PhotoFlare v1.5.6

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Dylan Coakley
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download icon PhotoFlare_CE_1.5.6.1_amd64.AppImage (md5) PhotoFlare_CE_1.5.6.1_amd64.AppImage 150
last downloaded 6 weeks ago
download icon PhotoFlare_CE_1.5.6.1_amd64.msi (md5) PhotoFlare_CE_1.5.6.1_amd64.msi 424
last downloaded 35 weeks ago
download icon (md5) 174
last downloaded 19 weeks ago
download icon PhotoFlare_CE_1.5.6.1_amd64_18.04.deb (md5) PhotoFlare_CE_1.5.6.1_amd64_18.04.deb 971
last downloaded 31 weeks ago
download icon PhotoFlare_CE_1.5.6_amd64_18.04.deb (md5) PhotoFlare_CE_1.5.6_amd64_18.04.deb 77
last downloaded 8 weeks ago
Total downloads: 1,796

Release notes 

Improved layout of the Hue Dialog.
Improved rendering of scaled high resolution images. (8K)
Fixed Dockpalettes being able to close or float.
Fixed Advanced PaintBrush not painting via single click.
Fixed Basic PaintBrush not having a default opacity/pressure set.
Fixed Contrast increase/decrease not working with the latest graphicsmagick.
Fixed Gamma increase/decrease not working with the latest graphicsmagick.
Fixed TextDialog font not taking the colour previously selected after first use.
Fixed Filterbar being floatable causing issues outside program bounds.
Fixed Eraser tool width incorrect on mouse click.
Fixed text cut off on Restart button in Preferences for NL translation.
Fixed zoom +/- after using Original zoom from View menu.
Fixed Show grid with zero causing max consumption of resources.
Fixed Show grid without image causing crash.
Add 2560 x 1440 to the New dialog presets.
Add support for generating Snap installers on 18.04.
Add checkbox menu toggle for Fullscreen, Filterbar, Toolpalette and View grid.


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