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PHPDevShell V3.0.0-Beta-2 Released

Written for PHPDevShell by Greg on 2010-10-19

Less than two weeks after the first beta release, here is a bug fix release for the first batch of reported bugs.

PHPDevShell V3.0.0-Beta-1 Released

Written for PHPDevShell by Greg on 2010-10-11

Finally, after 1 years work the first beta of PHPDevShell V3 is ready to try. We know the documentation is outdated now but we are working hard to get this up to date. We will also launch our new website and documentation pages soon. The new website will add basic bug tracking for your plugins that you write for PHPDevShell. Better documentation pages and a general better design.

Anyways, back to PHPDevShell V3, we hope you enjoy this release as much as we enjoyed writing it. You will get the idea of the direction we are heading with V3 and PHPDevShell in general. The sample plugins is not yet finished for V3 but this will be done throughout the betas.

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