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Command Line Interface enhancement alternative for PHP on Debian 7 (Wheezy) and whatever GNU/Linux distro that you want.

Solve problem of PHP CLI in Debian 7 by using this short script.

Developed in Python by Eugenia Bahit (, PHP Minimal CLI provides multiple distinctive features like:

- Don't closes when a fatal error is given
- Stores all lines of code in a editable stack
- You can delete the lines that you want at all time
- Stores an output buffer from your code lines
- You can use the tab key, arrows keys Ctrl+r to search a previous command
- Save the stack and buffer in a php file
- Import source code from a file
- You can empty the stack and clean buffer when you want
- Execute automatically print, print_r and var_dump instructions and save them at buffer
- Execute the code when you decided by typing the internal command "underscore" _

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Eugenia Bahit
Eugenia Bahit

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Latest version is 0.3.5

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  • v 0.3.2 Important fixing on 2015-02-10
    In the version 0.3.1 the empty code stack function not works fine. This bug w...