number of people treated and to minimize the time of the treatment. The guidelines of this type of care are well established.
In cases where the care deliverers, at all levels, including the management level, are not properly coordinated in order to assume their true functions, the operations will not work smoothly and efficiently; creating a fragmented process. Possibly endangering lives.
Thus, those processes must be mediated by a regulatory agent, which should engage all participants, and define which specific function will be accomplished by each one of them. In the confusion of emergencies, even well trained and disciplined professionals can miss steps and overlook details. The idea of this project is to automate this decision-making process, both for guideline-oriented healthcare and management activities to provide these professionals with reminders at critical points.

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