Milestones belong to a series and can be created from the series page by a project owner or series release manager.

Version Series Expected Released Summary
PhotoFiltre LX studio-1.0 "Heroic Deed" trunk None not yet released
PhotoFiltre LX studio-0.9 "Glistening Gift" trunk None 2016-05-23
PhotoFiltre LX studio-0.8 "Batch Loaf" trunk None 2016-03-08
PhotoFiltre LX studio-0.7 "Magic Wisp" trunk None 2016-01-03
PhotoFiltre LX studio-0.6 "Ink Blot" trunk None 2015-10-18
PhotoFiltre LX studio-0.5-demo "Rainbow Road" trunk None 2015-07-31
PhotoFiltre LX studio-0.4-demo "BrushBristle" trunk None 2015-04-29
PhotoFiltre LX studio-0.3-demo "TastyTeaser" trunk None 2015-03-30
PhotoFiltre LX "Chrono" trunk None 2014-03-07 Resize dialog improvements, Undo/Redo support more tools, more manipulation o...
PhotoFiltre LX "Reunion" trunk None 2013-11-30 Add a resize dialog to resize images, provide more paintbrush options and rew...
PhotoFiltre LX trunk None 2012-12-31 Create new file, open file, save file, image editing functionality, preferenc...
PhotoFiltre LX trunk None 2012-09-20 Optimize GUI loading, Toolpalette mouse icons, Window management, Create n...
PhotoFiltre LX trunk None 2012-02-02 Expected to have: -Proper toolpalette tooltips -Correct toolpalette styling ...
PhotoFiltre LX trunk None 2011-12-25 Port all code to GTK3, add preferences dialog, font dialog and other changes.
PhotoFiltre LX trunk None 2011-08-23 Add new dialogs and ToolPalette
PhotoFiltre LX trunk None 2011-01-17 Restructure source code