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Launchpad no longer hosts PHP-FPM

Written for PHP-FPM by Michael Shadle on 2010-04-26

PHP-FPM's website is now kept up to date:
Bugs and such (for SVN/PHP 5.3+) should be submitted to
PHP 5.2.x is only supported as a "best effort" on the mailing lists and IRC. Do NOT submit bugs for 5.2.x to!

FPM 0.6 Released

Written for PHP-FPM by dreamcat4 on 2009-09-25

A revised 0.6 version of php-fpm with improved configuration. Compatible with PHP 5.2.10 +
It's easier to install and more flexible, it includes the following new features:

New architectures added: SPARC 32,64 bit, ARM 32,64 bit
Autoconf 2.13 - PHP Configuration files
Other minor bugfix / configuration improvements

Compatibility with the latest PHP - 5.3 Releases
External Libevent library dependency: Requires version 1.4.11+

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